Chapter 3

Collins could only chuckled as Mimi dragged him into the "make out room" shutting the door behind her. Collins sat on the bed, and smiled at the dancer.

"So…" Collins began and leaned back on the bed, shifting over a little so Mimi could sit next to him. "What do you want to do with our seven minutes?"

Mimi shrugged. "Gossip? Or we could try kissing. Have you ever kissed a girl before?"

Collins nodded with a grin. "Yes, a few. Plus Angel counts as a girl so technically I kiss a girl all the time."

"True." Mimi nodded, and studied the man sitting next to her. She was like a curious kitten watching him, wondering what his lips would feel like against her own. It was in her nature to be curious, always wanting to try new things out, and was also guilty of fantasizing about all of her friends…all eight of them. "I'm another girl you could try kissing."

"Well this is a kissing game…" Collins reasonably stated. "And I'm sure Angel wouldn't mind if we gave each other a quick peck on the li-"

Before he could finish his sentence Mimi had flung herself towards him, capturing his lips with her own. Collins was caught off guard by the kiss, causing him to fall on his back, with Mimi tumbling on top of him. The only time he realized what was happening was when he felt Mimi's tongue try to invade his mouth. His eyes nearly popped out of his head, as he forced the dancer off of him.

"What…wha…Mimi…I…you!" He stuttered and wiped his lips with his sleeve. "Chica!? What was that!?"

Mimi shrugged and smirked. "I wanted to kiss you."

"You're almost as worse as Maureen!" He stated still shocked by the surprise kiss. "And wow, you're strong for a petite dancer."

"Am I a good kisser too?" Mimi asked with a raised brow.

"Not bad. Not as good as Angel though." Collins smirked. "No one can even compare to Ang though, so don't feel bad."

"Of course." Mimi giggled and sat on the bed, fixing her wrinkled clothes. After a few minutes of silence, she finally spoke up. "So…you want to try it again?"

Collins shook his head, with a small smile. "We should have paired you and Mo together. I bet you two wouldn't waste any of the seven minutes."

"So is that a no?" Mimi asked.

"I'd rather make out with Angel. Plus I'm not really into the whole girl thing, unless it's Angel wearing a wig." Collins explained.

"So we established the fact that you love Angel…like a lot." Mimi smirked. "I'm happy…she deservers the best."

"So do you. And you can get you're make out on with Roger after our seven minutes is up." Collins chuckled, and pulled a joint from his coat pocket. "In the mean time, let us get high instead." And with that he lit the joint and deeply inhaled.

Mimi smiled as she took the substance from Collins' hand and held it up to her lips. "Thank the good Load that I get to spend my seven minutes with you!" she praised and then took a long drag.

Seven minutes later Angel poked her head inside the room. "Hello? Seven minutes is up you guys."

"Already?" Collins asked as he stood up and headed for the door, blowing out smoke on the way.

Angel smiled and greeted Collins with a kiss. "How was it?"

"I missed you." Collins said.

Mimi playfully rolled her eyes. "You were separated for seven minutes."

"Seven minutes is a long time." Collins said and wasted no time in kissing Angel.

"You two make me sick." Mimi joked, and headed for Roger, who began to fulfill her need to make out. Once air was needed, she pulled away, and looked towards Maureen, who seemed to be occupied with Joanne. "Okay, Angel and Maureen's turn."

"I'm not playing anymore." Maureen mumbled against Joanne's lips. "Unless Joanne and I get to go into the bedroom together."

"Too bad, everyone had to go in there, now it's your turn." Roger stated.

"Okay fine." Maureen said, and reluctantly pulled her lips from Joanne's. "Let's go Angel."

"Okay honey, I'm coming." Angel said, while she too unwillingly pulled away from Collins, who was placing tender kisses down her neck.

Finally the two managed to get away from their lovers, and headed for the bedroom. But Collins quickly grabbed Angel's hand, and pulled her in an embrace.

"Wait." Collins said grabbing everyone's attention. "Do we have the handcuffs for Maureen?"

Maureen rolled her eyes, and sighed. "Are you serious? I don't need them, I can control myself."

"I'll go get them." Joanne stated and eyed Mimi. "Where are they?"

"Roger's room." Mimi smirked.

"You're treating me like a prisoner." Maureen whined.

"I don't blame them." Benny snickered, and Maureen shot him the finger.

"Spread em." Joanne said as she walked back with a set of handcuffs in her hand.

Maureen smirked and held out her hands. "I think I like this situation."

"Please put her hands behind her back." Collins suggested. "This way it will be harder for her to touch Angel."

"I don't think this is a good idea." Maureen said as Joanne roughly tugged her hands behind her back, and cuffed her. "This is turning me on by the second. You really want me to enter that room with Angel after Joanne just cuffed me?"

Collins nodded "It's better than letting you go in there with free hands."

"Come on chica, let's do this." Angel said, and grabbed the diva by the upper arm and dragged her into the room.

"If she gives you any problems Ang…feel free to hit her." Collins said, and watched as the door shut in front of him, separating him from Angel, who was locked in a room with frisky Maureen for seven long minutes.

"So Angel." Maureen began, and flopped on the bed. "You and I never really just talk, or have alone time. And since I know we won't be doing any kissing of the sort, tell me about yourself. What's it like dating my best friend Collins? He seems real protective, is he like that all the time?"

"He's an amazing boyfriend, I couldn't ask for anyone better." Angel said with a huge smile. She then eyed Maureen up and down, and sat next to her, her hands slightly shaking from nerves. "Um…honey?"

"Yeah?" Maureen asked, trying to wiggle her hands free.

"I never…I never kissed a girl before." Angel slowly replied, and Maureen froze in her spot.

"Really?" Maureen asked shocked. "Like never? Like never never?"

"Never." Angel confirmed.

Maureen's eyes went wide. "Not even to experiment, or not even in high school or anything like that?"

"Nope, I'm a true gay. I knew since I was a kid that I liked boys, and never once had the desire to kiss a girl." Angel truthfully said, and then swallowed hard. "Until now…"

"You mean…"

Angel slowly nodded. "Well the moment I found out we were partnered with each other for this silly game, it got me thinking, this could be my chance to experience kissing a girl. At first I just thought that we would come in here and talk, and I would have to turn down all your attempts at trying to kiss me, because well…no offence Maureen, but you hit on everything that breaths. But now…curiosity has got me tied in."

"Okay." Maureen said. "So what does this mean?"

"Sugar…will you do the honors of being my first and last girl kiss?" Angel asked.

"I would love too!" Maureen beamed, happily excited she was able to help Angel out, and also get some action out of this childish game.

"Okay so I'm just going to lean in." Angel said.

Maureen nodded. "Okay, just take your time. It's not like I can do anything anyways, my hands are behind my back."

Angel nodded, and slowly she began to move in, and soon hers and Maureen's lips were lightly pressed together. Angel was expecting Maureen to add some tongue or something, but was surprised when the diva actually respected her, and didn't do anything at all.

Their kiss was very brief, Angel being the first to pull away.

"Well?" Maureen asked.

Angel shrugged. "Well I still like boys, and couldn't help but think of Collins the entire time." She then eyed Maureen and smiled. "But thanks…and thanks for being respectful."

"No problem." Maureen smirked, and fell back on the bed. "So what do we do for the next six and a half minutes?"

"Talk about Collins?" Angel giggled, and laid next to Maureen, with a giddy look in her eyes.

"Well okay…" Maureen said with a smile. "As long as we get to talk about Joanne too."

"Deal!" Angel smirked, and the two began to gush about their lovers.

Six minutes later, the two left the room with excited smiles, and soon they were both back sitting on their lovers lap.

"Can you take these off now?" Maureen pouted to Joanne, wanting to be freed.

"How about you leave them on?" Joanne seductively said.

"Mmm…Joanne, you're naughty." Maureen giggled, and the two fell back on the couch.

"Ummm…I have to go to the bathroom." Collins said, and stood up, pulling Angel with him. "Angel you want to join me?"

"Yes, right away!" Angel giggled, and skipped to the bathroom behind Collins.

Roger smiled and shook his head, he then eyed Mimi. "Want to head down to your place?"

"Let's go." Mimi smirked, and the two ran out of the loft, and towards Mimi's.

Mark eyed Benny and shrugged. "This is what happens after we all hang out."

Benny sighed. "Well I don't want to sit around here and watch and listen to them make love. Want to go to the Life Café or something?"

"Let's. Mark smiled and the two grabbed their coats and headed for the door. "You know Benny…I'm kind of glad Alison kicked you out."

Benny chuckled. "Me too Mark…me too."

The End


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