Losing Innocence….Tigerlily1221

Summary: An Admiral's murdered daughter brings back not only a case file from Tony's past in Baltimore but a serial killer as well. first chapter is a prologue

Chapter 1 is more of a prologue which tells about the victim but from then on it's about the team and the reason this murder is so special.

Disclaimer: This is all just a figment of my imagination…too bad.

Chapter 1-Not Up to Expectations

Pulsating, brain-numbing music echoed from the speakers. It was pounding and vibrating, each note was shockingly loud. Almost overpowering her thoughts, so all she wanted to do was move. It was so loud that it felt like she could become one of the lead guitarist's notes. Almost as if she should grab her own Les Paul upstairs and join them.

The music was coming from speakers attached to the fences around the Marcello family home. This one was an older song, something to make the older people happy and the teens cringe as their parents and relatives tried to get "down and dirty".

It was going to be a fun. Drinks were being sneaked from the two large and filled coolers by the western end of her fence while the picky more spoiled others went to the cabana by her large pool, where a bartender was situated. He just happened to "look away", whenever her underage friends wanted a taste.

It was a cool, clear summer night in D.C. The night was breezy but the humidity from the morning still lingered in the air. It frizzed up her carefully made curls and stuck the silky fabric to the back of her legs.

The party had been planned for months. It was a graduation/ birthday party for Ms. Christina Little. Christina Little was turning eighteen and entering her college years. Her parents were hosting a party for her and it was the one day she was looking forward to all through senior year.

"Oh crap," she muttered drawing the attention from her two friends.

"What's the matter Chris?" her cousin and friend Angela asked. She sipped noisily on her margarita and giggled loudly at the noise. Being only twenty, she wasn't legally allowed to drink, but still she bended the law getting drunk way to many times than she should have.

"I spilled cake on my dress. I'll be right back." She said standing up and using a napkin to wipe away the setting stain.

"oh just leave it. Have fun and go dance with me!" Angela exclaimed sipping the drink again, though this time her movements were slow and she seemed to be having trouble focusing.

"No, if I don't do this now the dress will be ruined," she muttered, gesturing to the red sauce stain on the lush sage material.

"Fine, I'll go talk to Sophie. Maybe Frank got boring." Angela rolled her eyes and stood up slowly. She swayed.

"Sweetie, maybe you should stay here with Kay," Christina said putting her arms on Angela's and forcing her to sit back down. She turned to Kaylee Sanchez. "Don't bother telling my parents and watch Ang please"

"Sure girlie though I don't think your mum's going to notice. I think she and your father have already have too much." Kaylee said winking and pointing to Christina's parents who were stumbling through the moves of the Macarena.

Feeling a blush emerging on her face, she pushed through the crowd. She rolled her eyes and mumbled an apology as she bumped into another teen couple that was making out in the bushes near her back door.

Her house was so congested. All of the bunches of people who wanted to have a safe haven from the summer heat and the mosquitoes had taken to staying in her den and kitchen. It was also there that her parents had rented out a second bartender to mix exotic drinks.

Slipping around the corner, with half a wine glass full of strawberry daiquiri, she entered the bathroom she shared with her sister willing with her mind that people would take the closed door as a sign that they couldn't go into it. She didn't want a reminder of last months fun. Only one drunk encounter was all she needed before college life officially began.

Patting her dress clean she discreetly left the bathroom, through the open window. She climbed down the ivy terrace, a very difficult task in her two-inch heels, and left for the quiet of her favorite maple tree near the mailbox.

She felt like she was caught in between. She wanted the party but she didn't. She would give anything just to be in her quiet bedroom and not have all of her friends and very loud and incredibly nosy Italian relatives surrounding and watching her every move.

But then another part of her just wanted to go dance with them. No, she counseled herself. He said he would be here any moment.

Sometimes she hated her studious, responsible nature. She wanted to be wild and outrageous just for once.

Having a secret boyfriend was that excitement. It made her feel rebellious and risky. The thrill of meeting her secret lover once a week filled her with an incredible amount of fire. No matter what perfect studious image she put in front of her parents, deep inside she wanted to be like some of the other girls in her school. She just wanted to be accepted.

To most people she was a lovely good girl. Now as she turned eighteen and had to spend all of those years as that persona she was sick of it. She wanted to be rebellious. She still wanted to be a pediatrician but first she wanted to have fun.

He was perfect for fun.

Reaching the mailbox, she put her head in her hands as she slid down to sit on the curb.

Sometimes she wondered what would happen if she could just have a normal life, if her father wasn't such a known figure. What if he was just a normal businessman like her Sophie's father was? Her life would be so much more simpler. What would happen if she could do whatever she wanted and not have to worry?

She didn't want to think such horrible thoughts about her father but in the quiet, serene darkness, her pesky feelings escaped.

Her father was overprotective. He spent way too much time hanging over her shoulder. It was wonderful to have him home, but he seemed to still feel that she was still a young naïve nine year old and she needed protecting. Maybe it was just his paternal instinct knowing that she was at a tender age where many young women were hurt. He demanded to know every part of her life and who her current boyfriend was.

Sometimes she wondered what would happen if she could just have a normal life, if her father wasn't such a known figure. What if he was just a normal businessman like her Sophie's father was? Her life would be so much more simpler. What would happen if she could do whatever she wanted and not have to worry?

"Hey!" a voice nearly made her jump four feet in the air. She spun around to see the person. In the dim light from the party she could see the outline of one of her male best friends.

"Oh lord! At least give me some warning the next time you decide to sneak up behind me." She whispered leaning into the man's chest.

"Well than what's the point in sneaking up behind you?" he whispered back gently pressing her into a kiss. They stepped underneath a blossoming cherry tree for more privacy and deepened their kiss. As she kissed and pushed into his chest wanting more, he withdrew a small handgun from his pocket.

He reached behind her back and still holding the gun, placed the butt in the middle of her back.

She froze as the gun dug into her vertebrae and bony frame. She whimpered as she caught sight of the man she had come to trust with a grotesque smile on his face.

He turned back to her and with hand on the gun he handed her thick rope. Motioning for her to tie it around her ankles, she knelt down to her feet and wrapped them around her ankles.

The man knelt down and gently caressed her cheek, with tenderness that she never thought was possible, and also tied her hands together. Revealing a small roll of duct tape from a sports bag next to him, he gently shushed her whimpering and placed the two-inch thick tape around her mouth.

Tears rolling down her pale cheeks, she allowed the man to unzip her dress. He tugged the dress of her small frame. Leaving her only in her bra and underwear, he too undressed. She closed her eyes, wishing that she could be elsewhere.

In almost an instant, he had leapt on top of her and began to violate her.

In a few minutes they were finished, leaving him panting for breath and feeling nearly euphoric and her whimpering in pain and curled tightly into a ball.

He was filled with anger in an instant. All of the women, especially his ex-wife, that he had had sex with had wanted more, had an unquenchable thirst for more that sometimes he couldn't give. Now the night that he had taken something extra to help his situation the little bitch didn't want anymore. He should have chosen a different girl, someone who was older, more experienced.

Staring at her in disgust, he forced himself to think about the true reason he was there. He was supposed to be delivering a message.

He knelt down near her trembling body and turned her over sitting on her upper thighs and lower abdomen to keep her facing up. He redressed her and he pulled out his previously discarded 9mm gun and put the gun to her chest.

He leaned against her and dug through the bag for an item, not worried about her attacking him. A smile tugging at the corner of his lips he fitted the homemade silencer to the gun.

She whimpered again and closed her eyes shut murmuring something. He cocked his head and watched as she continued mumbling. He glanced at her hands and saw that they were clasped as you would to pray.

He rolled his eyes, oh great just his luck. He had found a Catholic…she was probably condemning him to forever live with Satan. This new act deserved something special.

Grinning at the thought to do something else, he pulled the trigger, letting the bullet fly through the air quietly. It struck her body with a thump. Her body jerked back and it hit the thick tree trunk leaving a large burgundy smear on the bark.

She gasped for breath, luckily he had hit a lung, maybe about two inches diagonal to her heart. She gurgled as her thick blood pushed through her throat.

Thick streams of blood combined with her tears as he leaned over and thrust a knife into her abdomen. The thick stream traveled from the wounds to the ground around her body in seconds.

Taking a second knife he carved deep into the body, carefully listening for the telltale signs of someone taking note of Christina's disappearance.

Cutting and slicing her poor white colored flesh until her body was limp with blood loss. The man smiled wickedly, his eyes glowing with pride of his killing and watching the life drain from Christina Little's pretty face.

He then reached into his now filthy sports bag and pulled out a pair of gloves and a bottle of bleach. Expertly he cleaned the scene, being careful not to leave any footprints or other marks to identify him.

Grinning in pure delight he gunned the engine of his car and drove to his newly rented apartment. He was so excited that he could barely restrain himself to driving within the speed limit.

He was glad that he had killed that girl. If he didn't do it for the thrill of the kill than he did it for the enjoyment of watching Detective Anthony DiNozzo's face when he saw his artwork.

I feel incredibly stupid for starting another long story when I already have one in the making but I needed to get it out really badly. I hope you'll agree. Reviews are really appreciated; I enjoy constructive criticism because I want to become a better writer. Thanks for the support!

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