A/n: Here it is! The Epilogue!

Bella POV

Epilogue---The way things were.

"Bella, no! You are not coming, it's too dangerous!" Alice obviously didn't get it. I faced danger on a daily basis! I wasn't about to let her and Edward face Kate alone. I knew I couldn't do much, but I could at least do what was possible.

"Alice, please; I really don't want to wait here."

She sighed and scooped me up into her arms, running out the door and into the cold, Alaska night. We were running to the house that Edward had stayed in when he was here in Denali. Much to my dismay, Kate had stayed there too. Alice told me that Edward had already arrived and would be, 'taking care' of Kate. Mental images of Edward fighting Victoria glazed through my head. I shook them off and in a matter of minutes, we were in the house.

A door slammed upstairs.

"They're up there," Alice noted.

I heard a small shriek and then felt Alice's arms around me. She led me into another room and told me to close my eyes.

She left my side and ran upstairs. The only thing that told me that they were still there was the faint sound of the door opening and closing and the chill that entered the house. That's when I smelled it; the sickly sweet scent that I had smelled once before; something... no someone was burning.

"Bella, you can open your eyes now." Edward's voice filled the room.

I looked around the room, my eyes settling on the window. Sure enough, there were the bright purple flames that I had seen once before, billowing up into a pile of smoke.

When I stood up, I felt dizzy. The whole room seemed to be out of focus. I blinked a few times; trying to clear my head. I sat back down thinking to myself, whoa; I probably just stood up too fast. I shook my head, but nothing was working. The room around me was beginning to spin. I then realized what this feeling was; I was about to faint; Although, I wasn't sure why. I looked to Edward and saw him mouth my name, but no sound came out. I was slowly being pulled into unconsciousness… or so I thought.

Everything continued to spin. It was almost to the point to where I felt sick to my stomach. My head was throbbing in time with my heart.










I felt the blackness trying to consume me, like it was trying to pull me under.

I couldn't see anything; just the blackness that was surrounding me. I wasn't sitting anymore. It felt as though I was… floating. Not in a good way though.

Suddenly, my feet were touching something; it felt as though I were standing in the blackness. The temperature was cold; not as cold as Denali though. With one last throb from my head, everything became clearer. The blackness lifted off of me like a blanket.

It felt as though everything was in normal speed; snapping out of slow motion like in the movies. Something cold and wet smacked me square in the stomach.

I heard a voice to my right.

"Jasper, not yet you idiot! At least wait for her to try to run and hide." Rosalie stood about twenty paces away from me trying to hold back giggles.

Déjà vu swept through me. I realized where I was. I was in the Cullen's back yard. I should've realized it sooner. Kate. Is. Dead. Everything is the way it should be.

I smiled to myself before I started to laugh. I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot; just standing there laughing uncontrollably. I couldn't help the tears that were starting to pour down my face like a waterfall.

I felt cold, stone arms wrap around me.

"Bella, love… what's wrong?" Edward's sweet, melodic voice filled my ears. If possible, my smile got even bigger. I knew that in that instant, everything was going to be okay. Edward, my Edward was here, along with the family that I loved so much.

I turned around to face him,

"Nothing is wrong; everything is right." I said, right before I crushed my lips to his once again.

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