(A/N)- Anyone who knows me will already know that I'm rather fond of the idea of Honorary Titans Hot Spot and Argent together as a couple. Why? I dunno. Something about them just appeals to me. They're fun to play off each other and I kinda like the whole half-aliens, friends into lovers kind of angle I can write with them. Anyway, this is the dumping ground for the various cute little drabbles and scenarios I come up with for them. Enjoy!

Oh and just for further reference, most of these take place after Season Five, so the Titans are all split up into teams across the globe. Hot Spot and Argent are both in Titans Oceanic, which, according to the stories I write, is based on the north island of New Zealand and also has Jericho, Herald, and Wildebeest on the team.

Disclaimer: You know what I'm gonna say so why even bothing saying it?

Pet Names

Argent felt like smacking him.

Okay, so it wasn't like she'd never had a nickname before. Her mum had been fond of calling her "Sugarbean" when she was younger. One of her old boyfriends called her "'tonia" or sometimes "princess". Heck, she'd gone by Toni most of her life, instead of the infinitely more embarrassing "Antonia".

So she really had no reason to be upset.

Argent massaged her temple with an exasperated sigh.

For some time now, Hot Spot had been taken to calling her "'gent." Not Argent, not her real name Toni, just 'gent. And for some odd reason, it annoyed the ever-loving bejeezers out of her.

She hadn't said anything at first, and that was probably what made it stick. And now, even when she did say something about it, he always forgot and went right back to calling her 'gent. Which annoyed her even more than the actual nickname.

So five minutes later when Hot Spot suffered from short-term memory loss and addressed her with that accursed nickname, she lost it.

"Stop calling me that!" she snapped irritably.

He turned towards her in surprise, as though he had no idea what she was talking about.

"Calling you what?"


"Oh." He blinked and if he'd been powered down his eyebrows would be scrunching up right now. "What's wrong with it?" he asked.

Argent felt a bit of heat in her cheeks as she turned away from him, crossing her arms. "Makes me sound like a boy." she mumbled.

"It does not!" Hot Spot protested.

"It does so!" came Argent's rather juvenile retort, as she swung back around to face him.

"Okay, how does it make you sound like a boy?" Hot Spot challenged, crossing his own arms.

"It's short for gentleman."

Hot Spot looked at her skeptically.

"Oh come on! Don't tell me you've never 'eard anyone address a group of men as 'gents'!"

"Actually I haven't."

Argent narrowed her eyes. "I don't believe you."

Hot Spot dropped his arms to his sides and clenched his fists defensively. The heat radiating off him increased in intensity and small tongues of fire emanated from the back of his head. "Well it's true. And anyway, why should it matter? Why should you care about a stupid nickname?"

In a huff he stormed off, leaving a trail of steam behind him as he went.

Honestly, how could he be so dense?

"Maybe because I have t' listen to you call me by it." Argent muttered.


Needless to say, the argument did nothing to dissuade the hot-blooded pyro from continuing to call his silver-skinned companion by the same annoying nickname. Argent was now beginning to wonder if he was doing it on purpose just to irritate her. Somewhere in the back of her head she had a nagging suspicion that he liked making her angry. So for a few days whenever he used his "pet name" for her, she ignored it and pretended it didn't upset her at all. Remaining cool and aloof would do the trick, she thought.

"Hey 'gent."

Or not.

Argent simmered as she brushed past Hot Spot on her way to the main room. This was becoming almost unbearable. She'd have to bring in reinforcements on this one.


She turned around and watched Hot Spot's receding back. She could try fighting fire with fire.

A grin spread across her face.

Oh, this was going to be fun…


A few days later, as the Titans Oceanic sat around the dinner table, Argent spotted the perfect opportunity and seized it with enthusiasm.

"Pass the salt, 'gent."

"Sure thing Spotty."

Herald almost choked on his food as he dissolved into a fit of laughter. Wildebeest made several deep-throated noises that sounded like laughter and even Jericho covered his mouth in silent giggles.

Hot Spot was not amused.

"What was that?" he asked irritably.

Argent gave her teammate a smug grin. "You 'eard me. Spotty."

"And since when did you decide to call me that?"

The silver-skinned girl nonchalantly flicked her fork in a casual gesture. "Well, since you refuse to call me by my full name and insist upon referring to me with an embarrassing moniker I thought it only fair that I should 'ave a nickname for you as well."

"And I suppose you're going to keep calling me Spotty as long as I call you 'gent." the pyro guessed, glaring at her.

"Yup!" Argent chirped brightly.

The other three boys snickered, waiting for Hot Spot's reaction. It didn't come until a few minutes later after everyone had gone back to their dinner.

"Could you pass me the butter, 'ge--Argent." Hot Spot quickly caught and corrected himself.

It was a genuine smile of satisfaction that she gave him this time as she held out the plate for him to take.

"Sure Hot Spot."