To You, It May Concern

No one is perfect,

But yet we still strive.

You wanted perfection,

I just wanted to be alive.

Do you hear me?

Are you listening?

Can you hear what I am saying?

I shed no tears,

Yet my heart still bleeds…

Can't you tell, you're

Hurting me with your pleads?

You said it was over,

While still on your knees,

Begging me to let you see,

All that we could be.

I guess we're done my Dear,

Yet you're still here.

Can't you tell I wanted you near?

To have and to hold,

To love and to trust,

This is all my Darling,

Coming to an end is a must.

Now I shed one tear,

As it falls to the floor,

There's a pain in my chest,

My heart bleeds a little more.

I'm lying here,

Running out of breath,

Deeply wishing you were near.

They cannot save me,

My fate cannot be prolonged,

So I am saying to you my Sweet,

I love you and so long.

Hating it had to end this way,

It is all your fault,

But I am the one who must pay.

It doesn't seem fair,

Or justice,

Or right,

But now I can't breathe,

And I can see a light.

I love you with all of my heart and soul,

But now I must go.

I hope you will forgive me,

I didn't mean to cause you pain,

But, you never know,

Maybe one day we could taste the rain.

Now I have hurt you,

And it's all my fault,

But maybe you will remember,

Everyone has flaws.

Now I can breathe,

And my heart has stopped bleeding,

Remember my Love,

You are the one I will

Forever and a day be needing.