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Chapter 3

The rest of the day went rather smoothly for House. Well, it went as smoothly as the clinic could possible go…

"So, Mrs. Kamor, how long have you had your head pain?"

"Well…umm…what time is it now?"

"Excuse me…?'

"I mean, is it four yet? Because then it would be about an hour of pain."

"An hour?" Why do I work with people, my hope for this race surviving until next week decreases with every patient… "Mrs. Kamor, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a telemarketer, why is that what is causing the head pain?"

"Yes, your stupidity and your annoying profession is exactly the cause of MY head pain. You have what us doctors, and anyone else half a brain, like to call a headache." She responding with a look on her face like she just discovered she had a right arm. "Take some aspirin, read a book, and for god sakes get a job that has nothing to do with people."

That was one of the many examples of how dumb people can be, I don't want to lower your intelligence by reciting the rest…The end of the day lead House back to his home, remote in hand and sneakers toes off.

No scotch to dull his thoughts.

No extra Vicondin to numb his mind.

He just sat and thought, allowing his mind to visit and wander to the usually untouched topics of emotion. They is no harm in thinking right? After all, ideas are neither good nor bad, but merely as useful as what we do with it. Only actions can cause harm. But today his actions caused no harm whatsoever. They caused the opposite of harm; they helped.

While wondering through the twists and turns of his brain, his stumbled upon something that an old friend once told him:

If you don't create change, change will create you.

Nothing caused him to do this. No outside force or horrible event made him want this. Hell he wasn't sure if he even wanted it in the first place. But it's happening he is changing. Or maybe, he is just hoping for change. No one every said he was going to succeed. His wall didn't all of a sudden fall down. He just…he left the door open a little.

I probably wont even eat lunch with her again, I still have Wilson….Oh crap. I don't still have Wilson. He has me. Well he has the female version of me for a sex toy. Eww gross. He visibly shuttered at his own conclusion. I guess I could do her..erm I could do lunch WITH her. Not her.


It was time for the thought numbing and sleep. He popped a Vicondin and flicked off the tube, not sure what had been on in the first place.

Sleep came quickly, thanks to the Vicondin, and the fact that his mind was actually at ease. If one lunch with her could calm him this much, lunch with her more often wasn't such a bad idea. But ideas didn't matter.

Actions did.

He was going to act, nothing too dramatic, or close to caring. He would just eat lunch.

With Cameron.

The days dragged on. No patient, therefore Cuddy was up Houses' ass about the clinic like…I really can't think of a non-sexual metaphor. It was truly draining both mentally and physically. But he had a release, food. More specifically his release was lunch.

Not Vicodin.

Not scotch.

Just lunch.

Now that didn't mean he stopped taking his pills or drinking, but during the workday he had a different tool to keep his mind occupied. For the next two days at 'no shadow time', he weaved his way through to the seat that was waiting for him. It was always for him, even on Friday, when he didn't show up….

All day Friday was a living hell. That morning a file was on his desk when he walked in and it caught his attention. He needed something more then the runny noses he had been treated for the past three days.

The new team was not in the groove of things yet. They haven't found their own place within the differential. Consequently, that made finding the answers much more challenging. By the time seven o'clock rolled around, they had almost killed the patient 3 times and the 11 year old, Ashley Spillane was finally stable. He sent his team home, for there was nothing they could do in such an exhausted state. But he stayed, for there was nothing he could do at his home.

The trusty tennis ball bounced between his fingers while his mind had a match of its own. Accompanied by the sound of his iPod, he sat staring at the space in front of him, not really seeing anything at all. He was in the kind of trances that always over took him when he worked on a difficult puzzle such as this. The kind of trance where he became alone in even the most crowded rooms. The kind of trance where the puzzle was all that he could see, until he found the way out to the real world again; the answer. Even the low rumble of his starving stomach couldn't shake him from his thoughts.

But when the all to familiar scent that was only Allison Cameron permeated the room, he awoke. He hadn't seen her since lunch yesterday, and around the time he should of saw her again, he was in the middle of a heated and very frustrating differential.

She looked as tired as he felt. She leaned against the door to his office with tousled hair, heavily used scrubs, and a white bag in her right hand.

"Hey." She stayed in the doorway.

"What are you doing here?"

"I just got off my E.R shift. I didn't see you at lunch today so I figured you locked yourself up here to figure out what ever is killing your patient." When she didn't get any response she continued, "Also not seeing you at lunch also meant you didn't eat. Hungry?"

"Starved." And with the nod of his head towards the vacant chair in front of his desk, she came into the room.

"Cafeteria food?" he questioned her as she removed their sandwiches from the bag.

"Well, yeah, I do work in the hospital too you know. It was the only place I passed on the way. Now eat."

"Well this is better then nothing, so thanks Cameron." She just replied with a smile, he thanked her. The sat silently, enjoying their well-deserved meals, sneaking a glance at each other between bites. After finishing her meal, Cameron broke the surprisingly comfortable silence,

"Thanks for this House, I hate eating diner by myself," then with a chuckle she added, "and there is absolutely nothing on T.V at 1 o'clock in the morning."

Deflection of her gratitude.

That is what he would have done if he kept his wall up around Cameron. He would have made a rude comment about thanking him, mocking her need for someone else. He would surly mention something about weakness and that she only wanted to heal him.

But he called of the guards, and left the door to his wall, just a little more open.

"Yeah, nothing is ever on. Plus your much more nice to watch then the TV, even when you look like the E.R. ran you over." To avoid her stare he took another bite of his sandwich. When he finally met her stare, something tangible passed between him. He felt her take on step within the boundary of his walls, and he didn't want her to leave. "You know Cameron," he spoke without dropping her gaze; without dropping the hot pan, "there is never anything on Saturday nights either. Maybe we could meet up for dinner?"

With a smile gracing her lips she replied, "That would be nice, House. Meet me at my place around 7?" he nodded in confirmation, "Good, well ill let you get back to the puzzle, I just thought you could use a little break."

"I did, now get out of here unless you know what killing this kid. See you tomorrow."

On her way out the door of the office she called back, "Its Lupus!" and she was on her way down the hall.

"Its NOT LUPUS!" he yelled to her reciting form. She could her the smile in his voice, giving her one of her own.

His walls were strong and heavily guarded because the he let the wrong people wander through. But if Cameron can get past security this easily, then maybe she deserved to stay awhile and look around. Maybe she didn't want to break down his walls, maybe she just wanted them built around her too.