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Naruto was standing on a hill with his little group with the Konoha gates finally within sight. He was now wearing a loose black vest that was unzipped and a pair of black shinobi pants with black sandals and on his back he had a boken. Yes, he did wear a lot of black now, because he had ruined his orange jumpsuit when he used his bloodline for the first time, and it was all Itachi would let him where later. That day was the day he met Haku.


Naruto had been looking around the village he, Sasuke, and Itachi had just arrived in for a ramen stand when he heard a shout of "Demon," and "Trash," knowing that he had been called similar things whilst in Konoha, he searched for the source of the yelling. When he looked into a dark alley he saw a girl being savagely beaten, like he had been before he left. Not really thinking Naruto jumped in with a shout of "Shi no Dansu (1)" spikes of bones shot out from him impaling the entire mob yet somehow still avoiding the girl. Naruto ran to the girl, the fact that he just made his first kills unable to fight through the fear that Naruto had that this girl that was like him might be dead.

Checking her with what little first-aid he knew, he found that she had a very weak pulse and shallow breaths. Thinking quickly he called on Shinigami to help him, he could only do this in life or death situations, and he kind of forgot about his tenants

When Shinigami got there he let out a low whistle at the carnage and said, "Why did you summon me it looks like you have everything handled here?"

Naruto replied, "This girl was being attacked by them and I think she's about to die, is there anything you can do for her?"

Shinigami answered, "Sorry kid but I can't, the only way to save he is for her to be made into an avatar of a high spirit. I think I do know someone who can, and probably will. Stand back a little." Doing a few hand seals Shinigami summoned a being that looked to be his opposite; she had shoulder length black hair, looked young and projected a calming aura.

Naruto said, "My God," In awe of her.

Shinigami chuckled and said, "Looks like you already know her then."

She looked around and the straight at Shinigami and said in a deceptively sweet tone, "Shini-kun why did you cal me here, not trying to impress me with how powerful you are again, are you?"

Sweating slightly, because he knew what she was planning to do to him, Shinigami said, "No, Kami, My avatar here had to kill these people to save this little girl, and then summoned me because he couldn't save her by himself, but because he is my avatar I can't, and I was hoping that you could since you are the only one on the pantheon who doesn't currently have an avatar."

She sighed, and said, "Alright, I suppose I can it has been over a century since I last had one, but this isn't for free. Oh and kid when she wakes up convince her to join you one your training trip her task will need to take place in Konoha."

With that both deities disappeared and one confused girl woke up fully healed saw Naruto and latched on to him because she had passed out only a few seconds after he started to save her. When Naruto looked down he was surprised at that he saw…"


Naruto said, "I can't believe I haven't seen those gates for six years, now I'll finally be able to bring you to Ichiraku's Haku-chan."

Haku sighed, "I'll never get you and your ramen addiction" since that first meeting Haku had become much braver and willing to use her Kekkai Genkai to protect herself and others she was currently wearing a simple white kimono and wore a pair of dark sunglasses.

They heard a shout of, "Oi, dobe, grab your girlfriend and come on it's time to go."

Naruto's eye twitched and shouted, "Bastard, just because I can't do genjutsu doesn't mean I'm dead-last, anyway Akatsune has that covered. Don't you, boy?" the fox that was currently on his shoulder yipped, which translated to a "Yeah."

Haku, wanting to avoid a fight, sighed and said, "C'mon, we really should be going back to the others." And she walked back to the Warthogs that were waiting for them.

Sasuke said, "Hn," and followed Haku.

Naruto shouted, "Hey, wait up!" and ran to them.

Itachi and Naruto were driving with Shizune and Haku in the gunner position. After a quick drive to the gates the guards stopped them and said, "Please provide identification and state your reasons for coming to Konohagakure."

Itachi replied, "Jeez, guys, we haven't been gone that long."

The guard on the right said, "Oh, sorry Uchiha-sama, I didn't recognize you at first. Please go on ahead."

Itachi sighed and mumbled, "Why do they always have to act like this." Then drove in towards the Hokage Tower, getting many odd looks for the vehicles they drove.

When they got into the tower and got in to see Sarutobi and the pleasantries were dispensed Sarutobi noticed Haku and he asked, "And who is this?"

Naruto replied, "This is Haku, I saved her when we were in Mizu no Kuni. Um, you should know though, the Hyuuga won't like her."

Sandaime quirked an eyebrow and asked, "Why?"

Haku took off her sunglasses revealing opaque icy blue eyes. Sarutobi gasped and said, "A-are those the Byakugan?"

Haku replied and said, "Yes, but mine is much stronger then any Hyuuga's, right now, could be. My eyes not only have no blind spot, but within a fifty meter radius of myself I am omnipotent."

Sarutobi looked very worried and said, "This isn't good, when the Hyuuga find out that you have the Byakugan they will, most likely, try to brand you with the Caged-bird seal."

Tsunade spoke up at that point and said, "They can't, at least not without starting a clan war and pissing off most of the other shinobi clans."

The Hokage asked, "how?'

Naruto replied, "She's my fiancée and therefore is under the protection of the Namikaze clan, they still might try something, but I should be able to scare them off." After thinking for a moment Naruto added, "Oh, before I forget, I'm also working on a seal to replace the caged-bird seal, one that could be used by all Konoha shinobi. It'll take me about a year to finish, but once done it'll act as a chakra concentrator and will cremate a body after five minutes of death. I'm not done so I'll explain more after it's done; just know that once it is our forces will become much stronger."

Itachi spoke up, "Not that this is interesting and all, but I would really like to see Mom, I know that she was very worried about me and Sasuke. So, if there's nothing you need me or Sasuke for can we go?"

Sarutobi replied, "Sure, sure, just be sure to say hello to Mikoto for me."

After saying goodbyes to one another the Uchiha of the group left for home.

Sarutobi said, "Naruto, Haku, You both know that I'm going to have to tell the Council of this, and of your Kekkai Genkai, hopefully they won't make to much hoopla about it."

Naruto blinked and said, "You didn't tell them after I left?"

Sarutobi replied, "No, They would have made you return if I had, and they would have probably wanted to turn you into a weapon even more, and I couldn't let that happen. Now then, you need to be at the meeting on Monday at four PM so you both can go to the academy, even though you are probably above genin by now, I still want you to graduate with your peers in six months."

Naruto sighed and said, "Alright, I suppose I can stand six moths of tedium, but you think you could give me some jutsu scrolls keep me from becoming totally board, I might start to prank again," then gave a wide smile that makes you want to check your wallet.

Scared of what he might do; Sarutobi said, "Alright just tell me your elemental affinity and I'll get you a couple scrolls. Haku if you'd tell me yours as well I'll see what I can do."

Naruto shouted, "I've got the greatest affinity of them all I have an affinity for the element of… Surprise!"

Tsunade hit him on the head and said, "Don't be stupid, if you can." Then said to Sarutobi, "he means Void, and I doubt there are any of that style, but because of it he can do any easily so just give him a couple B to A rank jutsu, he knows most of the ones under that, I swear after he learned Kage Bunshin he became worse than his father with learning jutsu. Haku can learn Wind water and Ice, its part of her original Kekkai Genkai,"

Sarutobi was shocked he said, "There hasn't been anyone with an affinity for Void in centuries, I think the council my start to love you Naruto, or they may be there usual bitchy selves and say you should be executed for growing too powerful, but I'll be damned before I let that happen. Now onto better things, Tsunade, I had your house cleaned up and stocked with food, so you, your grandson, and his fiancée can have a nice relaxing weekend." He went over to a bookshelf and picked out two scrolls of fire jutsu and two of water for them and said good-bye.

They said thank you and left for a good time relaxing, in the case of Haku and Naruto, and drinking, in the case of Tsunade.

On Monday

Haku and Naruto were in the class room half an hour early when Sasuke ran in closed the door and said, "Fan-girls" then hid behind the teacher desk.

Naruto snorted and said, "I got this and Henged into a humanoid monster that looked like it had a large green octopus for a head, then shouted, "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!!" the fan-girls that had opened the door all screamed and ran as fast as they could away from the room. Naruto released the Henge and started to roll on the floor laughing.

Sasuke popped his head from behind the desk and asked, "Are they gone?"

Haku replied, "Yes, and Naruto, what the hell was that thing you transformed into, and why that?"

Naruto answered, "I Henged into Cthulhu, one of Shinigami's drinking buddies, as to why, well what happens to females in an anime that has a tentacle monster in it."

Haku said, "they tend… to… Oh my god, Naruto, you pervert!"

Naruto replied, "You thought it not me, I just meant that they tend to get eaten, what you thought I have no idea." After he said that Haku had the decency to blush.

Later when class had started Iruka, an average chunin with a short and high ponytail and a scar across his face, walked in and called roll, when he got to N he called out, "Namikaze Naruto." Muttering erupted, mostly things like, "Wasn't that Yondaime's last name?" and "Yeah, I think so."

Naruto replied, "Here," and went back to ignoring everything until he heard the next name called. The name was, "Namikaze Haku." The muttering returned in full force and Sasuke chuckled at his friend's predicament.

Haku spoke up, "That's supposed to be me, but that's not my last name, yet."

Iruka asked, "Yet?"

Naruto replied, "Yeah, she's my fiancée, so she is not yet a Namikaze." He thought, "Sandaime-Jiji must be trying to get me back for that threat."

Iruka went on with roll call and had a normal class, I.E. he droned on for hours, and soon the class was over.

It was now three thirty and Haku and Naruto were running to the Hokage tower for the meeting.

The Hokage was in the meeting room with the council yelling over the usual things until a knock on the door quieted everyone. An ANBU went over and opened the door revealing Naruto and Haku, Sarutobi said, "Good you're here, early too, now we can get this part done with." He ushered them in and turned to the council and said, "As most of you know Namikaze Naruto returned to the village a couple days ago, what you may not now is that he brought someone back with him. The person he brought back is a Girl named Haku, who has two Kekkai Genkai, one is the ability to manipulate ice and the other, now bare with me, is the Byakugan." As soon as the last word left his mouth the council went into an uproar. Many people were shouting, but the loudest was Hyuuga Hiashi, who yelled, "Give me proof." And "We need to induct her into the Hyuuga, she is obviously a runaway."

Naruto when he heard what Hiashi had shouted quickly unleashed his killing intent to shut up everyone. It was suffocating no one could move a muscle, not even Sandaime, Naruto stopped and then said, "Hiashi-san, you will not, and can not, induct Haku-chan into the Hyuuga, for two reasons; one, though she may have the Byakugan, she got it because she is the avatar of Kami, not because she was born with it; and two, she is my fiancée and is therefore protected by the Namikaze clan. YOU WILL NOT BRAND HER WITH YOUR ACURSED SEAL!" shouting the last sentence, and gripping the hilt of his Boken. He new his outburst would cost him but he also knew that by doing this he should scare the Hyuuga away from her and save her from a horrible fate.

Sarutobi gave Hiashi a look that seemed to say, "You fucked up." Then said, "Well now, I would like to also announce that Naruto has a couple interesting aspects as well, for one he is a holder of the Shikotsumyaku bloodline limit, and as we all know the kaguya clan was wiped out about six years ago, so this is a good thing for our village, also he has a natural affinity for the Void element, the first in several centuries, I would like to advise all of you not to do anything stupid to make Naruto want to leave because untill he graduates he is considered a civilian and therefore able to leave without repercusions. Now then it seems that all has been talked about that is needed for at the moment, I will see al of you for next weeks meeting, good-day." With that he escorted both children out of the meeting hall.


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