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--Toph's POV—

I woke up in a bad mood. Sokka and the drunk next to him had somehow persuaded me to try some cactus juice last night after he finished his meat, and it was making me feel terrible.

I smashed the door to my earth tent open and glared at Sokka, who was still snoring loudly on the ground.

I thought for a moment about whether it was polite to launch your boyfriend 50 feet into the air to wake him up, but I decided it didn't matter. I would do it anyway.

I slammed my foot into the ground, causing a pillar of rock to erupt under Sokka's sleeping form, sending him flying.

"Aaah!" he screamed as he woke up to find himself flying, but without Appa to keep him up.

He landed on his back and leapt up, only to fall over again rubbing his head. "I don't feel good," he groaned, curling up and trying to go to sleep again on the dirt.

"There's food," I said loudly, but he just clutched his head tighter and mumbled something incomprehensible.

Suddenly I felt someone stirring across the camp, and I heard Katara's voice.

"Is it time to get up already?" she asked, looking up at the still dark sky.

"Yes," I said irritably. My head was throbbing even worse now from trying to get Sokka to wake up and it put me in an even worse mood.

She sighed, and then I felt her shaking Aang, who was lying next to her. "Aang, wake up," she whispered.

He sat up, rubbing his eyes and yawning as Katara started a fire and opened the food packs, looking for something to make for breakfast.

--Katara's POV—

As I started making breakfast, Aang got up and sat by the fire, still rubbing his eyes.

Toph came and sat down too, but Sokka stayed on the ground, attempting to stay asleep.

"Sokka," I said, walking over to him and waving some food under his nose. "Get up or all of the food will be gone,"

He sat up slowly. "Fine, I'll get up," he said as he stumbled over to the fire and collapsed on the ground next to Toph. Then he rubbed his head and grumbled "My head hurts,"

I glared at him."It's your fault you shouldn't have had cactus juice AGAIN, especially after you knew what it did to you. You should have seen yourself last night,"


I was talking to Aang about the time he had spent with Monk Gyatso, when I heard Sokka and Toph returning from the village. I got up to ask them what had taken so long, when they came staggering into the camp, holding each other up and laughing about the shape of the clouds.

"What happened," I asked, wondering if they had been drugged or poisoned by somebody.

They both almost fell over laughing. Sokka looked up and staggered over to Appa with his eyes wide. "I never knew Appa was so pretty," he said drunkenly. "He's like a big cloud,"

Sokka tried to hug Appa, but missed by several yards and fell on the ground, where Toph tripped over him.

They sat there singing an ode to cactus juice and cracking up at everything until I got Aang to help me drag them off to their respective sleeping places.

--End Flashback--

"Did you even find out where Zuko went?" I asked.

"Of course I did," Sokka grumbled. "He passed through the town yesterday, so were not far behind him. We should catch up soon,"

"Well, at least you did something useful" I said as I handed out the food, but he was too busy stuffing his face to reply.

--Zuko's POV--

I tried to keep my balloon out of sight as I neared the Fire nation Palace. If the guards found me, I was dead, but I didn't think they would.

I had planned the whole thing out, and I was almost sure it wouldn't fail. I could sneak in and escape without too much trouble, hopefully with someone else.

I grinned as I thought of the Avatar. I was fairly sure the false trail I had left would fool them long enough for me to finish this. Then I would go back and see if they still needed me to teach firebending.

The Avatar was the last hope to destroy the fire nation, and if firebending helped him, then I had to teach him. But I couldn't until I had done this.

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