My b-day is on 2/08 so here is my early gift to myself lol... I hope you enjoy it. I guess this is a short preview of what is to come. Soon my 3 open stories will be done and I have an ItachixNaruto NarutoxItachi story in mind (one that I owe to a reviewer). This can be a little warm up...anywhoo enjoy it!

Late at night I watch you. Late, when you're away. Away in a world where you are loved. Away in a dimension of kindness and warmth. I look through those open windows that are your lided eyes. They moved quickly under the thin blanket of skin. They hide the thoughts that I can clearly see. Your chest rises slowly and the blue gem that sits on your collar bone catches the light of the moon. I see that sparkle and think of your eyes. Those full blue eyes that dance with wonder and hope. How did I ever end up with you? How did my dead heart beat to life once more? How did you change the purpose of my life? I left everything for you. Late nights make it worth it. Late nights make my mask go away. I smile in the dark, knowing nobody is there to see. I actually feel a slight relief just by catching a glipse of your fleeting smile. Late nights.

Early mornings. I see you from behind sleep clouded eyes. So early and already you are smiling. My heart tugs the edges of my lips and I smile back. My slow adjusting eyes can perfectly make out your golden hair even against the bright orange sun. I enjoy the breeze that softly lifts the light covers. The cool air that makes you tremble. The sharp intake of air as your naked back is hit with a mind devouring cold. I love the mornings. I love the smell of your unbrushed hair. I like it even better when you wake and watch me sleep. I can feel the warmth of your eyes on me. I don't deserve you. You've brought me back to life. In all of my crimes I've managed to stay unmoved. This cold hearted killer is brought to tears at the sound of your small whimpers as you adjust yourself beneath me. Even on those cold mornings. On those cold and white dead mornings, mornings just like my heart, you melt and dissolve the stillness of it all.

I can live forever on these late nights and early mornings, if you say you'll always be by my side.

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