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AN: I recommend listening to "Fly me to the moon" by Frank Sinatra, if you haven't done so already.

"Fly me to the moon…"

Iruka slowly looked up from his grading, "…what…?"

"And let me play, among the stars," the jounin closed the distance between them, and settled behind Iruka. The chunin, confused as ever, "Let me see what spring is like on, Jupiter and Mars," he wrapped his arms around the chunin's waist, resting his chin on his lover's shoulder, "In other words…hold my hand…" Iruka turned his head in his direction, "In other words…"

"…darling, kiss me…" Iruka finished for him, a smile on his lips.

The jounin happily complied.

"Fill my heart with song, and let me sing for ever more…" the chunin continued, leaning back against his lover, "You are all I long for...all I worship and adore," a light blush crept up into his cheeks as he continued, "In other words, please be true. In other words…"

"I love you."