Dum Summory- It place when Team 7 goes to save Gaara. What they didn't know was the Akasuki are going head over heels , for a little cherry blossom….


"Naruto-kun will be coming with me now". Said the one and only Uchiha Itachi, getting anoid that he hasn't got the kyuubi jinjurrikun yet. (A:N-I forgot how to spell it)"This is the man who caused Sasuke-Kun so much pain! Sakura said giving Itachi a death glar that would make the Kyuubi shake in fear. Iachi turned his gaze from Naruto to Sakura, and smirked.

"Well now. Who's the cherry blossom?" Itachi said seduinly, and forgetting about Naruto.

"EH!?" Naruto and Sakura yelled together. Kakshi took the moment to attck, but Itachi just douged it like it was nothing. And now with lighting speed was standing right in fornt of Sakura."How would you like to come with me to the Akatsuki, blossom?"Asked Itachi with a smirk on his face."Ummmm….was all she could say because was a little frecked out.

"GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BASTARD!" Yelled Naruto who was clealy pissed, because he was standing to close to his Sakura-Chan. Now starting to form the rasengan ,and ran to hit Itachi. But turn to smoke. "Danm a Shadow clone! Wait, wheres Sakura-chan!?"Naruto thought panicing. "Looking for something Kyuubi? Naruto and Kakashi truned around to see an unconsion Sakura in the arms of Itachi.

"GET YOUR FILLFY HANDS OFF HER!!" Naruto yelled with anger and stared to grow red chakra around him." Shit this is bad! Naruto might lose conturl and Itachi has Sakura!"Kakashi thougt tring to think of a plan. But was to late Naruto charged at Itachi to punch him but stoped, someone else punched Itachi first.

"Don't touch me you pervert!" Yelled a very pissed off pink haired ninja,"Sakura-Chan, are you okey?"Naruto said relfead that she was