-1Chapter 1: The new CEO

Cashmere Maphia

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Graduation night

"so what are everyone's plans?" grandpa asked.

"I'm headed to the duel academy" Joey replied.

"buisness school" Mai and Serenity replied together.

"ITT Tech" Tristan said.

"Peagasus offered me a partner position at Industrial Illusions." Rebecca said.

"I'm off to Egypt to work with Ishitzu and Marik." Yugi replied. Everyone looked toward Tea.

"College in America" she replied. They looked at her strangely.

"what happened to dance school?" Yugi asked. She shrugged.

"things change." she replied simply.


4 years later

After 4 years the gang still kept in touch Rebecca was now Pegasus' partner at Industrial Illusions. Mai and Serenity started their own line (clothes, mak up, jewelry, etc.). Tristan started his own chopper shop (like american chopper). While Joey became a teacher at the duel academy(earning a little respect from Kaiba). Yugi on the other hand was making great progress in Egypt in the valley of the Kings. And Tea…….


8 years later

"come on Seto hurry the press confrence is starting." Mokuba called from the couch.

"I'm coming." Kaiba said walking into the living room. He sat on the couch as the news began.

"good evening Domino city. Today in America the new CEO of InGen bioengineering was announced. And all I have to say is sorry Kaiba but you are no longer the worlds youngest CEO. Our cameras were there to capture the scene." John Hammond walked up to the podium.

"thank you for being here today. In my running as CEO I have made many mistakes but it is my hope that the new CEO can work past them. So without further ado I introduce to you the CEO of InGen Bioengineering, my granddaughter, Tea Gardner." Tea walked out on stage and stood behind the podium.

"what the hell!" Kaiba exclaimed.

"who knew?" Mokuba replied.

Tea pointed to one of the reporters.

"Miss Gardner, is it true that your planning to take InGen world wide?"

"yes" she replied. "I plan to start in my home town of Domino city." she pointed to another reporter.

"is it true that you have a history with Seto Kaiba whose headquarters is in Domino city?"

"that depends on your definition of history. We did go to school together and we were not the best of friends." she replied. Hammond stepped in.

"thank you for coming but we'll have to cut this confrence short if you have any other questions send them in."


"wow who knew?" Mokuba repeated.

"you have got to be kidding me." Kaiba said.

"I guess she decided not to dance." Mokuba said. Kaiba stood up and walked back to his office.

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