(A/N and Disclaimer: None of the characters, etc. are mine; but the poem is. Written for her, because though this may be the oddest thing that's ever happened I wouldn't swap it; and for the other two because they're cuter than buttons and I'm so happy for them. This is a poem designed to be written to Abby, by..well, it could be any of the other characters. In my head, though, it's McGee or Ziva. Hope it's OK.)

Quirky Kind of Cute

The strangest thing
That I can't quite describe-
Different in the best possible way.
It takes some getting used to,
But soon we'll get there.
Expect the unexpected?
It's the story of my life,
But I didn't see this coming.
And it took me by surprise,
But I still can't stop smiling.
Who cares what anyone else says,
When you're still there
To make me blush-
And though I could hate you for that,
It's impossible. Just like you.
Something wonderful, new and strange -
A quirky kind of cute.
You're different to anything and anyone else,
And I can't believe you chose me.
One step at a time
And we'll see where this takes us -
But I already know
That it'll be different
To anywhere I've ever been before-
And it's still a good thing.

(It may be the most embarrassing thing I've ever typed, but I meant it when I wrote it. 'It seemed like a good idea at the time' isn't really a valid excuse, is it? Oh well. R&R if you want. Gracias to those who do)