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Chapter 7: Light

When the train stopped, Kira didn't pay much attention to it at first. But when they didn't say anything in the speaker, and she looked out and saw that they weren't even near a station, she somehow felt a little worried.

But it wasn't until a police showed up and ordered everyone to stay calm and remain in their seats, that she understood. L must have have found her! How could he...?

Instead of staying where she was (which may have been smarter if L himself wasn't personally searching the train) she panicked and started to run. Which of course made the policeman follow her. Luckily, he was at the far end of the compartment when she jumped to her feet, but he caught up with her too quickly...

Just as she stopped in front of the doors she heard someone scream and then two people who fell to the floor, and since the running behind her had stopped, one of them had to be the cop.

She used the emergency handle to try to open the door, but her hands were shaking and that thing was heavy. She could hear the police coming to his feet again and going after her.

Then suddenly, the door swung open, and the fresh air made her feel that she was free, that they could never catch her now... She jumped off the train and into the arms of another policeman.

Or, this was actually a woman, but her confused brain was to overwhelmed to register that at first. Kira had never been much of a fighter, so she immediately gave up when she felt that she was trapped.

"Hey, little lady," the female cop smiled, "And where do you think that you are going?"

"Off the train," Kira answered truthfully. She yawned. Now that she wouldn't have to run anymore, she felt how exhausted she was. It had only been two nights and one day, but she was more tired than she had been in her entire life.

The man who had chased her got off the train and said:

"We had orders to look for a little girl, right? I'll report to our superiors right away."He started to speak into his radio in an excited, fast voice. He didn't really know what this was about but if this truly was the little girl they were looking for, he wanted at least part of the honor for finding her.

The two cops watched closely over the little girl, but she didn't seem to be planning on escaping at all. In fact, she looked more like she was about to fall asleep, leaning against the woman who had caught her and closing her eyes from time to time. They tried to ask her questions, but she wouldn't answer. It was cold and boring for them all to stand there,so the woman called up her boss and asked if they could go into the train again.

"No," he said," you are to wait out there. They will soon come to you."

"Who?" the female cop asked, trying hard to keep the annoyance out of her voice. He got silent for a long time.

"I don't know," he admitted at last. "I'm taking orders from above too."

So, the only thing she could do was hang up and wait. The small girl had almost fallen asleep and she had to support her so she wouldn't fall.

Just as the man was getting tired of waiting and wanted to go into the train anyway a car stopped on the highway about fifty meters away from them and a very peculiar man jumped out.

Yes, he jumped, hunched over more than any teenager he had ever seen, and with the hands in the pockets of his baggy jeans. He started walking towards them over the yellow grass, and he only got weirder the closer he got.

He had a white sweater and black hair, and the sort of eyes that give both children and their parents nightmares. The both cops were also further freaked out when he was only a few meters away from them and they noticed he had no shoes.

That was just not normal.

He stopped in front of the little girl and just stared at her(stared with eyes that looked distant, like a corpse). The girl opened her eyes and looked back, now much more awake.

"Sir?" the woman said carefully, but he didn't seem to notice her at all.

"Kira..." All three of them started when the odd-looking man spoke. "I shall now bring you home, and you must promise me to never do anything like that ever again."

The little girl simply stared at him for a moment.

"Home?" she then repeated hesitantly."Does father L want me to go with him?"

"Ryuuzaki," the odd man said absently and added;" Of course. We have some things we need to discuss once we get there." With a somewhat sad, and very misplaced, smile on his lips, he grabbed the girls arm and started to drag her along with him back to the other side of the field.

When the woman saw how the girl started as the man touched her, she quickly pulled herself together and ran after them. She stopped in front of the man and said in a peremptory tone:

"Sir, please let me see your ID. I cannot just let you wander off with this child."

Even if they girl seemed to know the man, it was her duty as a police to check. Who knew, the man could be abusive, or even a pedophile.

The odd man stopped and pulled out his cellphone. Before the woman could speak up again he had already dialed the number and began talking. What he said was: "Watari. I have found Kira. But there is a policewoman here who is bothering me. Please come here and inform her correctly of this extraordinary situation. Thank you."

He hung up and glared at the woman. The little girl beside him yawned again.

"S-sir, please, you must understand..."the policewoman began, a bit frightened by his peculiar behavior. The other police had caught up to them now, and she was thankful for that.

"What are you doing?" he said."You can't just walk away with a child like that! Or are you..."

The odd man looked irritated.

"I am sorry to inform you both that right now you are nothing but pests to me," he cut off. "I will wait here, but I advice you not to talk to me."

They just looked at eachother. Then the woman nodded.

After Watari had cleared the misunderstanding( by lying and showing fake ID:s, of course) and they had walked over the field to Roger's car, L tucked in the tired Kira in the backseat and she fell asleep at once.

"Is this enough now, Ryuuzaki?" Watari asked with a tired but relieved tone in his voice.

"I do not understand the question," L answered and watched his sleeping child.

"That you almost lost her," Watari said. "Is it enough to make you change? Or am I asking for a miracle?"

L kept watching Kira. He bit down hard on his thumb and observed the small drop of blood by his nail.

"I will try," he finally said. "I believe that..." He made a pause and licked the blood of his finger. "Love is a greatly selfish feeling, and so is sorrow. I was thinking while I drove here...maybe I wanted to grieve Light-kun, because it was the closest I could get to him." With a little smile he turned his glare to Watari." So I will merely have to let him go."

Watari didn't answer.

He didn't need to.

It took almost one day and one night for Kira to sleep out. When she woke up, the first thing she saw was father L. She was in her bed on the living room floor and he sat by his computer, like always.

But he wasn't looking at the computer screen, he was looking at her.

"Hello," she said nervously, but he didn't look away.

"Good morning." Instead he greeted her with something that probably was supposed to be a smile.

"Yes...good morning," she answered and smiled back, a little faintly.

It had been a painfully long night.

"I will have to work now, little lady," L told his daughter and turned back to the computer. "Because of you, I have been neglecting my work for the last few days."

"I'm sorry," Kira said and looked down on her hands. For a long time, they were both silent, L just typing on his keyboard. Then, Kira remembered a thing she had wanted to ask her father since she had been on Wammy's house.

So she turned to him and waited until he paused in his typing for a while.

"What does manwhore mean?" she wondered.

For the first time in her short life, Kira saw her father really shocked.

"Where did you learn that word?"he said after a brief pause.

"I learned other words too..like asshole and slut!" she said, wondering if she should be proud or ashamed.

From the look on his face, she drew the conclusion that the first wasn't an option.

Light-kun... the night after her disappearance was the first night I did not think of you. I sincerely apologize and hope that you can forgive me.

Maybe you should. After all, you are dead, and she is alive. And, I am beginning to suspect, so am I.

Four days went by. Kira stayed in the apartment without anybody having to tell her she should- she had not been to fond of the outside world when she was alone in it. Father L talked to her. He looked at her. Two times he patted her on her shoulder. Once he seemed to be on his way to hug her, but he didn't.

"Please be patient," he said that time and then turned away. Kira wasn't sure what he meant, but tried not to look too sad. She could tell that he was trying, and she could tell that of some reason, it hurt him.

"It's because you have your father's eyes," Watari had told her before he traveled to Wammy's to personally help Roger "discipline the orphans language."

She wasn't sure she understood that either, but that was the deal with adults- they were complicated.

On the fourth day, when Kira looked through the pockets in her jacket because she was bored, she found the note with Matt's phone number.

At first she wasn't sure what it was, but then she recognized the sloppy handwriting. Father L wasn't home, so she decided to call the nice red-haired boy and thank him.

He picked up after three signals.


Upon hearing his voice, Kira felt embarrassed and stupid. She had only met him once. He probably didn't even remember her.

"Hello?" he said again when she couldn't force herself to speak.

"H-hi," she finally stuttered and felt like an idiot.

"Who is this?" Matt asked, sounding puzzled.

"It's Kira..."she said quietly and wondered if it wouldn't be better to hang up.

"Who?....Oh, wait, it's you!" The boy in the other end laughed. "I'm sorry, I was confused... so you're the girl L was looking for?"

"Yes..." Kira answered slowly. "He found me."

"Is that a good or a bad thing?" Matt asked.

"It's... good," Kira mumbled, surprising herself when she realized it was true. "I feel good now, too..."

"Great," Matt said with genuine happiness in his voice. "It's good you're not out there by yourself anymore."

"Yes..." she agreed. A somewhat uneasy silence followed until she remembered a lesson in good manners father Light had taught her several times. ("People," he used to say, " do not ask you how you feel because they care, but because they want you to return the question so they can talk about themselves. The most polite thing to do in a conversation is to give them only small parts of yourself (unless they seem truly interested, of course) and otherwise, only listen. If they take a pause to breath you can always ask them questions to give the impression that you care.")

"So...how do you feel?" She broke the silence and hoped he wouldn't be insulted that it took her so long to ask.

"I'm fine," he said and sounded even happier. "After I met you, I wrote a poem to Mello expressing my feelings for him. I'm sure he will soon realize that he loves me too- because that's how cool I am-, and then we'll be together forever!"

"How nice," Kira said politely. Unlike most children, she didn't find homosexuality weird or was oblivious to it's existence. She had grown up with two fathers, after all.

"Yeah, it went something like: Mellody, Mellody, you are as awesome as my Nintendo...I think he was really touched." Matt laughed again, and Kira wasn't sure if he was fooling her or if it was just a happy laughter. She didn't get the chance to ask, because he stopped laughing and got serious again. "But are you sure you're really okay? Because when I saw you, you looked so sad..."

When he said that, Kira felt her eyes fill with tears without knowing why.

"Y-yes," she managed to say and tried to keep her voice calm. This was another lesson from father Light. Only show the pleasant feelings. "It is good...I think he loves me. And I think he is just afraid to show it."

"Who?" Matt wondered.

"My father. It keeps getting better...but it may never be perfect.." Kira sighed.

"Well," the red-head pointed out," if there is anything I have learned in life, it is that except Mellos looks, nothing is perfect. And know what?" He made a pause, probably to make it more exciting, and went on; "that's what hope is for. And yeah, I know I'm lame." He laughed again, and Kira giggled too, because not only did he look funny, he also said funny things.

But it was those other words she remembered.

Nothing is perfect. That's what hope is for.

She had hope.

"Light-kun, the baby spoke today." L welcomed his lover in the door with those words. Light froze, his browned eyes turned darker.

"What? What did she say?" He looked about to cry. "Are you saying I missed our daughters first word?"

"She said `da-dy`," L explained regretfully. "Because I was the one present, I am 96% sure she meant me."

"No!" Light shrieked, almost making L start. Pregnancy and teenage boys did not mix well. They became so moody.

"I'm sure she meant me," Light said. Babies always share a stronger bond with their mother."

"That is only because you have known her for nine more months than I have," L stated dryly.

"No,it's not," Light said and then burst into tears. "O-oh my g-god, I missed her...her first word," he sobbed. "I'm the worst mother in the world!"

L simply stared for a moment.

"No, you are not," he objected at last and patted his lover on the head in his usual clumsy way. "I am positive that as long as you remain by her side, she will be happy."

"B-but what if I die?" Light's sobbing calmed a little. "What if I get what I deserve?" The tears kept falling, but his voice became more composed . Shiny golden eyes looked steadily at L. The certainty and the pain gave the detective hard to breath. "If I die, she will suffer...and you too."

"Light-kun," L said sharply, "you do not deserve to die."

"I do." Light was almost unnaturally still now, and his tone was as emotionless as L's own. "If it weren't for you and her, I wouldn't deserve to live at all."

"No on deserves to die," L said weakly. "Some just do."

L looked at Kira. She slept peacefullybeside him, snoring silently but not moving at all. These days, she seemed so happy. So hopeful.

He didn't want to ruin that. Unfortunately, even a brilliant child was naïve. Especially if she had been raised by Light Yagami. Kira would hope for a fairytale, even if she didn't say anything. Good L triumph over bad L. Happy ending.

This would not happen. It wouldn't have a definite ending. It would only slowly get better, then maybe someday get worse, and then start getting better again.

Light would have needed to know this too. You cannot defeat the evil of this world- it will always remain inside of you.

He abandoned these depressing thoughts and focused on watching his daughter instead. He should be happy. For now, she was safe. And she slept like they say children do, deeply and serenely.

The detective wondered how long it had been since he had slept.

Not that he had ever enjoyed it, but now he resented it. Sleeping was dreaming, and just like in his memories, Light-kun could never leave him alone when he dreamed.

But this night, he felt tired. Maybe he should try to sleep. Maybe he would not dream.

Maybe he would not hate to wake up again.

He leaned back in his armchair and suddenly felt something very strange. A cold sting of pain in his chest.

Like a warning from his heart. But as usual, he didn't listen.

He just ignored it and closed his eyes.

He never opened them again.

That night, a fire started in the apartment where L and Kira Yagami was resting. An old TV started it, and it soon spread to a curtain close by. Because there were a lot of withered flowers in the window, and the said window was open to keep the heat down, the fire spread in what almost looked like an explosion.

This, however, was of little relevance. Since L and Kira slept in the living room, the smoke got to them long before the fire did, and it killed them in their sleep.

Kira died first because she was so small, it didn't take long before she was suffocated. L followed closely thereafter.

Luckily for them, they couldn't feel when the fire consumed their bodies, they couldn't hear the firetruck coming to a late rescue, and they couldn't see Watari cry when he found out. Father and daughter was already gone when this happened.

Which most would say was good for them, but which Watari only could see in one way. Unfair.

Like the one time in L's life when justice didn't prevail.

L did dream, but it was not his usual kind of dream. Not a memory in disguise.

This time, Kira was with him, and she looked about as old as she had been when he went to sleep. She even wore her blue pajamas with teddy-bears on it.

She looked at him, and her eyes were dazed and confused, almost scared. Since this was just a dream, L hugged her tightly and told her not to be afraid.

It was dark and empty all around them, a vacuum, a nothingness, but he said she shouldn't be afraid of darkness.

Be afraid of light, because that is the thing it hurts to lose.

It truly was an odd dream.

Everything was black, the total absence of color, but without shadows for there were no sun.

L looked down at his daughters familiar face, her cursed but beautiful eyes, and wished that the darkness would go away.

And then, there was Light.


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