One Year Later…

Ziva sat at the picnic table in their backyard watching her family. Chloe and Chaim were chasing Dexter, who had a ball in his mouth, around the yard. Tyler was at the grill helping Tony cook and Kelly was in her stroller next to Ziva. Behind her on the other side of the table Jenny and Abby sat holding their babies while Gibbs and McGee were out making a quick run to the grocery store. Jenny had had a baby boy whom she and Gibbs had named Antonio Bryan. He was the cutest little thing; he had Gibbs's face but his hair and his eyes were Jenny's. Abby had had a baby girl whom she and McGee had named Aimee Rose. Aimee had been born with jet black curly hair and piercing blue eyes.

Ziva smiled as she rocked the stroller with her foot, keeping Kelly pacified. She loved her family…

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