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Chapter 8

"What?" Sarah asked in shock. Shaking her head she continued in a firm tone. "No, definitely not."

"Sarah," Chuck wheedled. He hadn't really tried wheedling in a while but he was fairly confident it was what he was doing right this instant.

"No Chuck, you cannot go 'off world'," Sarah said firmly, crossing to stand in front of the dresser in her VIP quarters. "And I hate to admit it but I think you're starting to lose your grip on reality if you honestly thought I would allow it."

"What am I? Six?" Chuck snorted. "Seriously Sarah, it's safe. It's just as safe as camping back home. And come on, we could both use a trip to stretch our legs. I haven't seen the sun in three weeks!"

"We never went camping," Sarah stated matter-of-factly. "And Cam and Daniel took us for dinner three days ago!"

"Right," Chuck corrected his argument. "But if we thought of doing it, ummm camping I mean, we could have. Besides, seriously, how much trouble can I get in?"

Sarah opened her mouth to respond and then slowly closed it again, looking at Chuck like he'd grown an extra head. How much trouble could he get in? Was he seriously asking her that question?

"Yes, I'm seriously asking you that Sarah. It's a research post on a peaceful planet. Daniel says they've been there for years, and they've never had an incident. Besides, there will be two gate teams assigned as protection, as well as the security team already in place. That's an awful lot of guns Sarah," Chuck said in a rush. After a heartbeat he lowered his tone into something softer, more personal and continued. "Besides, I'll have you there to back me up Sarah. You've always got my back and nothing bad happens when you're there."

Sarah tried to hold back the snort, she really did. If there was one thing the CIA had taught her it was that a lady did not snort, unless snorting was a way to get the mark to do what you wanted. She failed quite spectacularly though. "Bad things always happen around you Chuck, it doesn't matter who is with you. With our luck we'll run into the Intergalactic branch of Fulcrum."

Chuck could feel Sarah's resolve weakening, and he knew that it was almost the perfect time to turn on the puppy dog eyes. She was never able to resist when he turned the hounds loose. As he felt the muscles around his eyes loosening so that he could hit her with both barrels he saw her shoulders tense up.

"Don't even try it Chuck. I'm not going to let you manipulate me into letting you get yourself killed on some other planet, puppy dog eyes or no. You've got another thing coming, buster, if you think I'm going to explain to Ellie how I let her idiotic brother die on some backwater planet with a research outpost just because wanted to stretch his legs. No sir, not this time."


"Alright campers," Cam walked into the Gateroom with a big grin on his face and P90 cradled in his arms. "This is what I'm talking about!"

Chuck adjusted the rucksack he was wearing with a big smile. He couldn't believe he'd talked Sarah into going to bat with the Generals to allow them on this trip. And now he was going to be going off world. To another honest-to-god planet. Try as he might, Chuck was unable to stop from shifting his feet, he was so excited. "This is so awesome," he whispered to Sarah as she stood beside him doing her best Casey impersonation. "You're going to love it Sarah, I just know it!"

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this," Sarah muttered. "There has got to be something seriously wrong with me. Casey's going to kill me when he finds out."

Before Chuck could respond Daniel sauntered into the Gateroom followed by Teal'c and Vala. "Sorry I'm late...had to stop at the armoury and grab this," Daniel said as he extended an oddly shaped holster to Chuck.

"What?" Sarah said when she saw what was happening. Reaching out she took the holster from Daniel before Chuck could. "No way. No guns for him."

"Gee, thanks John," Chuck said sarcastically.

"Chuck, you know what you're like around guns," Sarah sighed, ignoring his jab about her attitude.

The PA system keyed and General Landry said "Sorry Agent Walker, it's SOP. All personnel through the Gate go armed."

"It's the rules," Cam said with a shrug when Sarah looked at him. "It's only a Zat anyway."

Looking at Chuck closely for a moment, Sarah handed over the holster with a sigh. "You wear it, you don't touch it," she admonished Chuck as he hastily snapped the modular holster on.

"Yes, ma'am," Chuck said cheekily.

"Remember Chuck, one shot stuns, two shots kills," Daniel said as he took his place next to the younger man.

"And three shots vaporizes," Cam tossed out with a smirk.

Before Sarah could respond the Gate began to slowly spin, building up speed as it turned.

"Chevron 1 locked," Walter Harriman's voice said over the PA.

Chuck watched the Gate spin in rapt fascination. He'd seen the Gate dialled a fair number of times in his three weeks at the SGC, but being in the Gateroom while it was happening was a whole new ball of wax. Dimly in the background he heard the PA system announce each time a Chevron was locked, and then suddenly the wormhole formed and the backsplash lashed out with a resounding 'ka-woosh'.

"Whoa!" Chuck gasped. "That's...awesome."

"Careful Chuck," Sarah said with a chuckle. "You're starting to sound like Devon."

"But Sarah, that is so....awesome!"

"I admit Chuck, yes that is pretty awesome," Sarah conceded.

Before Chuck could reiterate how awesome the Gate was, the PA triggered again. "SG-1, SG-3, you have a go. Doctor Lee reports sunny weather and no winds."

"Alright kids, let's get this party on the go," Cam said as he strode purposefully up the ramp leading to the Gate. "SG-3, you go through first, we'll take our guests through."

Chuck watched as the Marines that made up SG-3 strode up the ramp and walked into the glowing puddle that was suspended within the Gate. "Wow."

"Yeah," Daniel said as he nudged Chuck towards the ramp. "I know exactly how you feel."

"Does it hurt?" Chuck asked, suddenly worried. "I mean, it breaks us down into atomic particles and then transmits us light years to another Gate, right? That sounds like it would hurt."

"Chuck," Sarah said softly, stepping up beside him.


"You've got nothing to freak out about, I'm right here," Sarah said softly.

Nodding resolutely, Chuck took the last couple steps towards the event horizon and stopped. Reaching out he hesitantly pushed a hand through the glowing disc. After a moment his face lit up in a radiant smile and he looked over his shoulder at Sarah. "This is so cool! It doesn't hurt."

Before Sarah could respond Chuck threw himself into the event horizon with a joyous yell of "Awesome!"