Years and centuries bled into unmarked time, until no one remembered why they were. It was a common thought that they would, one day, understand why their ancestors had set them on this path. They waited on this string of thought, meanwhile watching the infant world grow and evolve, with no reason behind it... besides that it was pleasant to do.

Shien watched the stars, like her master before her, like his before him. In the deep darkness, she lounged in the half-sleep, hearing only the ordered chaos of the universe. And yet, she was the first to understand, as the crystals in the chamber vibrated in the early hours of the morning.

"I hear song in the sky!" she cried in greeting, "I hear our kind in the deep!"

The reply was a weak pulse, unmistakable, familiar somehow that made her fur creep up along her pelt.

"You sing our song beyond the stars - who are you?"

Hungry, the glyphs sang,hungryhungryhungryhungr-

"Enough!" Shien dug her claws against the crystalline surface. The sheer intensity harmed her. "Enough... Come to us... come visit! Come home! There is enough for all..."

The glyphs were silent. Shien feared the message lost.

We shall come.

the end

Working Title: Origin

Inspiration: I wonder about the Atlanteans, and their completely vanishing into the past. I wonder a lot.

Noteworthy: I seem to be stuck in the idea that the Atlanteans went back to the beginning of everything, and so influenced everything.

Disambiguation: The text is taken from Origin Beach, but modified. It's meant in a less, "I hear us (our species)," way than in an "I hear us (intelligent life)," way.

Derivative work of material © Novatrade, Appaloosa Interactive.