-1An Eye For An Eye

Chapter 1

"Character talking"

'Character thinking'

"Kyuubi Talking"



-With Someone/ Someplace-

It was just another boring day at the academy for a six year old Naruto Uzumaki. He was just sitting at his table/desk half asleep waiting for Iruka to say he could leave. He then planned on going home or better yet going to Ichiraku's.

'Dammit! Why the hell do I even need to go to these classes!? I mean all I have to do is pass the Genin exam when it comes up right?…..Who the hell am I kidding I can't even make a simple bushin there's no way I can afford to skip class. Plus on top of that I still have five years left of this so I couldn't skip all of that.' Naruto thought to himself until the current class conversation snapped him out of his own thoughts.

"So does anyone know what a Kekkei Genkai is?" Iruka asked to the class to, almost instantly, see a hand raised, and it belonged to none other then Sakura Haruno.

"Yes Sakura go ahead." Iruka said as Sakura nodded, stood up, and started to explain.

"Kekkei Genkai are abilities passed down genetically in specific clans. Most clans have developed special jutsu related to their Kekkei Genkai and their related jutsu cannot be taught or copied by others, as they require the specific genetic trait to work. Kekkei Genkai abilities that work via the user's eye for example are called dojutsu such as the Byakugan, and Sharingan." Sakura stated to the rest of the class and Iruka.

"Very good Sakura you may have a seat now." Iruka complimented as Sakura glanced over at Sasuke to see if he was looking at her, but to her disappointment, he wasn't even paying attention to what she had said. For the simple fact that he knew all of this already.

As Iruka scanned over his class, he noticed something very strange his class prankster and favorite student, though he would never admit it, Naruto, was wide-awake and paying full attention to the conversation at hand. This shocked Iruka very much, because Naruto was always either asleep, daydreaming, or simply wasn't there, which meant that Iruka would have to go find him and bring him back to class. After Iruka got over his sudden shock of what he had seen, he decided that his class had learned enough for the day, and decided he would end it.

"Ok class! That's enough for today, and your homework for tonight is to be able to tell me at least one Kekkei Genkai and facts about it by tomorrow!" Iruka said as the class started to leave the academy.

By the time Iruka started to leave, he scanned over the room to find Naruto still there, in his seat, deep in thought.

'Kekkei Genkai huh? Wow, that sounds so cool! I wonder if I have one I don't know about! That would be so awesome!' Naruto thought to himself excitedly.

Iruka walked over to Naruto, and placed a hand on his shoulder, snapping Naruto from his thoughts as he suddenly looked up at Iruka.

"Naruto you can go now, class is over." Iruka stated calmly, with a slight smile.

Naruto looked at Iruka and nodded. "Yeah, I guess I should get going huh?" Naruto got up out of his table/desk and started to walk towards the door when he noticed it was currently dark outside. 'Wow! How long have I been sitting in here for?' He thought to himself as he started to walk home. Then once again, Naruto felt a hand on his shoulder, and as Naruto turned to see whom it was he noticed once again it was Iruka.

"Oh hey Iruka-Sensei I didn't see you come up behind me." Naruto said with a smile.

"Yeah I just thought I would talk to you for a bit before you went home." Was Iruka's response.

"What did you want to talk about Sensei?" Naruto asked with a curious look on his face.

"Well what Kekkei Genkai are you going to look up for class tomorrow? You seemed really into it, when we were talking about them in class today." Iruka responded again.

Naruto seemed to get really excited just by Iruka's mentioning of the subject, and got a huge grin on his face "Yeah! Kekkei Genkai's are so cool! I plan on doing my report on either the Sharingan or the Byakugan! I think dojutsu is the coolest type of fighting there is!" Naruto was clearly very into the subject and Iruka could tell as he started to laugh.

"Well I'm glad you're so into this subject Naruto." Iruka said kindly with a smile.

"Yeah…well I should probably be going now Iruka-Sensei. I have some things I have to do at my apartment." Naruto stated as Iruka nodded.

"Ok take care Naruto, I'll see you tomorrow" Iruka responded as Naruto turned and began to walk away with a slight wave goodbye.

'Man I'm really hungry! I guess I'll make myself some ramen when I get home.' Naruto thought to himself as he turned a corner, and lost total sight of Iruka.

Naruto kept walking for a while once again getting lost in his own thoughts until once again he was snapped out of them by something. Just like before it was a hand on his shoulder, and he turned around expecting to see Iruka once again, but he was only met with a fist to his face, at great force.

Naruto heard what he thought was 'demon' before he hit the ground hard. This wasn't the first time, however, Naruto had been attacked, he actually got attacked four or five times a week if not more. Naruto slowly sat up and looked at the person who had hit him. He looked around six foot five and had a regular sized build, but the thing that really stuck out to Naruto was the fact that this man was wearing an Anbu mask of what looked like a wolf with one eye and the typical Anbu uniform. Now Naruto knew this was a problem because he'd, had people attack him before, and he always either had the choice to run or to fight. He also could get away from most Chuunin, and shockingly enough even some Jounin, and if it turned out to be a villager, then he could just fight them, but an Anbu member was a different story. There was no way he could get away from an Anbu member, and there was no way in hell he could fight one.

'Oh, god! What should I do!?' Naruto screamed in his head. He was panicking big time. He had no idea what to do in this type of situation.

Naruto looked at the man wearing the Anbu attire in terror, watching as he inched closer and closer to him. Naruto was actually on the verge of tears, he was so afraid of what was going to happen, and as the Anbu member got right in front of Naruto, Naruto did the only thing he could think of to do, and that was to run for his life. Naruto quickly jumped to his feet and took off past the Anbu member, and as he was running, all he heard was a laugh coming from where he had just been. Naruto was stumbling like crazy but he never fell. That was until he bumped into something that had just appeared in front of him. Naruto looked up in horror as it was the same man from before but this time he had a kunai out.

"Where do you think your going demon? I don't believe I said you could leave just yet." The man said, from behind his mask, hate and bloodlust clear in his voice.

Naruto did the only thing he could think of to do, because he knew that trying to run away would not help him at all. He began to try to convince the man otherwise, "Please mister! I didn't do anything! Please leave me alone! I'll be good I promise! Just don't hurt me please mister!" Naruto begged, crying heavily hoping the man would just leave him alone.

The man slowly took off his mask and as it slowly revealed the man's face. Naruto saw the man with a very bloodthirsty smirk on his face and a large scar across the right side of his face. "Yeah! As if I would let you talk yourself out of this demon! You killed my family, my friends, and my wife! However, for you that wasn't enough! No, along with that you took away my right eye!" The man screamed at Naruto who was shaking heavily and still sobbing not sure of what to do, he was scared out of his mind and couldn't think straight anymore.

"I told you mister! I didn't do anything! I've been good! I'll keep being good if you just leave me alone, please!" Naruto was now screaming back at the man trying with all his might to get the man to leave him alone.

The man just laughed coldly and inched closer to Naruto until he was towering over him again, and then the man picked Naruto up by his shirt and lifted his kunai up into the air.

"PLEASE MISTER DON'T DO THIS TO ME! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG! I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU SAY! JUST, PLEASE, LEAVE ME ALONE!" Naruto was hysterical at this point. He was thrashing around trying to get away at any cost.

The man just laughed and swung the kunai down across the right side of Naruto's face while screaming, "DIE DEMON!"

Naruto's scream pierced the air all over Konaha. It was so loud that Sandaime even heard it faintly, and knew exactly what it was the second he heard it. "Naruto!" He screamed, and instantly jumped out of the nearest window, taking off in the direction the scream had come from. Sandaime was panicking now; he felt the slight chakra signature that Naruto obtained, slipping away slowly.

The scream also got to some other people, such as Iruka who was eating some ramen of his own when he heard it. He instantly dropped his chopsticks, and was frozen in place by the deafening scream. 'No…..it can't be! Naruto hold on!' Iruka screamed in his head and took off towards the scream.

However, most of the other people either just ignored it, because they recognized the scream or they got an evil smirk on their face because they knew exactly what was happening to the so called 'demon child.'

The man was still holding Naruto in his hand, with a Satanist grin on his face. He actually found pleasure in the feeling of Naruto's blood, hitting the hand that he was holding him by, "You could say as of right now it was an eye for an eye, but don't worry demon, I'll finish the job when you're older! I want to see the terror on your face when you see me again." The man laughed, threw Naruto to the dirt floor below, and jumped away still smirking.

Naruto couldn't think straight at the moment. With all the pain, and the shock that came from his inability to see from his right eye anymore, it would be a shock if anyone could think straight in this type of situation. As all the things around him, that he could see with his left eye, slowly turned black, he fought the urge to slip into the sweet darkness that was calling for him, and thought to himself 'Why me? What have I done? I haven't done anything to anyone….The pranks! I have to stop with those! I can't believe people hate me so much for just pulling some little pranks on the village…but if this won't happen anymore, I'll do it. That is if I even survive this.' He thought as he was engulfed with darkness, and the last thing he heard was the sound of footsteps, and the faint, familiar, voice of an old man yelling "Naruto!"

Naruto slowly opened his eyes to find himself in a sewer type place with pipes all over, going every direction he could see. He slowly stood up, out of the shallow water that he had just recently been laying in. He started to look around and found only one way he could go. So obviously, he started to walk in that direction.

'Am I dead?' Naruto thought to himself, only to hear a thunderous laughter come from down the hallway he was, as of now, walking. Causing him to freeze instantly.

"No you're not dead Kit," The booming voice said from down the hallway, causing Naruto to become very curious about whatever the thing was. Then some miracle of a way, his curiosity overtook his fear, as he started to walk down the hallway, once again.

"Where are you?" A curious Naruto asked as he walked up to a giant gate with a piece of paper with the Kanji for 'seal' on it.

Then Naruto froze right where he stood as what appeared to be a giant fox came into view, in the dimly lit place.

"Hello Kit" The giant creature said, causing a booming sound as Naruto saw its teeth. Just barely, but enough to see how sharp, and big they were.

Naruto began to shake heavily from fear. He was terrified, and once again didn't know what to do. "Please don't kill me!" Naruto began to beg just like he did not all that long before.

"Don't worry Kit I'm here to help you." The giant creature said, in a thunderous voice like before. Now Naruto was totally confused, he had no idea what was going on anymore. Well not that he had much of an idea in the first place.

"Wait…so you're not going to hurt me?" Naruto asked hopeful.

"No Kit I'm not, but there's a problem that we need to talk about." The creature stated totally serious.

"Ok but first can you tell me who, or what you are?" Naruto asked his voice filled with curiosity once again.

"Yeah sure Kit I'm the Kyuubi no Yoko, and I'm the King of all Demons." The Kyuubi said simply. Now this got to Naruto big time, he was terrified but still was a tiny bit curious, but this time it was the fear that took over, as Naruto started to shake again.

"So y-your no-not go-going to hu-hurt me?" Naruto asked again, stuttering like crazy, he was still visibly shaking but he was slowly gaining back his composure, as time progressed.

"No Kit, I told you I'm not going to hurt you, now we need to talk like I said, ok?" Kyuubi asked, sort of irritated, waiting for Naruto's response.

Naruto just nodded slowly, and waited for the Kyuubi to continue talking.

The Kyuubi noticed Naruto's nod and continued "I hate to say this Kit, but your right eye…it's done. You wont be able to see out of it ever again, But-"

The Kyuubi was cut off by Naruto's yelling, "What do you mean I won't be able to see with my right eye ever again!? How am I supposed to be a Shinobi if I don't have both my eyes!? This can't be happening to me! Why me!? Why!?"

The Kyuubi sighed, and started trying to calm Naruto down, "Kit listen to me! As of now you won't be able to see out of your right eye ever again, but I can help with that if you want." The Kyuubi offered and Naruto just stood there shocked.

"Wait…you can help me!?" Naruto asked rather stupidly, seeing as the Kyuubi had just said that.

"Yes Kit I can help-" The Kyuubi was once again cut off by Naruto's blabber.

"Wow! That's awesome! So how are you going to help me? Wait…but first, why are you here? And what is 'here' anyway?" Naruto asked going from excited to confused in a matter of seconds.

"Well as of where 'here' is…I guess I should just say we're in your mind Naruto, and-" Kyuubi getting cut off was beginning to become a ritual between the two, and they just met like five minutes ago, but all Kyuubi did was sigh as Naruto continued to talk.

"Wait! What!? How are we in my mind!? There's no way we're in my mind!" Naruto said totally in denial of what the giant fox had just told him.

"Kit listen to me. We're in your mind, because I'm inside of you, and please ask questions at the end of my speech ok?" Kyuubi asked kindly, but slightly annoyed, to Naruto. Which received a nod of agreement from him.

"Ok well I'm inside your body, because the damn Fourth Hokage put me in this place. When you were born he took you, and sealed me inside you to save this worthless village, and we are communicating through your mind right now, because it's the only place we can chat with each other. Now got any questions?" The Kyuubi asked Naruto politely.

Naruto looked totally confused, and unsure of what was happening. He sat down, and started to think to himself, but it actually came out loud, because he was in his mind

"Why did the Fourth have to pick me? What did I do to deserve this? This isn't fair! My life has been hell all because of one thing I had no control over!" Naruto started to scream as the truth finally dawned on him. "And my eye! If it wasn't for him, my eye wouldn't be gone either!" Naruto was furious now, he was growing a very deep hate for the man he had not to long before idolized.

"Kit calm down he had good reasons, and as far as your eye is concerned, I can help you, remember?" The Kyuubi asked trying to calm Naruto down a bit, and it worked shockingly.

Naruto now had his full attention on the Kyuubi, "So how can you help me?"

The Kyuubi chuckled for awhile before talking again, "Well, all of us Bijuu, or legendary tailed beasts, as you humans call us, get to give one gift to our Jinchuuriki, which is you, if we ever end up getting sealed, but most don't offer the gift, but seeing what has happened I'm willing to give you whatever you want. I suggest you go along the lines of something that helps with your ninja career."

Naruto was in shock about what was being offered to him he couldn't believe it, but wouldn't pass up this chance of a lifetime, and something came to his mind very fast. "Ok Kyuubi I want a Kekkei Genkai, and not just any Kekkei Genkai I want mine to be the ability to be able to copy other Kekkei Genkai's!" Naruto shouted out, beyond happy, and was hoping that it was actually possible to get his requested ability.

The Kyuubi sat there for a while before a smirk came to his face. "Good choice Kit, if I can say so myself, and you picked one that is right on the borderline of possibility so you are able to obtain this power, but use it well. In addition, I'm going to give you a fake eye. One that looks no different then your old one, and even changes color if you use something that changes the color of your eyes/pupils, such as the Sharingan. On top of that though it's going to be able to show you outlines of the things around you, so you can see things, just not well defined details." The Kyuubi finished with a grin.

Naruto then felt himself being pulled out of his mind, and he started to, vaguely, see things around him. It was blurry, but he could see that it was just his eye adjusting to the light, and his other eye was just as if Kyuubi said it would be. Naruto could see outlines but no details; he then began to look around to find a very tired looking Iruka sleeping in a chair next to his bed. Naruto slowly sat up to find his right eye was hurting him unbelievably bad. Well his fake eye you should say. Naruto reached up to touch his eye to find it was bandaged up which shocked him.

'How can I see outlines if there's something over my eye?' Naruto asked to himself, until it dawned on him 'I can see through things, but I can't see details! That's the weakness, and the strength of the eye…wow that's so cool!'

A nurse then walked into Naruto's room, and Naruto was glad to see her, because she was the only one in the hospital that would actually treat Naruto, and since Naruto was in the hospital so much they were really close to each other.

"Hey Azami!" Naruto said happily, he enjoyed seeing the young girl, because she was one of the few who treated him kindly.

"Hey Naruto." Azami responded, "You know, it would be nice if we could see each other in a different place, I hate seeing you in here." The young girl said sadly.

"Oh don't worry Azami its fine, I'm never really all that injured when I come here." Naruto said with one of his signature grins.

Azami smiled back, though she knew that was a lie, because she did you tests on Naruto. Maybe to Naruto he was fine, but that was cause whenever he woke up he was better, and that was a result of the Kyuubi. "Yeah sure Naruto just try not to come back here for awhile unless your coming to see me ok?" Azami asked Naruto.

"Yeah sure thing." Naruto responded.

"I'm going to have to run some tests on you though. So be good, ok?"

"Ok….wait there won't be any needles will there?" Naruto asked, frightened at the thought.

"Just one Naruto." Naruto winced when he heard that, but Azami continued, "But, if I give you this shot it will make your right eye not hurt anymore."

At that, Naruto perked up and began to beg Azami to give him the shot.

"Ok, ok! Just calm down." Azami laughed as she went to get the equipment she needed.

-In the Hokage Tower-

"It's gone…he won't be able to use it ever again." Sandaime said sadly.

"…Why did this have to happen to Naruto of all people?…Oh, and did you ever find the person responsible for this?" A sad Iruka asked.

"Unfortunately we have no idea who did this to Naruto, but the Anbu are looking all over to find anything that could be considered evidence." Sandaime stated to Iruka.

"Damn…well if you find out who it was can you tell me Hokage-Sama?" Iruka asked pleading.

Sandaime smiled lightly and nodded his head, and with that, Iruka was gone. Back at the hospital Naruto had just got his shot, his eye was already feeling much better then it had been when he first woke up, and he was grateful for that, even if his arm did hurt from the shot. However, Naruto just wanted to get out of the damn hospital.

"Come on Azami! I'm all better! Please can I leave!?" Naruto begged.

Azami sighed then said, "Fine Naruto you can leave, but be careful ok? Also, make sure you find something to cover that eye with, ok? We don't want you to walk around with a big hole in your head where your eye should be!" Azami laughed out, but then got totally serious again. "Just be careful ok Naruto?"

Naruto nodded, got up, walked out of his room, and out of the hospital. He walked down the street looking around, and was amazed to find he could make out what everything was with only the outlines of them. Like, he could tell what stores were what, and what street he was on. Because of this he, actually started walking with his good eye closed just to test out his new eye, and so he kept walking around until he eventually got to his apartment, and as he approached it, he started to think to himself.

'I guess I actually should put something over my eye cause I'm pretty sure people would think its weird if I just got a new eye that was exactly like my old one. Well I guess I could just use like some cloth bandages to put over my eye or something and pull it up if I need to use my eye.' Naruto thought to himself as he walked into his apartment. He then began looking for a piece of cloth or something to wrap around his head and cover his eye. He soon found some cloth bandages in a cupboard. They were black, which Naruto didn't mind seeing, as he actually liked the color. He gently took off his bandages in front of a mirror. What he saw was that he indeed did have an eye that looked no different from his other one. What shocked him the most though was that there was no scar, or anything to show that he had got attacked. It was just as his face was before the brutal attack.

'Wow', he thought 'Kyuubi did a really good job at covering this up, but I still can't walk around without the bandages on just because the people who know about what happened would get suspicious.'

Naruto decided he would try to talk to Kyuubi since he had nothing better to do. So he closed his eyes, and started trying to go back into the sewer that was his mind, and when he opened his eyes, he was standing in front of the giant gate once again.

"Hey Kit! What do you want?" The Kyuubi asked curious, but excited to have someone to talk to.

"Nothing really, I just wanted to talk to you for a bit, you know, ask you some questions that I have on my mind." Naruto stated calmly.

"Ok Kit so what questions do you got for me?" The giant fox asked.

"Well I was wondering how I use my Kekkei Genkai. Since, you know, being able to use your Kekkei Genkai is a huge part of having one."

"Well, you can use your Kekkei Genkai by forcing your chakra into whatever part of your body you see the Kekkei Genkai being used from. Like for the Sharingan it would have to be focused into your eyes and for other Kekkei Genkai's you just do it for other parts of the body." The Kyuubi explained to Naruto, who was really excited now.

"Really!? So I could get, like the Sharingan or the Byakugan by focusing chakra into my eyes when I see someone using it!?"

To this, the Kyuubi just nodded and said, "Actually Kit you could get both if you wanted to."

Now this made Naruto really excited, "Wow! That's so awesome I have the best Kekkei Genkai ever!"

The Kyuubi just smirked at the excited little boy in front of him. The boy then stopped, and turned to the Kyuubi as he had another question it seemed.

"Yes?" The Kyuubi asked knowing Naruto was going to ask something.

"How come I don't have a scar or anything from the attack? I mean, I know that my face got sliced bad, because I wouldn't have lost my eye if that wouldn't have happened, and I'm guessing something that bad would leave a scar right?" The confused blond haired boy asked.

The Kyuubi just chuckled slightly, "That would be my doing Kit, because I'm inside of you I heal you a lot faster than you would if you didn't have me, and that also includes making scars go away, or not appearing at all I guess I should say." The Kyuubi responded looking sort of tired.

Naruto just nodded and started to try to think of another question, but nothing came to him. So he just looked at the Kyuubi said a quick bye which received a, "Bye Kit." from The Kyuubi. Then as Naruto left his mind, he started to think to himself.

'I guess I should head over to the Uchiha compound, and copy the Sharingan. I really want to try it out. Then after that I guess I could head over to the Hyuuga estate and get a copy of the Byakugan as well.' Naruto thought to himself smirking, because he would be able to match the mighty Sasuke Uchiha, since he would have the exact same thing that gave him an edge before he even had it.

Naruto began to walk over towards the Uchiha compound, and once again he started to think to himself 'I think I'm going to have to sneak to get the Byakugan, cause if I remember right they're really strict about showing non-clan members the Byakugan.' Naruto finished his thought, and started to try to think of ways to be able to see the Byakugan without being noticed. He kept walking lost in his own thoughts until he bumped into something. He looked up and noticed that it was Sasuke's father Fugaku Uchiha. Naruto then decided he would take this chance to get the Sharingan.

"Umm Mr. Uchiha can I have a minute? Naruto asked looking hopefully at him.

Fugaku took a minute to look over Naruto, and noticed his eye had some bandages over it, which made him wonder. But he smiled nonetheless. "Sure what do you need?" He asked a smile still on his face.

Naruto thought for a moment and responded, "I'm doing a report for school about Kekkei Genkai's and I need some information about them. Can you help me please?" Naruto asked politely.

"Yeah sure no problem bud, but can you answer something for me first?" He asked

Naruto just nodded.

"What do you have under those bandages? Or are they just for show? I just want to make sure that you don't have something that will take my Sharingan from me when I show it to you." Fugaku said jokingly.

Naruto's eyes however were instantly turned downcast as he said, in a low voice full of hate, "Someone attacked me and it cost me my eye."

Fugaku instantly regretted asking Naruto this question, as he felt very bad for doing so, "I'm sorry for bringing up such a painful memory." Fugaku said sympathetically.

"It's ok, don't worry about it, people are going to be asking me all the time, so I have to get used to telling them I guess." Naruto responded, with a hint of sadness still present in his voice.

Fugaku quickly tried to change the subject, "So you wanted to see the Sharingan right?"

To this Naruto just nodded. Fugaku smiled, and activated his Sharingan as Naruto stared at it with amazement.

"This-" Fugaku began, "Is the Sharingan." He finished his voice full of pride.

Once the Sharingan was activated, Naruto pushed all of his chakra into his eyes, which didn't go unnoticed by Fugaku as he felt the rise in Chakra.

"You know you can't get the Sharingan don't you? It's a Kekkei Genkai, and as you learned they can't be copied or learned." Fugaku said to the boy who was fiercely pushing chakra into his eyes.

Fugaku just watched on until Naruto spoke.

"I know you can't, but that doesn't mean you can't try right?" Naruto was sweating like crazy, and his eyes were starting to droop as everything was slowly turning black, until he finally gave out, and fell to the ground unconscious.

Fugaku smiled at the boy lying on the ground in front of him, 'He sure has some determination I'll give him that.' And with that, he picked Naruto up, and took him to the Konaha Hospital.

Naruto awoke to the thing he hated seeing the most. That damn white ceiling, which Naruto had learned, meant he was in the hospital.

'Damn', he thought to himself, 'I overdid it I guess, but hopefully I wont have to stay very long since I was just suffering from Chakra depletion'

Naruto slowly sat up and looked around. He was sore all over, and started to stretch when it dawned on him "THE SHARINGAN!" He screamed out loud by accident only to have Azami rush in, and almost break the door down doing so.

"What's wrong Naruto!?" She yelled then realized that everything was fine, and calmed down rather quickly.

"Nothing I'm fine." Naruto responded.

Azami walked over to Naruto, and took a seat on his bed and looked him in the eyes. (And yes, I said 'eyes') Then Naruto slowly reached his hand up and felt where the bandages should have been, but there was no sign of them as he touched his new eye. Naruto was speechless he didn't know what to do…Azami knew everything now.

"Naruto-" She began softly, "How do you have your eye back?"

Naruto knew the question was coming, but still had to think of an answer, "Umm its fake it just looks real." Naruto said, trying to pull off the lie. Hoping she would buy it, but he could tell she didn't.

"Naruto, I did tests on your eye and its real…now tell me how you got it." Azami was totally serious now.

Naruto started to panic once again. He didn't want to lose one of the few people who he was close to, and who actually cared for him. He frantically tried to think of an answer for the question, and the worry and fear were evident on his face. Azami knew the reason now, and she figured out why he was panicking so much.

"Naruto-" She said softly, and Naruto looked up slowly, fear clear in his eyes, "You don't have to worry Naruto I don't hate you. I know about the Kyuubi, and I don't think you're the demon I know you're Naruto Uzumaki, and you're just like everyone else. So don't be afraid to tell me what happened."

The look on Naruto's face was something new to Azami it was an actual smile, a genuine smile, it wasn't like all of those other fake smiles that the boy used all the time, no this one was one hundred percent real.

"…" Naruto didn't know what to say he saw his vision start to blur with the tears that were starting to come into his eyes. Naruto closed his eyes as tears started to roll down his face, as he actually felt loved for the first time in his life by someone other than The Hokage. Then Naruto's eyes shot open from shock, when he felt contact with something, and what he saw stunned him, Azami was hugging him. At first Naruto didn't know what to do. This was the first time Naruto had been hugged by anyone before, but after a couple of seconds he just mimicked what Azami was doing, and hugged her back. After awhile of silence, and they both just sat there hugging each other, Naruto had calmed down and, was ready to talk.

"Ok-" Naruto said in a voice that was still unsure of what he was doing, but was going to go on anyway. "After I lost consciousness from the attack…I met with Kyuubi. He told me everything, like where we were, why he was there, and so on and so forth, but a few things I put together on my own. Like the reason why the villagers hated me so much, and why all the beatings occurred. So then after that, he talked about how all Jinchuuriki can receive a gift from their Bijuu if their Bijuu will allow them to receive it. Kyuubi said I needed his gift so he gave me a choice at what I wanted, and after I chose he gave me a new eye even though I can't see through it. I can see outlines and stuff from it though, so it's better than nothing." Naruto finished with a deep breath.

It took a bit for all the information to get through to Azami, but after she got all the information clear in her mind, she had some questions for Naruto. "Ok-" She took a second to think about the question, "Where did you guys end up talking?"

"My mind" Naruto said simply earning a nod and an 'ok' from Azami. Then next question came, "What was your gift?" Now this caused Naruto to smile big, "I can copy Kekkei Genkai's." Naruto said in a whisper only loud enough for Azami to hear it. Now that caused Azami to double take what she just heard.

"What!?" Was Azami's yelled response, and to which Naruto just smiled and nodded his head to reassure that Azami had heard him right.

Then without saying anything else Naruto got up still with a huge grin on his face, and walked out determined to try out his new Sharingan. Leaving a, still very, shocked Azami behind him. However, before he was out of earshot, he heard a faint voice that belonged to Azami say softly, "But that can't be possible."

Naruto walked outside, and went into the woods around Konaha to try out his Sharingan. He walked for a while until he found a clearing and then focused chakra into his eyes, but nothing happened.

'Huh!? Why can't I use the Sharingan?' Naruto thought to himself, and he kept trying by pumping more chakra into his eyes until he was getting fatigued. He knew the result if he kept doing what he was, so he decided he would go talk to Kyuubi about it. Therefore, Naruto sat down and closed his eyes only to open them in front of the gate again.

"Yo." The Kyuubi said in a bored tone

Naruto started to ask him why he couldn't use the Sharingan, but was cut off by the Kyuubi.

"Kit you can't use it, because you need to be in a life or death situation to awaken it. However, I can help you with that. If you use my chakra, you should be able to activate the Sharingan without the whole life or death situation thing."

Naruto smiled brightly, "Thanks Kyuubi! So how do I use your chakra?"

"Well, now that I'm allowing you to use my chakra all you have to do is tap into my chakra, and you should be able to do just that if you just do what you do when you come and talk to me except for target my chakra."

"Ok I'll try!" Naruto responded, and was instantly out of his mind and in the forest again.

Naruto closed his eyes, and began to try to locate The Kyuubi's chakra then he saw something that looked like a red flame, and tried to connect with it, and when he opened his eyes he was engulfed by a red flame that was actually Kyuubi's chakra. Naruto smirked and then started charging said chakra into his eyes, and reopened them, to see nothing different. Naruto was getting angry, and he was really confused now.

'I thought Kyuubi said that would work!?' Naruto thought to himself only to be snapped out of his thoughts by a sound nearby.

Naruto quickly turned around, and saw a rabbit run out from behind a bush except something was different. The rabbit looked like it was moving in slow motion! Then it hit Naruto.

"IT WORKED!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, thrilled that he now possessed the Sharingan. The most prized Kekkei Genkai to date.

After Naruto calmed down a bit, worked out a little, and messed around with his newly acquired Sharingan for a short period of time, Naruto began to think to himself about how he was going to get the Byakugan. He deactivated his Sharingan, sat down, and thought for a while until an idea came to him. Naruto smirked and started walking back to his apartment. He would need to wait until tomorrow to put his plan into action.

-At the Konaha Hospital-

Azami was walking down the hallways of the hospital checking on patients, it was after visiting hours so no one was allowed to be in the hospital rooms who wasn't a patient or worked there. She was looking in all the rooms, checking to make sure the patients were alright. Then out of nowhere, she heard something hit the wall behind her. She quickly turned around, and walked over to where the object had hit the wall. She found that it was a very dull kunai. Azami looked over at the room, and checked her list of patients to see who was in the room, and see what they were currently in for. When she got to the room number, which was 3481, there were no patients currently occupying that room at the time. Therefore, Azami decided to go have a look in the room, to see if anyone was in there. She slowly walked into the room, and tried the lights, but they wouldn't work. She then froze instantly when something landed in front of her. She walked over slowly, and picked it up, just as slowly. It turned out to be another kunai, but this one was not dull at all, actually, it was the exact opposite of the last one. This one was extremely sharp. Then in an instant there was metal pressed against her neck, and a hand covered her mouth. She would have struggled, but she was way too scared to even move now. Though she did use her peripherals and saw that this man was wearing an Anbu mask of what she made out to be a wolf with one eye.

The Anbu member then started to speak, "See this is what befriending a demon gets you girl." He whispered into her ear.

By this time, Azami was as Naruto was before. She was hysterical and crying heavily. The only sound that came out were muffled screams but those weren't even loud enough to leave the room.

The Anbu member once again started to speak in a low whisper, "You know what?" He thought for a second, "I want to see how far that demon can fall. He killed my family, and friends well I'm going to take one of his friends out of his life."

By this time, Azami knew she couldn't get away from the Anbu member so she just sat there sobbing her eyes out as the Anbu member inched the kunai closer, and closer to her neck. Then in one swift motion, it was over. There was blood splattered all over the floor, and Azami lay on the floor, her eyes wide open with blood rushing out of her neck. The Anbu member started laughing hysterically as he jumped out of the nearest window, and into the night.

-At the Hokage Tower-

Sandaime was sitting as his desk doing the endless supply of paperwork you get for some reason, when you're Hokage.

"I don't know why I retook this job." Sandaime sighed, as he remembered the times when he could just sit at his house, and relax instead of sitting at a desk, and doing mountains of paperwork that never got any smaller no matter how much of it you did.

Then an Anbu appeared behind Sandaime.

"Yes Kakashi?" Sandaime asked without even turning around.

"Hokage-Sama we have a situation. A nurse was found dead in a hospital room. The room didn't belong to anybody fortunately, but the nurse's throat was slit and there's blood all over the room. That's all I have to report at the moment."

"Thank you Kakashi." Sandaime said, while rubbing his temples, "You may leave."

Kakashi nodded and responded, "Hokage-Sama." Before vanishing.

Sandaime sighed, and went back to work knowing he was going to be for a long night.

-Naruto's Apartment-

For some reason Naruto couldn't sleep at all. He had a really bad feeling that he just couldn't shake. Naruto sighed, got up, and decided he would go over and see Azami. He would always go over to the hospital, and talk to her if she was working, and he couldn't sleep. They would meet in a room, and just talk until Naruto got tired, and went back to his house. And that's exactly what he had in mind for this visit. So Naruto got up, wrapped his eye, jumped out the window, and started off towards the hospital.

When Naruto arrived at the hospital, he was shocked to see all the Anbu around, and the fact that people were going every which way. After awhile of waiting and there being no sign of Azami, Naruto decided that he would go look for her. Something came to Naruto's mind, he didn't look like he was a patient, he had to get some clothes so he could walk around freely without being kicked out, and it just so happened that the room Azami and Naruto would meet in was a storage room. So Naruto simply just grabbed some clothes. The hospital clothes were simply a bluish grey shirt with some grey sweats. So Naruto walked out of the closet, and down the hall, passing many Anbu along with some doctors and nurses, which gave him hateful glares. Naruto just kept walking, and as another doctor walked, passed him he too glared at Naruto, and Naruto was sick of it now.

"If you want the 'demon' to kill you then keep looking at me," Naruto said with hate clear in his voice as he pulled out a kunai, that Sandaime had gave him earlier that day for protection. The doctor just smirked, and kept walking that is until a kunai was implanted in the wall inches from his face. That stopped him dead in his tracks, and he slowly turned around to see a very pissed off Naruto standing there. The doctor figured even if the boy was only six at most he would be something to deal with if he was that good with a kunai, which it appeared. The doctor then did the most sensible thing he could think of, he turned, and ran down the hallway stumbling along the way, and he even fell once. Naruto just walked over, got his kunai, and started walking down the hallway again.

"I wonder where Azami is." Naruto asked himself, aloud, as he continued walking down the hallway until he turned the corner and saw all the Anbu around one room, and this of course peaked Naruto's curiosity as he slowly walked over and stood behind the Anbu that for some reason didn't notice him. Maybe whatever was in the room was really important. As Naruto moved a little closer, he noticed the floor had a red line going down it, but it wasn't wet so he didn't know what it was. However, as he got closer and closer the trail got wider and wider until the room was visible. Naruto then looked up into the room, his eyes widened in shock, and he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Azami…was dead lying right in front of him, her eyes facing the ceiling. Naruto took some steps back, and fell. His eyes still wide in shock. The tears started to come to his eyes, and then were running down his cheeks.

'Why!? Why!? Why!? Why!? Why!? Why!? Why does this always happen to me!? Everything I hold dear to me is destroyed! I can't…I can't live like this. I have to stop caring about other people…if I care about others this is all that will come from it. From now on I won't love or have any feelings except hate towards others with the exception of Ojiisan and Iruka-Sensei.' Naruto finished his thought as he slowly stood up only to be kicked in the back, and to fall down again. Naruto was getting really pissed off, over all of the shit he had been taking, and he was about to attack the Anbu who kicked him, when one-stepped up and said, "Leave him alone before I kill you." Then the Anbu member looked at Naruto and motioned for him to leave, and at this Naruto got up and ran out of the room. While running Naruto vowed he would never get pushed around again, and instead of running home Naruto ran out into the forest to train.

-At the Hokage Tower-

"I had to step in and even threaten to kill another member just so Naruto could leave." One voice said.

"So its that bad is it? I hope this doesn't effect Naruto too badly. He's been through a lot in the last couple of days." Another voice said.

"Yes he has." Was the response.

"Well thank you Kakashi you may leave."

"Hokage-Sama." Kakashi said before leaving.

Sandaime sighed, "This is turning out worse then I could have imagined."

-The Forest Around Konaha-

Naruto had been training nonstop ever since he left the hospital on the way to the forest he had actually walked on his hands to get there, but when he got there, he went straight to work. Naruto had got so good with his accuracy that he could actually hit a target with a kunai from one hundred yards away, and not hit anything except for the target. There was a problem that Naruto kept thinking about though, he didn't know any jutsu. He decided he would ask Sandaime later for some scrolls. It was about three in the morning, but Naruto decided he could do without sleep he would train nonstop only stopping to go to the Academy and to eat or drink.

'Today's the day I get the Byakugan' He thought to himself, and smirked. Today was going to be a good day for him.

Naruto decided he would run laps around Konaha, and he decided, to himself, that about twenty would be good enough at the moment. So he took off around Konaha running full speed.

At about 5:30 he finished his laps, and was sweating profusely, but he didn't take a break. Nope, he went right into doing pushups, and sit-ups. He did them in pairs of fifty, thinking that it would push him harder, and benefit him more. By the time, Naruto had done five hundred of each it was 6:00, and he decided he would practice with his Sharingan some. He forced some of The Kyuubi's chakra into his eyes, and the Sharingan was activated. He then started to run through the forest killing whatever he saw, and that included a couple rabbits, a possum, and a deer. Naruto walked back into the clearing, and then started working on his Taijutsu skills by punching and kicking trees, at about 7:00. After about an hour it was now 8:00, and Naruto's hands were covered in blood and though his feet weren't as bad it was close. He just shrugged it off, and started to walk to class, which was at 8:30. By the time, Naruto got to the academy it was 8:25 so he walked in, and sat down resting his hands on the desk leaving a decent sized pool of blood, which was growing larger, there. This however didn't go unnoticed by most of the class, neither did his bandaged right eye, Naruto could feel their stares at him, and it was starting to piss him off.

"Is there something you want? Or do you just find pleasure in staring at me? Cause your really starting to piss me off." Naruto asked, in a very cold and irritated tone without even turning his head.

At this, the class froze; they never expected this from Naruto. If that would have been Sasuke, then it would have been no surprise, but no, this was Naruto, the kid who wouldn't take anything serious. This actually even got Sasuke's attention as he walked over, and sat by Naruto

"Dobe." He said smirking, as that's how he addressed Naruto whenever they talked. However, this time Naruto didn't say anything back he just sat there, and then got a sadist smile on his face, which freaked the hell out of Sasuke, and the rest of the class that was watching. Then Sasuke felt something against his throat.

"Don't think I won't kill you right now you bastard." Naruto said through clenched teeth.

Now Sasuke was freaking out. This was the last thing he expected Naruto to do. He thought he would yell at him and go back to normal, not pull a kunai and threaten to kill him. To break the tension Iruka walked in the classroom, and was amazed by what he saw. Naruto had a kunai against the Uchiha's neck. Naruto had totally changed for the worst.

"Naruto!" Iruka yelled causing Naruto to look up at him, then release the Uchiha, and actually throw him down the steps. Now that made the fan girls so mad that they totally forgot what just happened.

"NA-RU-TO!" They all yelled.

"Shut up." Was Naruto's quick response. Then he let out a killer intent that was so strong it made Iruka quiver.

"Apologize to Sasuke-Kun right now!" One of the fan girls yelled at Naruto.

Naruto smirked and took out a kunai, which made everybody's eyes go wide. "I told you to shut up." He said killer intent seeping into his voice as he threw the kunai at the girl only to have it stopped by being embedded in Iruka's hand.

This really confused Naruto. Iruka just saved one of his enemy's! "Why!?" Naruto screamed startling everyone in the classroom.

Iruka looked at Naruto sadly. He really did a huge turn for the worst, and was moving at deadly speeds in that direction. "Because-" Iruka began "You're not allowed to atteck your classmates dem-" Iruka froze before finishing that word, as his eyes went wide. He hadn't been thinking about what he was saying, and let one of his old names for Naruto almost come out. Of course, he didn't feel that way about Naruto now, but that wouldn't help anything as far as Naruto was going to think.

Now Naruto was stunned, one of the people who was precious to him, and who he thought actually cared for him, had just revealed that he had the same feelings towards him as everyone else in Konaha did. Then a sad smile made its way to Naruto's face as he looked down at the ground, and tears began to form in the corners of his eyes, but he quickly wiped them away not wanting anyone to see. "I should have figured-" Naruto began as Iruka's eyes widened even more. "I should have never thought I was close to anyone at all." He laughed bitterly. "Well at least you don't have to see the demon anymore Iruka-Sensei." Naruto said, with one of his fake smiles as he walked out of the academy, and jumped off at high speeds, heading for the Hokage Tower.

Iruka was still in shock from what he had said, and what had just happened. He was also trying to think of a way to say sorry to Naruto, but he knew there was no way he could apologize for calling him a demon. He looked at his class, who had absolutely no idea what was going on, and dismissed them even though the class had just begun. Then he started making his way over to the Hokage Tower.

-At the Hokage Tower-

Naruto had just arrived at the Hokage's office after what had happened at the academy, but didn't talk about it with Sandaime. He just came to get some stuff from the old man who he considered his grandfather.

"Hey Ojiisan! Can I have some scrolls, so I can learn some jutsu in my free time? I get bored so I thought it would be a good idea to become a better ninja instead of doing nothing, you know?" Naruto asked.

Sandaime smiled at Naruto for his reasoning, nodded his head, pushed a button under his desk, and part of the wall shifted a little. Sandaime then got up, and removed the part of the wall, which had shifted, revealing a room filled with scrolls.

"This room has scrolls filled with basic jutsu that you can learn. Take as many as you like and if you want a new scroll come back, and I'll let you get more…but don't lose any of them please."

Naruto was filled with excitement as he ran into the room and began picking up as many scrolls as he could carry then casually just walked back out. Sandaime took a blank scroll and sealed all the scrolls into it, then handed it back to Naruto.

"To unseal the scrolls just wipe some blood over the seal on the scroll. Also don't worry if someone takes the scroll, because only your blood can unseal this scroll."

That shocked the blond, he had never heard of something like that before. A seal only he could use, and then he thought of something that he had heard of, that would be useful if he could master. So he decided he would ask Sandaime about it.

"Umm Ojiisan I was wondering…" Naruto stopped for a second to rethink this.

"Yes Naruto? Go on, what is it?"

Naruto continued on "I was wondering…I read about a jutsu, and I was wondering if you could show me how to do it."

"So what was the jutsu? I'm pretty sure I can help you out with it." Sandaime said smiling.

Naruto smiled back and stated, "It's the Kage Bushin no Jutsu. (Shadow Clone Technique)"

Sandaime's eyes widened with surprise.

"Yeah sure Naruto, but I must say that wasn't what I was expecting you to ask for."

Naruto laughed, "Well I'm full of surprises Ojiisan."

Sandaime just nodded slightly, "Remember this though Naruto. The Kage Bushin no Jutsu is a forbidden technique. If you make to many clones you could die from chakra exhaustion…so just be careful with it, ok?" Naruto smiled, and nodded in response.

After Sandaime showed Naruto the basics of the Kage Bushin no Jutsu Naruto left with his scroll full of scrolls, which were full of jutsu, and the knowledge of a forbidden jutsu. Naruto was pretty happy with the outcome of his meeting with Sandaime. Naruto had something big in mind for the Kage Bushin no Jutsu, and he was about to put that plan into action.

-At the Hokage Tower-

"Yes Hokage-Sama every single one except for Uchiha Sasuke is dead." The Anbu member stated with concern in his voice.

"That's terrible, and also concerns me deeply." Sandaime stated worry clear in his voice.

"Why is that Hokage-Sama?" The Anbu asked confused.

"Because if someone or even a group was able to kill off the Uchiha clan then they're a huge problem."

Then all of a sudden, another Anbu appeared at the window.

"Yes Kakashi?" Sandaime asked

"We figured out who the killer of the Uchiha clan was." Kakashi stated calmly.

"Killer?…So that means it was only one person then…that's a big problem, but anyway continue Kakashi."

Kakashi nodded then continued on, "The killer was…Uchiha Itachi."

The Sandaime smiled sadly, "I should have figured it was him. Very well thank you Kakashi you may take your leave."

Kakashi bowed, and vanished along with the other Anbu, but just as they, left Iruka walked inside the office.

"Yes Iruka what can I do for you?" Sandaime asked tiredly.

"…" Iruka hesitated to tell Sandaime what he had done, but after a short while, the whole story was out, and Sandaime was very concerned about what was going to happen with Naruto.

Sandaime sighed and leaned back in his chair, "This is going to be a problem. Naruto won't trust anybody anymore, I think I'm the only one he thinks actually cares for him, even if it isn't far from the truth."

Iruka stayed quiet, while he seemed to find the ground very interesting. He knew he was the reason Naruto would never trust anyone.

"Iruka don't feel bad. I'm sure in time Naruto will get over this; we just need to give him some time." Sandaime said, in a cheerful tone.

"I hope so." Was Iruka's quick response.

-Somewhere in Konaha-

Naruto had been walking for a while now, and he kept thinking over his plan and any way he thought of it, it would work out, but that didn't mean they were simple. As Naruto slowly got closer to the Hyuuga Estate, he said "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" This created about 20 Naruto clones except for one simple thing. None of them looked like Naruto, they all looked different.

"Yeah! It worked!" Naruto shouted. He had been hoping that he could make his clones into anything he wanted in one go, and after some thinking through it he figured a way he could do it. Just think about each clone separately, and design them however you want, then create them all, and it had worked as he hoped it would.

Naruto slowly inched closer as his clones all separated until they saw who they were looking for…Neji Hyuuga. One of the clones jumped out and ran at Neji the whole time charging chakra into his eyes. When Neji saw this, he activated his Byakugan, and got in a defensive stance as five more clones all jumped out all focusing chakra into their eyes. As one of the clones just waited in a tree doing the same. After a bit, all the clones were out, and circling Neji until suddenly they all vanished, and the clone in the tree jumped down.

"Thanks, that's all that I needed to see." He said smirking, and then vanished. Leaving a very confused Neji. As soon as all the clones vanished, it hit Naruto hard. All the chakra the clones had used came back and effected Naruto, but all he did was smirk as he focused chakra into his eyes, and then the Byakugan appeared, as did veins around his eyes. Then after he deactivated it, he fell over, unconscious.