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J.D.'s POV

A couple of weeks have passed since my realization that I am still in love with Elliot. Unfortunately Keith has decided to move on from constantly calling her Pig Whore to constantly telling her that he still loves her. Elliot has decided to ignore him, after a couple of repeats of what happened that night she just couldn't face telling him she didn't love him and never wanted to get back together with him any more. I'm currently using just about any excuse to be around Elliot so just for a moment I can pretend that I could tell her everything and not risk completely screwing up our friendship.

Turk: Hey V-Bear wanna come out drinking with me tonight, Carla has a late shift.

J.D.: Sure S.C.B. that'd be great.

Turk: Oh good I thought you might be hanging out with Elliot.

J.D.: What was that supposed to mean?

Turk: It just seems you never have time for me, you're always with Elliot.

J.D.: So? You're always with Carla.

Turk: Yeah but that's different, Carla's my wife. I have to hang out with her loads.

J.D.'s thoughts: God, I wish Elliot was my wife.

J.D.: Well Elliot's my friend.

Turk: Dude! I'm your best friend, your Chocolate Bear. We've known each other since college.

J.D.: Well I'm hanging out with you tonight, look, Elliot's just been having a rough time lately. I promise I'll hang out with you more after, its just Elliot needs me right now.

Turk: So, you'll definitely come out tonight? No skipping it when Elliot asks you somewhere?

J.D.: I promise

Turk: Awesome, see you later V-Bear

J.D.: Later dude.

Why do I get the feeling I am going to regret that later? See it's not just that Elliot needs me right now. Even though Turk's my best friend I always want to hang out with Elliot more at the moment. I would tell him why, if he knew I liked her again he'd let it go. But I won't tell him, if Elliot finds out that I love her I'm screwed. But god I love her.

Elliot: J.D. I've got a night off tonight, we could rent Gilmore Girls on DVD and stay up all night watching it.

J.D.'s thoughts: Crap, I knew I'd regret promising to go out with Turk tonight.

J.D.: Oh, um, I'd love to but I promised Turk I'd go out with him tonight.

Elliot: Oh, okay so I'll see you tomorrow then.

J.D.: Yeah, sorry.

Elliot's POV

Why am I so upset about that? J.D.'s just my friend and he's been hanging out with me loads recently. Even though Turk's getting pretty pissed off about it.

Keith: I love you.

Elliot: Bye Keith, see you tomorrow.


(At the bar)

Turk: So did Elliot invite you out?
J.D.: No.

Turk: Really?

J.D.: Yes, she didn't invite me out.

Turk: Over to her place then?

J.D.: That she did.

Turk: God. Why are two spending so much time together?
J.D.: I told you earlier man, she's having a tough time at the moment. Besides, I'm out with you now aren't I?

Turk: I suppose that counts for something.

(Keith walks in with another resident.)

Keith: I can't believe Elliot is just ignoring me. She doesn't even really react to me anymore.

Resident: Dude, stop talking about Elliot. She doesn't love you anymore. Just get over it.

Keith: I can't. I love her. I just feel mad at her for putting me through all of this.

(Back to Turk and J.D.)

Turk: J.D., stop staring at Keith.

J.D.: Sorry just listening to him talk about Elliot.

Turk: Well don't, he'll get over her eventually. Don't eavesdrop just because he's talking about her.

(J.D. and Turk stay talking at the bar, you can see Keith getting more and more drunk in the background)

Keith: I'm leaving. God I'm so pissed at Elliot. Stupid woman.

(J.D. hears this)

J.D.: I should go.

Turk: Why?

J.D.: Didn't you hear that? Keith is very drunk and just said he was pissed at Elliot, I'm going to go and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.

Turk: Stop worrying J.D., he won't.

J.D.: Look, I really have to go and make sure Elliot is ok.

Turk: At least wait a bit I just ordered a couple of drinks.

J.D.: Appletinis?

Turk: One for you yes.

J.D.: OK but I'm going as soon as I've finished that.

Turk: Fine.

Elliot's POV

It's been a lonely evening. I really wish J.D. wasn't going out with Turk. I know Turk's his best friend but I still want him to hang out with me. Gilmore Girls without J.D. just isn't the same.

(You hear a knock at the door. Elliot goes and opens it. There is a very drunk Keith standing there.)

Elliot: Keith, are you drunk?

Keith: A little.

Elliot: You should go home. I'll drive you.

Keith: No. I'm so mad at you right now. You have completely screwed up my life but I still love you.

Elliot: I'm sorry Keith, I didn't mean to mess up your life. I just didn't want to marry you.

Keith: But you did mess my life up. You might not have meant to but you have. You can move on and be happy but I can't.

(Elliot starts to back away clearly scared as Keith gets closer to her.)

Elliot: Keith, go home, you're clearly very drunk.

Keith: Why should I take orders from you? My life is a fucking mess because of you. I used to love you, but right now I just think you're a fucking bitch.

(Elliot starts to cry and has now backed herself into a corner, Keith is getting closer holding an empty beer bottle, looking like he's about to hit her.)

J.D.'s POV

I managed to get away from Turk, even though he was pissed that I left to go and see Elliot. I don't care though, I'm worried that Keith is going to do something stupid. I can't let Elliot get hurt. As I sprint up to stairs to her apartment I can see scenes of a knocked out Elliot lying on the floor with a drunk and very angry Keith continuously kicking her. As I reach her door I can hear yelling and Elliot trying to calm someone down. Dammit, Keith is going to do something really stupid. I try the door, luckily it isn't locked. As I walk in I see Keith yelling and holding raised beer bottle about to hit Elliot, who is backed in the corner crying and trying to get him to stop. Instinct takes over, and I sprint across the room and yell at Keith. The moment he turns I punch him. I must have hit a good spot, or maybe he was already about two seconds away from fainting, because the moment my fist came into contact with his head his knees crumpled underneath him and he fell, unconscious, to the floor.

J.D.: Are you ok?

Elliot: Thanks to you, yes.

J.D. walks over and hugs Elliot who immediately hugs him back and begins to cry into his shoulder.

Elliot's POV

As I stood there, J.D. hugging me I had a million thoughts running through my head. Thank god J.D. had come, but how had he known? It reminded me of a patient four years ago.


Elliot: Ummm... Mrs. Bell, uh--

Mrs. Bell: How'd I end up with him?

Elliot: Yes.

She sits on the edge of the woman's bed.

Elliot: See, I've got this boyfriend, except he's all the way in New Zealand and...well...how did you know that Mr. Bell was the right guy for you?

Mrs. Bell: Kurt was the one that was always there for me. And at the end of the day, that's who you want -- the guy who shows up when you need him, without having to ask.

(End of Flashback)

J.D. was a clown for me then. But he's always there, especially recently. Then everything made sense. The disappointment that J.D. was hanging out with Turk instead of me tonight, how much J.D. had been there for me. He was the right guy for me.

(Elliot looks up at J.D. and they stay looking into each other's eyes for a moment and then at the same time as each other lean in to kiss)


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