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Okay, the idea for this would not leave me alone! In case you didn't know this about me, I live for alternate pairings, especially crossovers. Crossing over different fandoms is an extremely guilty pleasure of mine. However, without a computer I've been unable to write fics like I used to. But, yes, I've taken a break from my anime love and moved onto warping my live-action fandoms… such as Transformers the live action movie and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As you saw from my summary, this will be Dawn Summers of Buffy and Ironhide. Let's just pretend for a moment that it's Season five of Buffy, where she first shows up, m'kay? Where did I come up with this? Only the butterflies that run command central in my head. You should ask them. Please, regardless if you loved it, hated it, thinks it needs improvment, all I ask is that you review.

Okay, here we go.

"Roughly Ten Billion Years Ago"

Click, whirr, click, click

Various clicks and whirrs sounded through the air as Ironhide inspected his weapons. He did not really need to; he knew his cannons were in perfect working condition. He just simply enjoyed the feel of his weaponry flexing and returning into place. He really did not need to worry about anything. Cybertron was a peaceful planet, every now and again a mech decided to cause trouble but nothing too serious.

After flexing his cannons one last time, he folded them away and turned toward his home. He was feeling a bit tired and recharge would do him good. He had only taken a few steps when he noticed something in the distance.

"What in the name of Primus?"

Either his optics were malfunctioning, or the sky actually wavered and cracked open, spilling out a bright white light. On reflex he drew out his cannons. Whatever this was, it was not normal. He stood tensed as the crack in the air grew larger and took a step back as something made its way through the crack. It was the color of vegetation found on most organic worlds. But, it did not hold the same leafy appearance as plant life. And he was fairly certain that plant life did not shimmer or travel through cracks in the fabric of the universe. While the color was the same, the shape of it was certainly not. In fact it had no shape. At that moment he realized what was making its way into his world was neither organic nor mechanical, it was pure energy.

And said pure energy was making its way toward him at speed faster than he could even hope to shoot at.

Oh slagging pit…

Curiosity. That was what the Key felt. While effortlessly gliding from world to world, the swirling gate severer had finally come across a world completely unlike anything it had ever witnessed. It had passed through worlds where the inhabitants always interacted with each other, in some worlds the interaction that took place seemed docile while in others some inhabitants did not seem to like what others were doing to them. Especially when interaction causes fluid to flow out of severs on the creature's body or its skin to change colors as well as swell up. Why exactly was that happening?

However, after making a rift and flowing into yet another world, the Key stopped. This world was different. While in all of the other worlds there was vegetation, life forms that stayed rooted into the ground and inhabitants that were much softer in texture, this world was different. There were no plants, there were no life forms with organic material. This place was all shiny, and hard and… just different.

It stopped when it noticed movement. There was a life form there. It was staring at it with odd things coming out of its arms that glowed and pulsated. Wanting to get a closer look at whatever this was that focused its blue light-like gaze upon it. Moving through the air, as quick as ever it rushed toward the life form and enveloped it in its being.