Hello and to all of my readers, thank you, I'm starting this story because I can't get the idea out of my head, and I think a little reader participation is a good thing, but more on that later. Now on with the story but first:






In Konoha today was one of the most celebrated days of the year, October 10th, because this is the day that the Yondaime Hokage defeated the great and powerful Kyuubi no Kitsune, which was six years ago today. The younger generation has fun playing games and getting food at the festival, and most of the shinobi and older generation enjoy getting drunk. Unfortunately there was one child who never went out to the festival because when ever this day came around the drunken shinobi and villagers would go and beat him.

Running down an alley a small blond boy was crying out desperately in his head, "I have to get a way. I just have to make it to ojisan's tower then I'll be safe," And he would have made it too, if only he had taken a left instead of a right. Looking at the wall blocking his progress the boy screams in his head, "Shit! Shit! Shit!

He heard shouts of "There's the demon. Get him, he's trapped now!" Slowly turning around the boy became very frightened, trying to jump over the wall only got him half way up before he fell and hit the ground very hard. Seeing him land roughly the mob started to pelt him with rocks.

Once the boy lost consciousness the mob started to dissipate, having "taught the demon its place." One person stayed however, a man with one arm and eye, he thought, "Feh, if I can't have my weapon I'll get rid of the threat," and stabbed the boy in the heart killing him. Then the man walked a way thinking his job was done. He couldn't have been more wrong.


The boy slowly opened his eyes to see he was in front of a large cage with an even larger fox in it. The fox was only able to mumble "Sorry," before a large blue man with whit hair and a demonic looking face fazed into view.

The large blue figure said, "Naruto, I am sorry to say that you were killed."

The boy, now identified as Naruto, shouted "What! How can I be dead Ao-san (essentially "Blue Man")?"

The large blue man chuckled and said, "Namikaze Naruto (1) you were killed before your time and I have taken a liking to you, I am here to offer you a deal, one that will help both of us greatly. Do you want to hear the details?"

Naruto scrunched up his nose in thought and said, "Ok but how can you help me I'm dead, and my name is Uzumaki not Namikaze."

The fox said, "Idiot, that's Shinigami, if anyone could do this it's him."

Shinigami looked at the fox and said, "This will help you too. The deal is that I will return you Namikaze Naruto, which is your true name, to life and take Kyuubi from the seal that I put him in the first place, he will return to life with you, but will be your companion, much like the Inuzuka dogs, and start out with one tail. In return you must find and kill two people that have cheated me, a man named Pein and another named Hidan. You also have to chose somebody to be put in the seal to replace Kyuubi, the reason being that your body is used to having two souls inhabiting it, if I were to just remove Kyuubi you would die again from shock, and I'm only giving you one second chance. These are the people you can choose…"


(1) Naruto's name is Namikaze Naruto and the Shinigami is using what is written in the Book of Fate.

The reason I stopped where I did is because I want you, the reader, to give suggestions for who is to be sealed into Naruto, it can be anybody from any other anime/manga/videogame or anyone who has died in Naruto already.

Please read and review, the cut off date for suggestions is arbitrarily set by me, when I think there are enough there is enough, so get those suggestions in fast.

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