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Chapter One- First Day Back.

Gisborne shook his head and marched off, followed closely by his gang. The sound of laughter ringing sharply in his ears. Damn Locksley and those no good friends of his. An evil smile twisted across Guy's face, if he couldn't get to Marian, he could easily get to one of the other girls, none of them were taken yet.

He ran through the options, Djaq, Eve, or Charm. Who to pick? Sod it, try each of them, one at a time. Charm would probably be the easiest to crack, since she hadn't been here long enough to know what he was really like. That would really stick the knife in with Scarlet, he was obviously mad about her.


"Not been funny right, but he's up to something." Allan pointed at Gisborne, who was standing a little way off, grinning to himself.

"He's always up to something." Much chipped in. "Hey Eve." He smiled at the girl who had just sat down next to him.

"Hey Much, good summer?" she smiled sheepishly.

"You know it. Oh god, look at them two." he pointed at Robin and Marian, who had just drifted in, arms round each others waits, making out like their lives depended on it. Eve just giggled.

"Look at Will, he looks really pissed off." Will hobbled in on crutches.

"Well Gisborne's mates did kinda destroy his knee at soccer practise last week. Poor guy."

"Still, Charm wants to go to the Fall Prom with him. She told me last night. Too scared to ask him out though." Much and Eve giggled at each other.

"We're going together right?" Much looked at Eve.

"Course. It'll be great."

"Allan a Dale you better ask me. I'm not going to be the only girl in this group without a date to the prom." Djaq stood behind Allan, her hands over his eyes.

"Djaq, wanna go to Fall Prom with me baby?"


I'll go with you, if you promise never to call me baby again."

"I promise." Allan was quick with his response, Djaq scared him sometimes, he would never admit it, but she did.

Everyone had their dates for the Prom, everyone except Will and Charm. It was obvious they would go together, but would Will ask her? He had been acting odd all summer, quiet, well quieter that normal, disappearing all the time. They knew his mum was ill, and his dad had been having trouble finding work, so they just assumed it was something to do with that, and left it be. He obviously didn't want them to know.

"LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE GISBORNE." Will's angry voice echoed around the common room. The gang spun round and watched as he tried to push past him tormentor. "Let me pass."

Guy and his friends laughed. "Poor cripple, what you guna do? Get your friends to help you?"

"FUCK OFF." Gisborne leaned forward and whispered something in Will's ear. The others saw his face drop, and he nodded gently.

"Good boy. Now you can pass." Gisborne and his gang stepped aside to let him hobbled past, and he shuffled over to his friends.

"Will what was that about? What did it want?" Robin pressed his friend for details, information, anything he could use to get back at his enemy.

"Nothing. It was just Gisborne being Gisborne." Will blinked and turned away.

"So Will, Fall Prom coming up, who are you taking?" Marian asked, desperate to turn the conversation away from the greasy git that was guy Gisborne.

"No one. I'm not going." his answer shocked the gang. But he should be asking Charm. Why wasn't he going to ask her?

"But what about Charm? She really wants to go with you." Djaq broke the stunned silence.

A giggle drifted in their direction, and Allan looked up. "Apparently she didn't want to go with you that bad mate, looks like Gisborne's putting the moves on her."

They all turned round and saw Charm and Guy standing in the corridor outside the common room. He was whispering to her and she was laughing and blushing. He looked her deep in the eyes and said something. She held his gaze for a while and nodded. They both smiled at each other shyly, and Charm walked away, and over to the gang.

"What did he want?" Much blurted out.

"Guy just asked me to Fall Prom. And I said yes." Charm looked around, not surprised by the looks of shock and horror on her friends faces.

"Great. Well have fun." Will heaved himself out of the chair, and, grabbing his crutches, limped out of the common room to his first class.

"What was that about." she asked, looking very confused.

"What, apart from the fact that Will is crazy about you, and has been ever since you joined the school? Nothing new. He had a run in with your friend Gisborne earlier and Gissy said something to him." Robin turned back from the conversation to Marian and they continued their make out sesh.


Will sat in his seat in economics with his head resting in his hands. "Shit, shit, shit, shit. Why am I such a fucking loser?"

"Language Mr Scarlet. This is a school not a prison yard." Will snapped his head up to see his teacher, Ms Moorland, sitting on the desk in front of him. "Is something wrong Will?" she looked at him, concerned. The school had been told about his home situation by the Social Services at the start of the summer break and the head had told all the teachers to keep a close eye on him.

"It's nothing, really miss. Just that I was really stupid and left my lunch at home, so I'll have to run back and get it later. That's all." He smiled weakly at her.

"Ok. If you're sure?" he nodded.

She looked at him and then moved back to her desk at the front of the classroom as the other students began filing in. They began picking their way through the desks, trying to get seats next to their friends. Will looked around and saw Gisborne slid into the seat next to Charm and drape his arm round the back of her chair. He looked over at Will and smirked.

"Hey Scarlet. What you looking at?" Will shook his head and looked round, to find himself surrounded by Gisborne's gang. They had seated themselves all around him. Shit, so much for this year being a good one. "You gunna answer me or do I have to make you?"

"What... oh er nothing." he looked down at the desk in front of him.

"Good lad. Now let's keep it like that."

"Carter Evans, leave him alone." Carter's head snapped round and he found himself staring at Robin. "Now why don't you all just get up and move on.

"I don't think so Locksley. We're sat here, so why don't you just piss off."

"I'm not going anywhere." Robin out his hands on his hips.

"Robin Locksley take your seat this instant." Ms Moorland shouted. "Here, there's an empty seat next to Djaq at the front of the room. Now sit down so I can start the lesson."

Robin sighed theatrically and sat down next to Djaq. He kept turning round throughout the lesson to check Will was ok, so much so that Will ended up throwing a book at his head, and just missed hitting Ms Moorland.

"William Scarlet, what has gotten into you?" she screeched, "outside now. I will talk to you at the end of class."

Will stood up and hobbled out. He was sick of this stupid school, with the same stupid teachers, and stupid fucking bullies. Instead of waiting outside the classroom as he had been instructed to, he carried on going, right out of the maths building and out of the front gate. What he didn't realise was that Carter had gotten himself sent and too, and was following him.

"Oi, shit fuck. Where do you think you're going?" he shouted after him. "I gotta talk to you."

"Well I don't wanna talk to you." Will stopped, his knee was in agony. Carter caught up with him.

"Look I didn't mean to hurt your knee so badly. Honest, but Guy said it would be fun, and well it kinda was." he laughed, a little embarrassed now.

"Yeah real fun, injure me then pick on me. Mature."

Carter turned to go back to school. "Oh Will, one last thing, Guy asked if your friends know that you're a care home kid?" he laughed and carried on back to school.

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