A Poison That Leaves No Trace

A Poison That Leaves No Trace

Chapter One:

Just a Dream

Disclaimer: All things Twilight are Stephenie Meyer's. I just added some characters and messed with the storyline.

Piercing black eyes stared back at her from the forest shadows, making the girl stumble back into a large, wide tree. The creature before her let out a low, terrifying growl that seemed to echo through the forest and began to slowly inch forward. She pressed back against the tree, willing her body to merge into the cool bark and squeezed her eyes shut tight. Suddenly, the forest seemed oddly silent – perhaps too silent? Daring to open one eye into a slit, her jaw dropped open into a silent scream. The so-called monster stood just inches away, close enough for her to brush that chunk of hair out of it's mesmerizing yet terrifying black eyes…at that moment, she realized that 'it' was in fact a 'he' and that 'he' kept coming closer and closer. She expected a rush of fear to overcome her when he stood near enough that she could feel his breath on her skin, but felt only calm.

Then, as his warm, sweet breath tickled her face and his ice cold fingers swept her long ebony hair away from her neck, both of her eyes shot open in terror and her heart jumped into her throat. It was at this point in which the girl noticed she was holding her breath, watching him with wide eyes, anticipating his next move. When he started to lift her hand, the girl gasped and watched him, a horrified expression on her face. He put his nose to the inside of her wrist and inhaled deeply, closing his eyes as he did so. He mumbled something, but it was far too fast and jumbled for her to make any sense of it.

The corners of his mouth twitched and a mischievous grin suddenly broke across his stone-like features and before she knew it, his hands were at the base of her throat, and a horrible pain filled her entire body. Her mouth opened as if ready to release a blood-curling scream, but all that came out was a tiny squeak. "Stop it!" She whispered with the breath she'd been holding, managing to force the words out of her mouth. The monster at her throat simply laughed. She put her hands against his cold, cold chest as if to push him away, but even her strongest effort couldn't budge him. Her heart began to beat faster and faster, and finally the absolute terror hit. The girl tried once again to scream at the top of her lungs and was, once again, unsuccessful. She felt the blood – literally – drain her face and her breath began to come in short, panicked gasps. Suddenly she felt strangely light headed and then her vision started to go black…

Alex's POV

"…lex! Alex, honey, wake up!" My forest green orbs snapped open to see a pair of familiar dark brown, nearly black eyes staring worriedly down at me. I jumped and covered my face as vivid images from my nightmare came rushing back to me. After a few seconds I peeked through my fingers and smiled sheepishly.

"Oh, uh, sorry, Dad." I muttered, putting a hand over my mouth to stifle a yawn. Just pretend like nothing happened. It was only a dream, that's all. Just a silly little dream.

"I heard you yelling in here. Is everything okay?"

I nodded. "Just had a bad dream. That's all." Yes, a very bad, very freaky dream. I thought, reaching up to rub the sleep from my eyes.

"Ok, well go back to bed, Alex. We have to leave really early if we're gonna get to the airport in enough time to catch the 7 am flight to Seattle." I struggled to sit up and glared at him through my long, thick eyelashes.

"Well then I will sleep until the plane is already gone." My dad, David, narrowed his eyes at me.

"Alex, we've already been over this. I'm sure you'll love Forks and it's only a couple of hours away from Seattle. If you weren't so cranky all the time, making friends would be easy for you." I just rolled my eyes and flopped back on the bed.

"Whatever, Dad." And if you weren't such an arrogant asshole, I might not hate you. I thought to myself as Dad sighed and rose to exit the nearly empty room. With a yawn, I rolled back onto my side and closed my eyes, attempting to sleep.

It seemed that the instant I fell asleep, however, a very loud, extremely annoying beeping sound suddenly filled the room that, after today, would no longer be mine. "Stupid piece of..." I grumbled, yanking a pillow out from under my head to smother the alarm with. "Die!" I smacked it off my bedside table with such force that it managed to come unplugged and flew all the way across the room, only stopping when it smacked into my closed bedroom door. Seconds later, my father barged in.

"Lexie, come on it's time to get up now." He glanced down at the alarm, back up at me, then at the alarm once more and shook his head. "I won't even bother asking about that." He said, more to himself than to me.

I sighed and sat up in bed, hugging my black cotton comforter close for warmth in the cold, air-conditioned house. "It's Alex, Dad. Alex, not Lexie."

"Get out of that bed and get dressed now, Alexandra. Your brother and I are ready and we leave in 15 minutes. If you aren't ready by then, I will drag you to the airport as you are. Won't that be embarrassing?" My emerald eyes fell as David exited the room, slamming the door behind him.

I was currently dressed in an oversized black t-shirt with a huge blue duck on the front and pajama bottoms to match. The back of my shirt read, 'Its only fun if you don't get caught.' Whatever that was supposed to mean. It wasn't the pajamas my very best friend, Crisannya, had gotten me last month for Christmas that sent me running to the bathroom, however. It was the way my shoulder-length hair stuck out in all directions, stiff from the bit of hairspray I'd used last night before leaving for Crisannya's going away party. It was the way my dark makeup had smeared all over my face, making me look like one of those creepy dead doll things.

One warm shower, a clean change of clothes and still no enthusiasm about the move later, I felt a bit better and had even managed to completely forget about my nightmare. "Note to self: never ever forget to shower after a party again." I mumbled, running a brush through my onyx tresses. "Talking to yourself again, sis? I keep telling Dad you're mental, but he just won't believe me!"

"Patrick!" I slammed my brush down on the tiled bathroom counter and turned to face that annoying brother of mine. He stood in the doorway, his arms crossed as he watched me with a smirk on his sunburned face.

"Ooh, moody today, are we, Lexie? Chill, sis. I won't tell anyone about the things you screamed in your sleep." Patrick laughed when my face flushed bright red at his mocking, making me wonder what exactly it was I'd screamed or if my moron of a brother was just making things up to embarrass me. When I raised a hand to smack him, he held up his own and gave me an apologetic glance. "Sorry, sorry, my bad. I'll leave you to your psychotic mutterings now. Freak." With that, he dashed away, laughing like a maniac.

"Retard!" I screeched after him as I rolled my eyes, and returned to brushing my hair. Wow, today was gonna be just fantastic.


The airport - packed with adults and screaming, crying children - gave me an instant headache and added to the suck-factor of my day. I stopped against a wall in the middle of a large hallway, pulled a black 3rd generation iPod out of my pocket and shoved the earbuds into my ears, cranking up Evanescencein high hopes of drowning out the annoying airport sounds. A light tap on my shoulder made me jump and I spun to face the stranger. Patrick. I glared at my brother, and paused my music. "What?" I snapped, putting a hand on my hip.

"Um, this way, sis." Patrick replied, tilting his head in the direction of our dad, David, who stood at the metal detector machines waiting patiently for his turn in the mile-long line. I rolled my eyes, brushed past Patrick, and returned to listening to my music.

I watched as Dad turned to face us as we approached when he heard Evanescence blasting from my earphones and gave me a disapproving look. I knew he could hear my music from where Patrick and I currently stood, 2 feet away. "Alex," he warned when we stopped behind him. I once again pulled an earphone out of my ear and stared at him expectantly.

"What?" I asked after only a few seconds, obviously irritated when he didn't get the hint I was waiting for him to say something.

"Don't listen to your music that loud, Alexandra. You'll ruin your hearing," As if I hadn't heard that one enough. "Both of you take off your shoes and jackets, turn that damn iPod off, Alex, and put them in the basket. Hurry it up, we don't have all day." I sighed, and reluctantly followed David's instructions, placing all three items in the dull gray plastic basket. Patrick's shoes, jacket, and iPod followed suit.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. A dark, gloomy blur for me, but a blur nonetheless. The only thing I happened to remember was looking out the dirty, fingerprinted airplane windows to say goodbye to my beloved Miami, Florida.

A/N: This is my very first try at writing a fanfic so it's kinda crappy, forgive me for that. As most of you probably noticed, I'm going back through and changing/editing a few things. First chapter is the only one I've worked on so far, but the rest will be done soon. Any and all constructive criticism would be extremely helpful… thank you!