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"Alright team time for your first mission. In most villages this mission would be C-ranked mission here its a d-ranked mission." Naruto started "Now you each will get code names from yours trully. Hinata you will be known as mist Kin you will be called sound and Hazu you will be know as little shadow."

"Whats your code name Naru-kun?" Asked Hinata.

"Mine was already given to me when i was a freah genin here you will call me Smoke. You each get your code named from the elements you possess. Now let's get the missions rolling."Naruto shouted the last part.

The kumurikage was busy in his office doing paperwork when Naruto's team came in requesting a mission. The kage started to smile for what he had in store for Naruto's team they were going to go to konoha to help rebuild the town. The kumurikage was pleased that Naruto was well in control of his genin class.

"Alright team you herd the kage get packing for a long trip."

"Hai Naruto-sensei." The three genin shouted in unison

The trip tp Komoha was an uneventful one to say the least nut as soon as the squad went into Konoha Hinata was sorounded by ANBU to say that Naruto was a little irked was the understatenent of the centuary. Naruto just gave the ANBU the kumuri stare of death that anyone in the right frame of mind would about face and run away and back to their mothers. Of course the ANBU did not do this and payed the price for disrespecting Hinata.

The mission was over and Naruto's team kept on progressing up and up till the four of them were kumuri elite Naruto and Hinata got engaged years later after the rebuilding of Konoha.

Today is Naruto's and Hinata's weding day

Naruto spared no expence for this to be the greatest day of the two young ones lives. Their was an old wives tale that it was unlucky for a groom to see his wife before Naruto was nervous as well as Hinata as the music started to play the song was the usual wedding song. Naruto saw his young bride and his eyes opened to see how beautiful she was on her wedding day to bad her father had to abuse her and got himself killed for it. The kumurikage signaled to Naruto that he wanted to speek with him after the cermony was over. Thing got on without a hitch and the two got hitched together.

Naruto went over to the elderly kumurikage and saw what he wanted. The kage had a smile on his face and he droped a bombshell on Naruto "Naruto I want you to carry on for me as kumurikage."

Naruto's eyes widded to the size of sausers and knew and knew what he must do. He remebered after all of thoes years ago how much he had been abused by the villagers he will pesonally bring the leaves to their knees for what they did all thoes years ago. The kumurikage saw the look on Naruto's face and gave him his nod of approval. by the time of Naruto's and Hinata's wedding the hidden leaf village had redused to the size of a small village with barly a shinobi population.

The final song of the wedding was "My soul cries out" by Roy Conney GIA Pub Hinata had wondered where the upbeat song came from it sounded like something the producers of Final Fanticy would make for a song on there games.

Naruto carried his new wife home and thet put a baby in the oven.

The invasion of the leaves was a very susessfull one at that almost all of the civilians and nins went over to the smoke's side and the hidden village of the leaves sised existing.

Naruto was the sixth kumurikage but the greatest one there ever was as I look back at my predessor he was the best their ever was.