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Releasing his cock from her hand, Sakura moved away from Kakashi, sitting back on her heels to stare at him in the moonlight. He was absolutely gorgeous, his well-toned body lay motionless on the bed just waiting for her. And he really was hers; she could touch and kiss each and every part of him just like in her dreams. She could stare at him, admiring his physique, enjoying the feeling of his muscles moving against her, listen to the sounds he made and hear him as he cried out her name. More than anything, she wanted to hear him say her name when he came. And he wanted her to be the one to do it to him.

She focused on his face, the soft smile and loving look in his eyes warmed her heart. This wonderful man, the one who'd been her teacher, her friend, the man she'd looked up to, the illustrious copy-nin, the man she'd wanted for so long actually wanted her in return. She was still a little amazed by his confession. She hadn't asked how long he'd wanted her, but she found herself wishing she'd forced herself on him sooner so they hadn't needed to go through all the jealousy earlier this evening.

She wasn't sure what would happen tomorrow or if he was interested in a long term relationship or what Tsunade and their other teammates would think of this, but she honestly didn't care. He was finally hers, hopefully for more than just tonight and, as there wasn't much to be done to prepare for the mission the next evening, they could stay in bed until late in the day. This time it wasn't going to be a quick fuck, this time they were going to make love and she intended to take as much time as possible to make this night unforgettable for either of them.

A smile crossed her face as she remembered waking up in his arms, feeling him holding her close and how she now knew she never wanted to wake up any other way. She was willing to do whatever it took to make that a reality.

Their eyes caught and held for a moment, the gentle smile on her lips returned to her on his and he couldn't pull his eyes away, not that he wanted to. She was exquisite sitting there, unembarrassed by the lack of clothing or how his eyes slid over her body, his Sharingan spinning slowly to burn her image into his mind. Her back was straight, her hands resting flat on her thighs, legs curled under her and she wasn't making any movements, just watching him, her slightly demure look a rarity.

"It's okay to touch, you know." His voice was low and held a teasing tone, the smile on his face turning into an irritating grin. "I thought you were going to finish what you started?"

"I will," she said. "I just wanted to get a look at you first. I already know what you feel like, but I really want to see you." Raising her body onto her hands and knees, she crawled up until her head was held above his, her pink hair loose and hanging like a curtain around their faces. "I want to inspect every inch of your body… Sensei." Her voice was soft, almost a purr and his mischievous grin had spread to her lips as well.

Sensei… she hadn't called him that for years now and while he knew the title should bother him and remind him that he was so very much older than she, it didn't. Just hearing the word coming from her lips sent a tingle of energy running through him. And he liked it; if it made him a dirty old man for feeling that way, well… so be it. After all, the label was accurate, wasn't it? But what he really liked is that she obviously found it a turn on as well and he certainly wasn't above role playing if he got to see her in a sexy nurse outfit at some point.

Lowering her head, she pressed soft kisses along the scar on his face, her lips brushing the tender skin, nuzzling him softly. He closed his eyes, allowing her to kiss his injured eyelid, her gentle touch radiating warmth through his skin. No one had ever made him enjoy the touch of his scar. He turned his head to try and capture her lips with his, but she pulled away.

"No you don't." she bent down to whisper in his ear. "You told me I get to finish what I started before it's your turn, so lay still and no moving, sensei." Her warm breath tickling his ear.

"When it's my turn, I get to do whatever I want to you and you have to lay still?"

"Mmmhmm…" she replied affirmatively.

"I don't suppose you brought one of your nurse's uniforms?" Kakashi asked, a large grin growing on his face.

"I'm a medic not a nurse so I don't even own a nurse's uniform." She said disdainfully, nipping at his earlobe and tugging on it gently.

"Well, if I get you one, will you wear it?" his hands moved up to wrap around her waist, trying to pull her body down against his, but she resisted, her teeth biting harder into his earlobe until he stopped. "You know, a sexy one just for me?"

"Hmmm… depends." She released his ear to whisper breathily in his ear, sending a shiver down his spine.


"If you're willing to let me give you a full physical exam." She was now kissing along his jaw line and down his neck.

"And what all does that entail?"

"Height, weight, temperature… the usual" she said, removing her mouth only long enough to speak before sealing her lips against his collarbone to suck gently on his skin. Good thing that even in civilian clothes, he preferred high necked shirts because she was going to leave marks all over his neck and chest. And maybe a bit lower, too.

"Remind me again what would I get for this?"

"Me in a sexy little nurse's uniform and afterward, you can give me an examination. I promise I'll make it the best physical you've ever had."

Dear god, her soft suggestive tone was practically a cat-like purr against his skin. Her hot little tongue licked a line down his breast bone, tracing little swirls onto his skin. Softly exhaled breaths first heated then cooled his wet flesh.

"Oh, yes, that'll be worth it." He groaned softly, happily agreeing with her condition. It wasn't as if he could deny her anything right now, especially when he imagined her in the skimpiest little nurse's uniform he would find.

His hands had slid up her body as she moved her mouth down over his chest, his hands coming to rest in her hair, petting her and stroking the silky pink strands. Her lips moved down to take one of his small brown nipples between her teeth, sucking softly to drawing a loud hiss from between his gritted teeth as his skin tightened.

At the sound, the corners of her mouth turned up softly. She loved seeing him like this. The famous copy-nin flat on his back, moaning in pleasure from her touch and completely at her mercy. Well, as completely at her mercy as any healthy shinobi could possibly be, but it was this incredible man who she'd admired for so many years, and had come to love.

Her tongue flicked gently at the small hard nub of flesh caught between her teeth and he groaned from deep in his chest. His nipples had never been a tender spot for him before, but with Sakura's perfect little mouth, he'd never been happier. When her lips left one and moved to the other, he let out another groan. It took all his willpower to prevent himself from grabbing her head and forcing her to move lower on his body.

Releasing his other nipple with a wet 'pop,' she pulled her mouth away from him, his hand falling softly to his side. Her eyes moved from his face and played over his chest, noting the wonderful reddened color of his nipples and focusing on his scars. She had felt those scars with her fingers last time, but now she was able to see them in the soft glow of moonlight. The severity and the placement of the large one she'd found in the dark surprised her that he had even survived such a major injury. He must have had a very good medic with him.

Lowering her head, she again pressed her lips to the damaged skin and alternated between kissing, licking and nipping as she followed its length. The sensitivity of the wound brought another groan from his lips, his hand coming up once again to stroke her hair lovingly and making her sigh softly at his touch.

She moved further down his body to place kisses on his well muscled stomach. She absolutely loved the sexy little line of hair that led from his navel further down to the wiry patch of silver hair directly above his straining cock.

Sakura looked down at the bead of liquid dripping from his tip and licked her lips. Just watching the tip of her tongue cross the delicate surface of her lips made his cock twitch. She had already proved she was more than proficient at pleasing a man with her mouth; earlier, it would have only taken her another minute sucking on him for him to have come. She glanced up at him, a hungry look in her eyes and he could only shake his head at how beautiful she looked.

Using a single finger she followed the path of hair down his stomach to touch the tip of his cock that bumped against his lower abdomen, leaving a mark of precome where his skin met and just the softest touch of her finger made him twitch again. As when she'd returned to his bed and first uncovered him in the moonlight, his size struck her. He was bigger than she'd thought when she held him in the dark. He wasn't unbelievably big, but he was definitely on the large size, leaving a bit of a challenge for her when she took him in her mouth. And if she'd enjoyed the feeling of him in her hand and mouth, she loved the sight of him. The rest of his body was relaxed, completely comfortable lying naked on the bed before her.

Bending her neck, she lowered her mouth to lick at his tip and the small drop of precome beaded there, pleased at his gasp and another twitch of his cock. His taste was slightly salty and a little bitter, but she didn't mind; this was Kakashi after all, and it tasted like him. Having been stopped by the sound of her name from his lips earlier, this time she was determined to get him off. Hearing him say her name earlier was something she'd only dreamed of and when he actually said it, her heart hurt so much she had to stop.

The sound of her name said with such passion almost had her in tears, she enjoyed the sound so much. She loved him so much and hearing him say her name had given her hope that he could care for her, something, that at the time, was unfathomable. That had all led to her begging him to break her heart so she could just move on. But he told her he cared for her, that he loved her and she had never heard sweeter words.

She brought her lips down to kiss the very tip of him before taking him into her mouth, her tongue gently stroking the underside of him, dipping softly into the small v-shaped indentation at the base of the head. He groaned as she slowly sucked at him, working him deeper and deeper into her mouth, her tongue never stopping, never slowing as it stroked the large vein on the underside of his cock. She loved having him in her mouth, hard and hot, his taste and smell overwhelming her senses, the sounds of his grunts and groans filling her ears.

He looked down at her, and the sight was unbelievable, one hand supporting herself over him and the other holding her hair back and away from her face. Her vibrant green eyes were shining up at him as her mouth slid up and down on his cock.

"God, you're amazing." He mumbled, his head swimming with the sensations she was causing. "So beautiful…" his hand slid down from her hair to caress her cheek. She was real; he could feel the soft skin of her face and a few loose strands of hair brushing his hips. It was no fantasy and even though he'd woken up to this, it was still just as unbelievable. All those dreams, all those fantasies; none of them ever felt this good.

His hips began to rise and thrust himself into her mouth but she stopped him, resting her weight on his legs and pinning him securely to the mattress. Releasing him from her mouth, she kissed her way down his shaft to lap gently at his balls, alternating between kissing and sucking, tasting him and running her tongue all over him. A grunt and slight tightening of his balls told her he was close. She'd hoped she'd be able to touch him longer, tease him with her tongue longer, but she must have kept him more aroused with her hand than she had thought.

"Ah, Sakura… you're so good… I'm getting close." He whispered harshly, his head tipped back and pressed into the bed. She grumbled her slight disappointment with her mouth still closed around him and the sound from her throat only adding a slight vibration to her sucking. "Oh, god, Sakura, just like that."

She sucked harder, relaxing the back of her throat to take him deeper but continuing to rub the underside with her tongue. His hands reached down to run through her hair, petting and stroking her head, face and hair and she absolutely loved it. She closed her eyes and concentrated on bringing him off. The hand she had used to hold her hair slid down between his legs to stroke his balls.

The first touch set off his release, a fire burning deep in his belly. With a tightening of muscles and a rumbling cry, she heard him call her name. His eyelids were squeezed tightly closed as he felt her throat struggle to swallow the liquid he shot off into her mouth. She swallowed rapidly, not wanting any part to drip down her chin and continued to suck everything from him until his body completely relaxed and his cock started to soften in her mouth.

She crawled up to lay face down along side him, thigh pressed against thigh and her arm draped carelessly across his stomach. His hand fumbled for hers, finally grabbing the hand on his hip and curling it toward his mouth, kissing the palm of her hand gently.

"That was unbelievable, Sakura." he whispered, his head turning so he could speak in her ear.

"Mmmm… Glad you liked it," she mumbled into the sheets. "I know I did."


"Mmmhmm…" she turned her head so she could look at his bare face, their eyes catching and holding as she spoke. "I love having you in my mouth and I want to make you feel good. It's not as if it were unpleasant; I rather like the way you taste."

With her still laying on her front, Kakashi rolled onto his side and with his hand, traced random patterns on her low back.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" He asked, bending his neck to kiss her shoulder. She smiled and the warm feelings in her low stomach surged again. He'd said that before, but she liked it and would never tire of hearing him say those words. He chose her, not the sexy and attractive woman he'd flirted with earlier; he wanted to be with her.

"Such soft skin." He said, his fingers barely touching her back. "I wondered what you would feel like, what you taste like. Some nights, that was all I could think about… you were all I could think about." His hand moved up to between her shoulders, still hardly touching her. "And I never dreamed such a sweet girl could be so forceful."

"I wasn't sure you saw me as a woman. I was so sure you only saw me as your 12 year old student."

"I knew you were no longer my student eight years ago when I saw your chakra-strengthened fist punch the ground and break everything within 100 yards just to catch that bell. At that point, I knew you'd moved beyond my training. You'd become Tsunade's student, not mine."

"So what was I to you?"

"A teammate… and a friend… and then… more." His hand reached up to tuck her hair behind her ear so he could see her face clearly. "I had the hardest time keeping you out of my mind. Especially on missions like this where it was just the two of us."

"I always liked working with you when it was just you and me. We work well together; the man who always wins despite the potential damage to his body and the woman that heals him."

"Yeah, I guess we do. You have a certain skill with genjutsu I lack. Am I really that much trouble?"

"After every one of your missions I had to hunt you down to make sure you weren't seriously injured. You've scared me sometimes."

"I never meant to, Sakura. Every time I go to the hospital I get another lecture and they try to keep me there until I've healed. All those tubes and wire… and I kinda like that you cared enough to find me and check on me."

She flushed slightly. "Out of all my boys, my teammates, you are the one that scares me the most. Naruto's practically indestructible with the Kyuubi to save him and I know he'll keep Sasuke in line. Sai will always do whatever he can on a mission without unreasonable risks to his life and the same for Yamato. But you, you don't know your limits. Or you won't admit them. Sometimes I think you are determined to get yourself killed protecting others. Not that any of the others aren't willing to give their lives for our village, but you insist on using the Mangekyo Sharingan and it only hurts you every time you do."

"I only use it when I have no other choice." He replied softly.

"Promise me you'll be more careful? I -I don't want to lose you. Especially now I finally have you all to myself.."

"Only if you promise to come and meet me after every mission I come home from, whether I'm injured or not."

"Do I get to give you a physical then too?"

"As long as you wear the nurse's uniform I'm going to find and buy the minute we get home." His mismatched eyes gleamed with the thoughts of all the fun he could have.

Sakura smiled softly. He'd said he wanted her to check him out after every mission, surely that meant this wouldn't be a one-time thing, but there was the littlest bit of doubt. "Does that mean we're… together?" she averted her eyes and was certain she was turning bright red with embarrassment. From what he'd implied, they were, but with Kakashi, it was best to get a conformation from his own lips. After all, they had quite obviously been pussy-footing around their feelings for quite some time now, neither realizing the other's feelings.

"Together?" He asked, not quite understanding what she meant, they were obviously together on a mission and sharing the same bed… Could she possibly be asking about a relationship? He had made it sound like it was something he expected from her; but did he really want that? It took less than a second for him to know his answer.

"Ah, you know, um… dating…" she risked a look up at him only to find a smirk covering his handsome features and finding that expression, she became indignant, slapping his chest lightly. "You knew what I was talking about the whole time!"

"Not the whole time, but I figured out what you meant. And honestly," his voice had dropped to almost a growl as the hand resting on her hip, drew her closer so she could feel his hot breath whisper in her ear. "I don't care what you call it. You're mine now and I'm not going to let you go."

She pulled her head away slightly so she could see his face and the smoldering, possessive look in his eyes sent shivers down her spine. Surprisingly, she found she liked it. As a woman, she had always resented being treated as a possession and not like her own person, but this was different. This was Kakashi. This was the man she wanted to be with more than anything.

"Then you belong to me, too." She whispered huskily and was rewarded with the most intense kiss she'd ever had, it was like he wanted to completely consume her, his low growl pleasing her immensely. She started to roll over onto her back, but he stopped her with a firm hand.

"My turn, remember? Stay just like that and tell me when I do something you like." He pulled away far enough to lay her on her stomach again before rising to his knees and straddling her legs, resting the slightest bit of his weight on her thighs. Brushing the hair off her shoulders, he bent forward to place a kiss at the base of her neck. Pulling away, he ran his hands over her bare shoulders, at first gently stroking her skin, but soon changing to massage the tense muscles between her shoulder blades.

His eyes strayed over her pale smooth skin, settling on a few of the marks on her neck and shoulders that he had left with his mouth during their first encounter. A finger moved to touch one of them, the individual tooth marks still visible. "I left marks."

"Is that good or bad?"

"I don't know. Is it? Do they hurt? If they do," he said, unable to look away from the wounds. None of them had broken skin, but they had all been red and two had started to bruise. "I'm sorry," he mumbled as he gently kissed one.

She replied with an unladylike snort that surprised him. "Why? I think I like them and I believe I asked for it rough, remember? I wanted it to hurt almost as much as I wanted to remember it. They don't hurt and even if they did, I can fix them myself. Here, guide my finger to one of them." She raised her hand and reached behind her, pointer finger extended. He took her hand and drew her finger toward the worst mark. As soon as her finger touched the skin on her back, a pale green stream of chakra flowed into the damaged skin and the mark healed before his eyes.

When the green light faded and she removed her finger, he bent forward and kissed the healed flesh, his lips tingled slightly with the remaining chakra in her skin.

"I'm a kunoichi, remember, not some delicate little flower. I can handle a little pain. Actually… I like it a bit rough."

"So you don't mind? You really are a dirty little girl."

"Mmmhmmm," she agreed, turning her head to let him see the mischief in her bright green eyes. "I guess I am. I've kinda had a thing for my teacher for some time now, too. How about you show me what you can do."

"Happily," he said with a smirk. Moving his hips a little, he drew his rapidly hardening cock along the crack of her ass. She whimpered softly, struggling slightly, trying to push her hips back into his.

Lowering his body over hers, he bent his neck to sink his teeth into her shoulder, not drawing blood but leaving little indentations into her skin. She groaned and wriggled under him. Releasing his grip of her shoulder, he bathed the area with the flat of his tongue and judging by her response, she didn't mind the mark.

Settling back on his legs, he slowly drew his hands down her sides, barely touching her soft skin with a feather-light touch. She had a graceful and elegant figure, displayed even better as she had her arms raised to pillow her head. Well-proportioned breasts, currently pressing down into the bed, and a narrow waist leading down to the soft flare of her hips. How could she have actually believed he couldn't see her as a woman? She was the most gorgeous woman he'd ever laid eyes on, creamy pale skin with few visible scars. Being a medic meant she could heal her own wounds – provided she had enough chakra after tending to her teammates because, of course, they came first to her.

And she was his. All his. He hadn't had much experience with long-term relationships, never really wanted one before, but he knew he would do whatever it took to make this work, whatever it took to keep her. The mere thought of another man seeing her, touching her like this made him jealous beyond words.

Leaning forward, he placed gentle open mouthed kisses along the length of her spine, only stopping just above her tailbone. He hesitated, keeping his lips pressed to her skin and inhaling her scent. Sliding his arms around her waist, he lifted her ass until her knees could support her own weight.

"Hold it there for me, beautiful."

Turning her head yet keeping her upper body against the pillows, she looked at him questioningly. He merely gave her a mischievous smile and forced her legs apart so she was in a tripod-shaped sort of arrangement with her ass sticking up in the air. She was a little embarrassed by her position, but she had promised to do whatever he wanted. Keeping his eyes locked with hers, he used a single finger to draw a soft trail down the cleft of her ass, through her wet slit until his finger reached her clit. Her teeth sank into her lower lip as she tried to muffle her cry when he flicked the tender bundle of nerves, her hips wiggling and her head turning away so she could no longer see him, burying her head in the pillow she gripped in her arms. The last bits of embarrassment disappeared only to be replaced with the euphoric feelings he was evoking.

"Sakura," the way he said her name sent the warm feelings in her stomach churning, a fluttering of butterfly wings at the pure and clear desire in his voice. His finger slid up to plunge into her aching body, pistoning in and out and drawing a whimper from her throat. "There's no need to be quiet. I want to hear every single… solitary… sound you make… I want to know how I make you feel." His finger thrust in and out, emphasizing his words.

"So good…" she whispered between her panting breaths. "How… can you… make me feel… so very good?" he withdrew his finger, making sure to brush against her clit before drawing it in his mouth, sucking loudly so she could hear him as he tasted her, giving a small groan to let her know he enjoyed it.

"Because," his voice was strong and filled with promise. His head had moved until his face was mere centimeters from the plump, swollen lips of her pussy, the heat from his exhaled breath teased the already tender skin between her legs. The fingers of one hand spread her open wide and she shivered with the breath from his next words. "I'll do everything I can to keep you, do whatever it takes for you to be mine. I need you and I think you need me. Do you need me, Sakura?"

"More than anything—" her voice broke off into a moan as she felt his lips close around her clit. She couldn't help but bite her lower lip and try to twist her hips, but he still held her firmly as his tongue stroked the sensitive bundle of nerves, her breathing turning ragged with her whimpers. Her body was trembling and she struggled to keep from grinding her hips onto his face, afraid he would stop if she pushed back against him too hard.

"Stay still," he commanded, releasing her clit to speak but replacing his lips with a finger that continued to tease her. At the same time he reprimanded her with a small smack on her left butt-cheek, the sound of flesh slapping flesh ringing through the room. To his surprise, a small flood of her sweet juices flowed over his hand.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" she could hear the smirk in his voice and she tried to shake her head back and forth to deny his accusation, but the slippery liquid on his hand told him otherwise. "I always thought you were this innocent little girl who would never be turned on by something as kinky as spanking, but I guess I was wrong, wasn't I Sakura?" The hand that had spanked her rubbed soft circles over her reddened flesh. He lowered his mouth to kiss the flushed skin, causing a soft gasp of surprise from the woman propped up on the bed. She turned her head again so she could speak.

"You never counted on me pinning you against the door of our hotel room and forcing myself on you during a mission either." The soft rumble of his laughter sent the feelings in her stomach fluttering again. She would never tire of hearing the intoxicating sound of his laugh, his real, warm laugh, not the forced sound of amusement he often gave to others.

"No, I certainly never counted on that… but I liked it," he said, lowering his mouth again to lick at the juices practically dripping from her, earning another whimper. "A lot."

Moving his finger away from her clit, he slid it into her opening, reaching as deep as he could and curling it to tease her even more. Her groan told him he'd reached the right place and he repeated the gesture faster, her hips now rocking back and forth, grinding on his hand.

"There… Oh, yes… right… there." She struggled to speak, her whole body overtaken by the amazing feelings flowing through her. He lowered his mouth to lap at her clit sending a bold of pleasure through her body and causing her to whimper again.

No man had ever made her feel this good, much less by only using his tongue and a single finger to do it. The strong, rough-textured muscle took gentle strokes, licking her from her clit up to swirl around the finger still curled dip inside her, involuntarily drawing helpless mews of pleasure from her. Removing his finger, he sank tongue into her, the suction from his mouth drawing out all her juices from inside. The tightening swirl of emotions in her stomach built with his every movement. God, he was good at this. Too good at this, she thought just before he took her clit in between his teeth and tugged gently, making her squeal and close her eyes tight.

"Please…" she found herself gasping for breath. "Please, Kakashi, I'm close… please…"

"Please what, Sakura?" he asked drawing back to where he could watch his finger circle her clit, making stroking motions before slipping down into her to gather some of her juices before sliding further along her slit to press at the puckered little hole clenched so tightly. Tentatively, his finger pressed against the tight skin, her body refusing to yield to him.

"Not there. Please… I want to feel you inside me again."

"Like this?" his hand returned to slide two fingers into her dripping pussy, separating his fingers to stretch her tight skin and pulling a groan of frustration from the girl.

"No, I don't want just your fingers, I want to feel you inside me…" she knew she was begging, but she was beyond caring. The only thing she wanted was to feel him pounding into her, his balls slapping her clit, making her come on his hot, thick cock.

"Say it, Sakura. Tell me what you want. Tell me what you need me to do."

"Fuck me. I need you to fuck me hard… Kakashi, I want your cock inside me… please…" She wriggled her hips, rocking backing and forth, trying to tempt him into giving her what she wanted. "Nowww…"

Since you asked so nicely," he replied and with one quick movement, she found herself on her back with him balanced over her, the heavy weight of his body pressing her comfortably back into the mattress. The heat of his cock pressed insistently into her thigh, a few drops of precome wetting her skin and his hardness telling her silently how much he wanted her. How much he needed her. With one quick thrust, he was inside her, her body stretching around him, already clenching him tightly in her warm wet passage. He drew back, her flesh pulled at him, unwilling to let him go, but he drew back almost far enough to leave her body before forcing himself back in, her body stretching to accept his long, slow thrusts.

Her sigh of contentment gave him a sense of satisfaction almost better than the feeling he had when sinking into her. Almost. Her head tipped back, offering him the pale, slender column of her neck, something he happily took advantage of, lowering his mouth to suck and nibble on her skin. His thrusts where hard now, all thoughts of restraint disappearing in the pleasure from her body and the sounds she made, her legs wrapped around him, holding him tight and her fingernails sunk into his back.

His mouth kissed a path down her neck, nipping at her collarbone before moving down to latch onto a nipple, teasing it with his tongue. She whimpered when he rolled the tight bud carefully between his teeth. Opening her eyes, she glanced down at the man sucking at her breast and smiled, moving one hand from his shoulder to run through his silver hair. Surprisingly, his hair was soft as a kitten and she couldn't help but smile as she held his head in place.

She felt full and complete, feelings she'd been searching to find for so long, never quite sure how to fill the emptiness, the loneliness. Until him. The sorrow from losing teammates and colleagues and her inability to save those too badly injured; he made it all go away. He made her feel that despite all those she'd hurt in her life, despite those she couldn't save, she was important and there was hope that she made a difference. All this from one man, the one man that until today, she wanted but couldn't have, the one she loved from a distance and who loved her back.

He wanted her, she marveled, stroking his hair. He loved her and cared for her and wanted to be with her and was making her feel so very good, so needed. This amazing, sex-god of a man, the man she'd dreamed of so often actually wanted her to be part of his life. The man who made her feel whole. That was what made this night so much more incredible, that he cared and only as the feelings low in her stomach started to build, twisting and growing, could she begin to believe this wasn't just some wonderful dream, it was real.

Then he hit that certain spot, that spot that made her inhale sharply and her back arch away from the bed, her fingernails scraping across his skin. In a bright flash of light, all thoughts disappeared from her mind, the only thing she could think of was the feeling growing inside her. With every thrust, she could feel the thick vein on the underside of his cock rub against the taut skin of her opening. Her body was trembling, enjoying the building of pleasure, the anticipation of release as he sucked hungrily at her breast.

The muscles of his body tightened above her, trying to prolong this moment, wanting to hold off on his own release until she came, until he had the chance to watch her come. He wanted to see her face, hear her cry out, to memorize every part of this moment so he knew what he was able to look forward to with a life with her.

He released her breast and moved to kiss her full lips, quickly teasing her tongue into his mouth, twisting and twirling it with his own. She had such a sweet mouth, the taste of her flooding his mouth. It pleased him to no end knowing she didn't hesitate to kiss him even though he'd been tasting her female juices only moments before. Her tongue danced with his, ghosting over his hard palate and his teeth, only stopping for a breath and to stare deep in his eyes.

Keeping their eyes locked together and making another long, hard thrust with his hips, he separated their lips and moved his mouth down toward her breast. Still watching her, he sucked the red and highly sensitive nipple into his mouth teasing it slightly with his tongue.

Then with another thrust of his hips, he bit down on her nipple.

The fireworks behind her eyes exploded as a wave of unbelievable pleasure washed through her body and the cry of his name broke from her lips. He was so deep, reaching places previously untouched, stroking her, filling her, making her his. She shuddered helplessly, her body shaking and trembling under his, her breathing rapid and uncontrolled in quick indrawn gasps. Small, unnoticed tears leaked from the corners of her eyes, her mind unable to focus on anything but him.

Her body clamped down around his cock, the muscles surrounding him milking him so hard he had to struggle to restrain himself. Only able to thrust into her a few more times, he lost his tightly held control and let himself come inside her, his own body racked pleasure.

Releasing the nipple from his mouth, and receiving a grateful whimper from her, he rolled to his side and collapsed onto the bed, careful to keep most of his weight from falling on her. Both of them were still gasping for breath, neither having experienced this intensity of sex before. Reaching up, Sakura pulled part of his weight back over her body.

"Stay close," she mumbled, eyes closed and face nuzzled into his shoulder. "I like feeling you over me."

"Whatever you want.' He happily agreed, pulling her closer. He pulled a blanket over their intertwined bodies before joining her in sleep.

Kakashi awoke the moment she moved in his arms but pretended to be asleep until he felt her hand caress her cheek. Opening his eyes, he stared at her, studying her face and the brilliant green eyes watching him. The afternoon sun shone through the crack in the curtains lighting the tousled pink curls of her hair. Eventually, she turned her head to look at the clock on the nightstand between the beds.

"We should probably get ready for the party," she said but not yet moving from the bed.

"Yeah, suppose we should." His eyes were drawn to her lips as he contemplated kissing her, but he knew that if he did there was no way they would leave the bed until the next day. She sighed and finally threw the covers back to climb out of the bed, giving Kakashi a nice view of her naked body, something that sent a wave of arousal to his cock.

"Whenever you're around me, I don't want you to wear clothes." He said with a mischievous grin. She turned around and raised an eyebrow.

"I think that might cause some problems on things like training sessions and missions."

"Hn. I suppose you're right. That would allow other men to see you naked, and then I'd have to kill them, so maybe you should only be naked when we're alone." He sat up and watched her gather the clothing scattered around the room.

"Only if you are…" she replied as she shook out his crumpled up pants. She started to fold them up when a little scrap of red cloth fell out of one of the pockets. She had to bend down to pick it up from the floor and Kakashi, realizing what it was, quickly formed several hand signs. Sakura, upon picking up the fabric and realizing they were her panties, spun around to see a small puff of smoke dispersing from the bed Kakashi had been sitting on. Hearing the sound of water running in the bathroom, she quickly moved over to the door and threw it open.

"Kakashi," she said, entering the bathroom and pulling aside the shower curtain. She swallowed hard when encountering so much wet Kakashi flesh, and had to force her mind to return to the red cloth in her hand. "Why were my panties in the pocket of your pants?"

Ignoring her question, he grabbed the shampoo and started to lather his hair, sending streams of bubbles down his body. Once again, her mind was struggling to remain on topic, his wet body tempting her hands to reach out and touch him, to stroke his well muscled form. Her eyes glanced down to see him already erect, his cock straining upward, just the sight of him making her mouth water and a fire starting in her belly. Why was she standing outside the shower just watching when she could be in the shower with him touching that gorgeous body?

Wait. She was annoyed with him for something… oh, yes, her panties were in his pocket. She wasn't angry; she just wanted to know why.

"Kakashi…" she said, wanting an answer before her brain completely fried and she jumped him where he stood. "Just tell me."

Without saying anything, he reached over and pulled her into the shower with him, the spray of warm water hitting her shoulders and relaxing her instantly. When he tipped her head back to kiss her hungrily, his tongue sweeping through her mouth, she dropped the scrap of lace into the water swirling at their feet and completely forgot about her early question.

When their kiss finally broke, he leaned her back against the cool tile wall and bent down to whisper in her ear. "It was dark last night and while I could feel your panties, I wondered what color they were, what they looked like. As I didn't think you'd ever let me see them again, I stuck them in my pocket so I could find out later."

"You wanted a souvenir, didn't you?" She said in astonishment. "You were actually going to keep them, weren't you?"

He nodded his head ever so slightly, and gave her a smile. "Probably. Unless you caught me." He lowered his mouth to nuzzle her neck. "But now that I have you, I don't really need them anymore, right?" His hands grabbed her ass and pulled her against him, his warm, hard erection pressing into her belly.

"Kakashi…" she groaned as he rubbed against her. "We need to get ready for the party tonight."

"Shhh… I promise we'll make it fast and hard and we'll still be on time." He bent down and kissed her again, her mind fogging at his skilled touch.

"Fine, but it's your fault if we're late and can't complete our mission."

"We'll make it, besides it's fashionable to be a little late…"

"Famous last words…" she said, only to be cut off by his lips. Maybe they would be a little late, but knowing his habitual lateness, she had set the clock ahead an hour the second time she'd woken up, just before crawling back into his bed. It all meant they had a bit over an hour before they absolutely had to be out of the shower and could still make it somewhat on time and she intended to use that extra time pleasurably.

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