Day Seven

Fubuki waits for Yusuke in his room. Somehow knows that Yusuke will come today, if only because Fubuki knows now and he also knows Yusuke will try to use that.

Yusuke doesn't disappoint. Jumps in through the window, drops onto the bed and crawls towards Fubuki.

"So you know now?"

Fubuki nods, looking numb.

"Why did you never tell me?"

Yusuke is silent for a moment, and then the Darkness pulls away. Still there but only barely, and the conversation itself is entirely Fubuki and Yusuke.

"I didn't want to hurt you."

Fubuki smiles sadly and looks away.

"But don't you realise that losing you... like that hurt anyway?"

Yusuke freezes. Stares at Fubuki and pulls closer.

"You can still be with me though, Fubuki! Just join with the Darkness and we can be together again!"

A flinch.

"You want to, I know you want to! Please, Fubuki."

Fubuki looks back at Yusuke. Reaches out and strokes Yusuke's cheek, closing his eyes.

"I want... I want..."

He pauses, opening his eyes again to stare at Yusuke.

"I can't... There's Asuka and everyone else... You can't expect me to choose between you!"

Yusuke remains silent. Leans closer so that their lips almost touch and watches Fubuki.

"But even if there were a way to separate you from the Darkness, you'd still..."

"Die? Yes. This is the only way I can survive."

Fubuki nods slowly. Sighs, and he's so close to Yusuke that the breath ghosts over Yusuke's lips. Closes his eyes and closes the distance, and suddenly there are tears running down his face. Dripping onto his collar and Yusuke reaches up, brushing at them without pulling away.

Fubuki can feel the Darkness coiling around them, and he's feeling everything, so wrapped up with them that he can barely tell what's him or Yusuke or the Darkness. They collapse down completely onto the bed, Yusuke biting Fubuki's lip so the cut he made before opens. And it's awful and wonderful at the same time, all blood and tears and the Darkness pulsing around them and Fubuki can't even breathe.

Yusuke pulls back to let Fubuki breathe, and the Darkness flows between them, so that when they come together again Fubuki can taste it, and it tastes of blood and smoke, and the feel of it moving against his tongue makes him shudder. Fubuki isn't sure how long they kiss, but this time when they pull apart the Darkness is visible, black wispy tendrils of it floating out of their mouths like cigarette smoke. Fubuki can barely breathe past the taste and smell of it, and Yusuke looks like he's in the same state.

They kiss again, and this time the Darkness covers them completely, around and inside and Fubuki can barely tell himself from them again. Presses his forehead against Yusuke's as the air around them goes cold, and half-opens his eyes. All around them is darkness and the Darkness, and Fubuki freezes up slightly, moving to pull away. Yusuke deepens the kiss.

The world of Darkness. Don't worry.

Fubuki's eyes widen and he stares at Yusuke.

You can do it too. Here we're one... No. We're one everywhere now.

Fubuki pulls back from Yusuke before leaning forward again and kissing him, except this time it's chaste and gentle. Yusuke smiles softly as they break apart, and even though the Darkness is still coiled tightly around them, it's beautiful and everything that Fubuki remembers.

I love you.

Neither of them is sure who said it, but neither of them care. And even though Fubuki's given up almost everything, he can't think about that. Because at least for now, all that matters for Yusuke and Fubuki is that they're together again, and they're closer than they've ever been, and for now neither cares about anything else.