Disclamer I do not own Naruto or any of the carraters but i am doing this as a rewrite of Naruto:smoke ninja by "The fifth ridder of armageddeon" He droped this story for resons i do not know.

In the village of Konoha a small eight year old blonde boy was getting the crap beaten out of him. This was not the first time this had happened and the boy knew it wouldn't be the last. But unlike most he didn't look for a reason why he just accepted it. However this time it was getting really bad. There were more people then usual and they were using more then just their fists

The pain was unbearable so he did the only thing he could do he began to pass out. His vision slowly came back to him and all he saw was a dark hallway. Water was up to his ankle and a sick smell filled the air. He stared down the dank hallway before finally deciding to make his way down it. He might have been imagining it but he thought he could here a sinister laughter from down the hall.

The boy stopped in his tracks as he stared up at a large cage in front of him. A large set of glowing red eyes stared down at him.

"Wh-what are you?" he asked. The creature that was a giant red fox started laughing.

"Hahaha foolish human don't you recognize me? Take a closer look."

Naruto timidly looked at the giant monster before him only to see the same pair of crimson eyes, sharp teeth, and nine tails then it suddenly hit him.

"Y...Yo...You are the nine-tailed fox Kyuubi." squeaked out Naruto.

"Took you long enough." muttered Kyuubi.

"Then you're the one who made my life miserable, aren't you."


"Then I only have one thing to say." stated Naruto.

"And what would that be?" asked Kyuubi.

Then Naruto started shouted out obscurities and curse words that would make a sailor blush while giving off a large amount of killing intent that even scared Kyuubi shitless. After Naruto was done shouting out his obscuraties the only thing Kyuubi could say was.


"Kid listen up I have a cave in Kemurigakure or Kemuri for short. It is full of scrolls, weapons, money, and clothes so you can get rid of that jumpsuit.

"I will do it on three conditions." stated Naruto in a cold voice.

"Go ahead shoot."

"One I want to know what the village's name is, two you have to tell me why you attacked Konoha, and three you tell me who my parents were." said Naruto.

"Do you really want to know who your parents were?" Asked Kyuubi in a nervous voice.

"Yes I do." stated Naruto.

"Are you really sure"

"YES GODDAMMIT I WANT TO KNOW WHO THEY WERE! yelled Naruto. "I"V ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW WHO MY PARENTS WERE I NEVER HAD A FAMILY AND I DON"T CARE IF THEY'RE ALIVE OR DEAD I JUST WANT TO KNOW! screamed Naruto. "Please I just want to know." said Naruto as tears started to roll down his eyes and started shaking uncontrollably.

"Fine I'll tell you just please stop crying I hate it when I see people cry."Said Kyuubi as he tried to console the crying Naruto.

After Naruto calmed down Kyuubi told him the information Naruto waited eight years for.

"Naruto your parents were some of the most powerful people in this village, your father was Arashi Kazama the Yodaime Hokage and your mother was the top ANBU black ops captain Kagome Uchiha." said Kyuubi.

Naruto was stunned I mean its not every day you find out that your the son of the two most powerful shinobi in the world. Naruto's reaction was just like the first only not as colorful.



"Well you better explain then furball!"

"Listen Your father had many enemies from both Iwa and Konoha. Now during the third ninja war he killed many Iwa nins with a technique I've never seen before and that war is where he got the nick name 'The Yellow Flash'. So if they found out that he had a son they would take revenge on you."

"Now that does make sense but you said he had enemies in Konoha whats up with that?" asked Naruto.

"Your father's enemies in this rotten village were the Root organization that the Sandaime created, this organization was the old ANBU training post they may sound like a good organization but they are evil people. They organized illegal missions such as assassinations you name it they did it, When the Sandaime found out their illegal activities he disband it. Unfortunaly the Root's most loyal members recreated Root and started to do their activities in secret. Their leader Danzo tries to get the position of Hokage twice only to fail both times, he is an evil man and plans to join Orochimaru to take over Konoha. The fourth found out about this and delayed this terrible partnership, and for that Danzo hated him if he found out that you were his son he would try to kill you or turn you into a weapon." said Kyuubi.

"What about my mother?" Asked Naruto.

"Your mother was a Uchiha and they are very arrogant and wouldn't allow her to marry outside of the clan, so she did it in secret so if they found out they would probably kill you."

"Okay then that makes alot of sense now why did you attack Konoha?"

Kyuubi stiffened but Managed to say, "Believe it or not I hate fighting thought it was pointless, I settled down with my mate Kikyo and went off hunting one day to get some food for her and my unborn kits. When I came back I found her dead and saw a pale man with snake like eyes he told me Konoha sent him to kill me and my mate. I went into a fit of rage and killed as many of the ninja in my cave and went to destroy your village only to find out that I was lied to, after your father sealed me into you the only thing on my mind was to destroy that man Orochimaru."

"Kyuubi I'm sorry for your loss and I will kill Orachimaru for causing the pain he put us through believe it!" said Naruto.

"Thanks kit I will help you in anyway I can."

"Now for my last question what is the village's name and where is it?"

"Its The Village Hidden in the Smoke where they have this special stone that gives you amazing powers beyond your wild imagination."

"Really what does it do?" queered Naruto.

'Kit here's some examples this stone can give a person to become an element, for example a person can become fire and use its attacks another one is metal where a person's body becomes hard as well... metal. Its random though and only their villagers can use these powers."

"But I'm from this village how can I access that kind of power?" asked Naruto.

"Simple you have to through a sacred ritual to become a villager and if you betray them you die."

"Gee thanks for the warning, now I'm going to write a letter to the old man and telling him I'm leaving this village. By the way which way is the village anyway?

"You go west kit."

"Thanks Kyuubi-sensei." Naruto cheered happily.

'Sensei hmmm... I like that thanks kit.' thought Kyuubi

Later that night Naruto took what ever possessed and left Konoha not to be seen again for four years.