Day One

Lips brush over his neck, and Fubuki shudders. Tries to ignore it, even as Yusuke's tongue flicks out over the skin.

"Go away."

He knows Yusuke won't listen to him. Apparently Yusuke and the Darkness only have a short amount of time to win him over. Yusuke hasn't told him any more than that, and Fubuki hopes that the time's almost up. There's no desperation in this though, so he's not particularly hopeful.

"Go away."

This time Yusuke glances up at his face. Smirks and leans up, bites at Fubuki's lip. Fubuki shudders again, pulls away with enough force that Yusuke's teeth tear into it. He gags at the taste of blood, and Yusuke sits up. Licks Fubuki's blood off his lips and stares at Fubuki.


Fubuki knows there's no point saying it. Yusuke's lapping at the blood on his lips before he's even finished talking. He shoves at Yusuke's chest, and Yusuke sits up again.


He doesn't expect an answer. Knows it would be stupid to expect one, except that for the first time in hours, Yusuke actually responds.

"Because you belong to us."

Fubuki finds himself shuddering again. The way that Yusuke calls himself and the Darkness one and the same disgusts him somehow, so he pushes Yusuke off completely and stands up, turning his back on the other. Yusuke splays his hands out behind him to keep balance and watches Fubuki.

"You're not going to ask us to leave?"

This time it's Fubuki ignoring Yusuke, but Yusuke doesn't seem to be particularly bothered by it. Probably just glad that he gets to stay, Fubuki reasons to himself. Except that Fubuki isn't going to have him here.


Yusuke raises an eyebrow.


Fubuki turns around to face Yusuke, eyes cold.

"No. I'm going to tell you."

Yusuke laughs. Stands up, grabs Fubuki's face in both hands. Presses his forehead to Fubuki's. Fubuki struggles violently, and Yusuke's grip tightens, starting to become painful.

"How sweet."

Fubuki looks confused, and Yusuke laughs again. It's cold and harsh and not how Fubuki remembers Yusuke's laugh, and Fubuki suddenly misses the old Yusuke more than ever. Misses the pretty face and the warmth. Yusuke's still got the face, but something underneath the surface of his eyes makes it sickening to Fubuki. Yusuke's tongue lapping at his lip again distracts him from his thoughts, and he shoves at Yusuke's arms again. This time Yusuke lets go, heads to the door, and Fubuki lets out the breath he hadn't realised he was holding.

"You actually think one day matters to me."

With that, Yusuke is gone, and Fubuki shudders, everything seeming to dissolve around him as he slumps to the floor, suddenly exhausted. If one day means nothing, how long must Yusuke and the Darkness have?