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Author's note: Okay, this little story takes place during the famous Gaara and Deidara fight. I got the idea while watching it and decided to write it down. Hope you enjoy!

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Falling sand

Gaara knew he had to move the sand away from the village, or else all his attempts to safe it would be futile, but it was so damn hard. Hanging alone in the sky, only held up by his own sand, all Gaara could think of was that he had to do this for his village. That he had to move a dangerous threat away from a village that had treated him as nothing but a dangerous weapon; that had feared and hated him for most of his life.

But it was so hard.

Everything was blurry before his eyes and threatened to fade into black. His hands felt numb and heavy and his mind wouldn't want to function. Worst of all was Shukaku inside him, asking why he should safe those people anyway.

It was so damn hard.

Then the wind carried their voices to him, it had done before, but now, without the bangs of exploding clay, he could hear them. Up here they were just a soft whisper, but he knew that it was actual shouting and screaming and crying. All his life he had lived with the whispers of others, their scornful whispers, but this time it was different. They were encouraging him, cheering and whispering prayers. For a moment, no for the first time in his life, he did not feel alone at all, but connected to everyone in the Hidden Village of Sand. And above the whisper of the voices from the village, above the whispers of the wind, was one voice that stood out clear, although it was probably the lowest of all. Gaara thought that he might imagine it, that it was just his wish to hear this voice, but a part of him knew it was real. It had called his name during the entire fight, steadying him more then anything else and now it was helping him to stay conscious long enough to move the sand away.

Gaara, just a little bit further.

Suddenly it wasn't so hard anymore to do it.

He could do it, for the people he…

And in this tiny second he realized it, fully realized what he had suppressed for so long.

He could do this, for the people he loved.

For his village and…

…and for his family.

For the people who cared about him, for those who had done it all along but had been forced to hide it. First by his own father and later by himself.

For the people who loved him. For his family. For his older brother.

He could do it.

He fell down, loosing consciousness. And for the first time the small child inside him was scared of what would happen to him and to his village and a small irrational voice inside his head called for his brother, pleaded to him not to leave him alone. Again the wind carried the voice of his brother to him, calling desperately his name. His eyes closed and darkness was taking over. Somehow, he thought, it makes it easier to fall when you know that there are people who care for you, who will catch you. But it wasn't Kankuro who would catch him, but the clay bird.

And while he was unconsciousness and his body so weak that even Shukaku couldn't take control, it was like the sand still listened to Gaaras silent pleas and the voice of his brother.

The sand rained down softly for Kankuro so he could find his little brother.


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