Seven Minutes in Heaven.

"Do they always do this?" Benny asked his eyes glued to Maureen and Joanne who were heavily making out on the couch. He's eyes soon turned to Roger and Mimi, who were snuggling on a chair. "I don't remember her being this frisky with Mark."

Mimi kindly smiled. "You get used to it. Plus we all agreed that we would rather watch them make out, than argue."

Collins soon walked over with a blanket in his hands. He tossed it over the diva and the lawyer, and grinned. "We just cover them up."

"Don't worry Joanne usually stops it when Maureen starts...ummm..." Angle began and paused to think of an appropriate word. "What's the word I'm looking for?"

"Humping." Collins declared with a chuckle and pulled Angel down on his lap.

Angel nodded and kissed Collins on the cheek. "That's it."

"Wow..." Benny snorted

"Just wait until Collins and Angel go to the bathroom together." Roger added with a snicker. "The entire building can hear them."

Angel blushed and snuggled into Collins. "We're not that loud..."

Mimi giggled and nodded. "Oh yes you are."

"Who cares Ang; at least it lets people know how much we love each other." Collins chuckled.

"I guess." Angel replied and nuzzled Collins neck.

"Just be thankful you don't live with Roger and Mimi." Mark began as he joined the group from the kitchen. "If they're not in Roger's room having sex, then they are in Mimi's apartment right below, and let me tell you...these walls are thin."

Mimi proudly smiled while Roger pulled her close, the two sharing a sweet kiss.

Benny sighed and rolled his eyes and sarcastically replied, "Great...I have to move back here."

"Well make sure you leave Mark alone during the hours of ten and twelve." Roger laughed.

"Hey!" Mark said. "You walked in on me one time!"

"So did I." Mimi snorted. "It's funny how you and Maureen have been broken up for almost two years now, yet you still watch home made movies staring her, with your hand down your pants."

Mark pretty much turned apple red, while everyone else burst into laughter. "You're all going to hell." He mumbled and walked back over to the kitchen.

"Just put your hand down my pants." Maureen whispered.

"Maureen no, we're in front of everyone." Joanne said.

"Well you already have a hand up my down my pants won't kill ya." Maureen explained, while she undid her belt, and began to push her pants down.

"We can hear you, you know." Roger said.

Maureen's head popped out from under the blanket. "Well it's not like you can see anything."

"We can see the blanket moving though." Collins smirked.

"Think of it as a free lesbian sex show." Maureen said before retreating back under the blanket.

"Are they seriously going to have sex in front of us?" An excited Benny asked. "Maybe I will like moving back in here after all."

"Are you kidding me?" Mimi laughed. "You do remember Joanne is under there right?"

Benny's eyebrows turned in confusion. He didn't know much about Joanne, just knew she was a lawyer, so what Mimi said meant nothing to him.

"Honey just watch." Angle said, and pointed to the moving blanket. ""

"Ow!" Maureen shouted and quickly sat straight up, holding her arm. "Joanne that hurt, why'd you have to pinch me?!"

"I told you I didn't want to go any further." Joanne said and climbed out from underneath Maureen and the blanket. She took in a deep breath and let it out, while fixing her make out hair. She then eyed Benny and scrunched up her noise. "When did he get here?"

"Right before your tongue slipped in Maureen's mouth." Mimi teased.

"Oh." Joanne nodded with amusement.

"So now what are we going to do?" Maureen whined and snuggled next to the lawyer. "Since Joanne won't pleasure me."

"I'll pleasure you." Benny winked.

Maureen rolled her eyes and cuddled even closer to Joanne, letting the lawyer wrap her protective arms around her. "I would rather get five Pap Test in a row than have your yuppie scum naked body all over me."

"Well put Honeybear." Joanne smiled; happily glad Maureen didn't and would never flirt with the ex-landlord.

"Thank you Pookie." Maureen smirked and nestled into Joanne's arms.

Benny sank in his chair, while the rest of the boho's lowly giggled.

"Let's play spin the bottle." Mimi blurted out.

"Chica, we always play that." Angel sighed.

"Let's get drunk." Collins suggested.

"We always do that too." Joanne supplied.

"Seven minutes in heaven!" Maureen excitedly said, while straddling the lawyer's lap. "This way, Pookie and I can make out behind a closed door...and perhaps take it up a notch." She seductively said while leaning down for a kiss.

"How about seven minutes in heaven with a twist." Mimi smirked with a devious look in her eyes.

"I don't like that look." Roger commented. "The last time you got that look, I was handcuffed to the bed."

Mimi giggled and kissed Roger's cheek. "Don't worry it's nothing like that." She then eyed everyone, even Mark who rejoined the group to hear the twist. "Let's play, but! We can't go in with our canon couples."

"I'm definitely in!" Maureen said, pulling her lips away from Joanne for just a second.

"I knew you would be." Mimi smirked. "Anyone else?"

Joanne sighed. "But Maureen is going to get all...touchy feely...and it's not going to be with me."

"Pookie I promise, I'll only do lip on lip action." Maureen said while wrapping her arms around her neck. "Or depending on who I get, I might not even touch the person at all." She said while pointing over her shoulder to Benny. "I'll even handcuff my hands behind my back if it makes you feel better."

"Okay..." Joanne huffed still not liking the idea of Maureen kissing someone else.

"Okay so Maureen, Joanne, and I are in." Mimi declared, and then whispered something in Roger's ear to make him smile.

"I'm in too!" Roger said.

"I guess I'll play..." Mark said.

"Us too." Angel said for both her and Collins.

"Benny?" Mimi asked.

"I'm in." Benny said, hoping that maybe he would get Mimi as a partner.

"How do we pick who gets who?" Mark asked.

"We can cut up straws. And make them all different lengths. And there are going to be four partners, so we make two of each the same length, and then who ever matches, is that person's partner." Joanne explained and everyone raised a confused eyebrow towards her, besides Maureen, who was currently kissing up and down her neck.

"I'll just get the straws for you..." Mark said to the lawyer, and walked back into the kitchen and came back out with scissors and straws.

After Joanne was done cutting the straws, she walked around and had everyone pick one from her hand.

"Okay, everyone go find your match." Joanne said.

A few minutes later, everyone found who they were going to make out with and sat next to their partners.

"Ew!" Joanne uncontrollably shouted.

"Thanks..." Mark sheepishly said. "I didn't know I was so disgusting..."

"Oh it's just..." Joanne stuttered. "I have to make out with a boy!"

"You don't have to..." Mimi said. "You guys can just talk. You can do whatever you want behind the door, besides have sex, this is strictly making out." Her eyes shifted to Maureen. "Just making out!"

"Why are you looking at me?" Maureen asked appalled.

"I think we better get the handcuffs." Collins commented. "The drama queen is paired up with my Angelcake...I don't want her touching."

"Hey!" Maureen whined. "Best friend why do you have to be like that? I'll respect your little Angelcake and Joanne for that matter. I'm not going to do anything Angel doesn't want to do, and I'm not going to cheat on Joanne."

"Mimi you have handcuffs around here?" Collins asked ignoring Maureen.

"It's okay Collins, I trust her." Angel smirked and kissed Collins on the cheek.

"Thank you." Maureen smiled.

"So who is paired with my man?" Angel asked.

"Your girlfriend." Mimi giggled.

"Play nice with him chica." Angel playfully said. "He's sensitive."

"Ang..." Collins blushed with a smirk.

"Can we re-draw straws?" Roger asked. "I'm with Benny."

"Nope, you get who you get." Mimi said.

Roger huffed, his eyes shooting Benny with daggers. "Your lips are not coming anywhere near mine!"

Benny raised his hands in defense. "Don't worry man, I'm not going to kiss you."

"Yes you will." Maureen smirked, wiggling her eyebrows at the two of them.


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