Diary of a Stalker-Chapter 1 (Nail Polish)

'Hmmmm I think I need to kill someone….and get some nail polish, maybe crimson? Yes, to blend in with the blood….'

He gently pushed his bangs out of his face and smiled maniacally, "Kisame, we're going."

"Hn? I just ate, where do you want to do all of a sudden?"

His wind-blown hair covered his face, his red eyes blazed, "Kisame, what did I say about questioning me?"

"I-I didn't mean it, uhh, let's go." He shoved the remainder of his sandwich down his throat, his razor sharp teeth shredding it before it hit his tongue.

They slipped into the shadows, unseen by an untrained eye.

They arrived near a village, keeping to the outskirts of town, Kisame halted when his partner stopped in front of the store.


Itachi did not answer and went in the store, he came back out, minutes later, with a bag in his hand.

Kisame looked curious, "…?"

Itachi pulled out his treasures and smiled eerily, "hehe, I love this color!"