Chapter 1: Making Up the Lost Friendship

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"Mike, stop it!" I screamed but my hoarse voice only let it come out as a whisper. "What Bella, you don't want me?" He asked in a taunting voice. "No Mike, stop it!" I said in a slightly louder voice than last time. I looked around to see if there was any escape in the deserted locker room of Forks High. I don't know how this even happened. I got a note that said to meet Jessica out in front of the boys' locker room. I figured that was where she would be, but I was wrong. Terribly wrong. "You like that don't ya Bella?" Mike hissed in my ear. He had his filthy hand up my shirt and the other was pressing my arms securely above my head against the lockers. I heard a sickening rip and winced knowing it was my shirt. "Mike STOP!" I cried as he bit down on my now bare shoulder. "HELP, HELP SOMEONE PLEASE!" I cried as loud as I could into the echoing passageway. I felt Mike's hands creep down to where my baggy old jeans were hanging loosely on my hips. As his fingers attempted to unbutton the many that were my only protection from him, I saw something move out of the corner of m eye. "HELP!" I screamed trying to let them know I didn't want this, but making Mike think that we were still all alone in here. I saw a blur go by and the next thing I knew my arms and legs were free and I ran as fast as I could. That was until I crashed into something, or rather someone hard. "HELP" I yelled, but it only came out as a whisper as I felt myself collapse into sobs in the mystery person's arms. "You have to help me! He, Mike, he tried to… to…" I couldn't even finish my sentence as my body shook involuntarily. "I know I've got you now" Their silky voice soothed quietly as he stroked my hair as I buried my face in his strong chest. I didn't know who my saviors were but I was thankful, so thankful. "Jazz, I can't find Newton!" A deep voice hollered. Jazz, I thought trying to come up with the name. Jazz, Jazz, where have I heard that? Jazz, JASPER HALE! I screamed triumphantly in my head. Who's the other one? I thought. "Alright Em" Jasper said quietly, his shoulders sagging underneath me. Em? Em, who could it be? EMMETT CULLEN! I thought as though nothing else was going on. The two cutest and most popular boys in school. Why would they want to even help me? "Who is it Jazz?" Emmett asked quietly walking towards us. "It's Isabella Swan" Jasper answered with the frown prominent in his voice. "Oh no, what did she EVER do wrong?" Emmett's voice asked as he laid a heavy material over me. I glanced up from the safety and warmth of Jasper's neck, assuming they would want me to thank them so they could leave. "Thank you both so much. With out you two I would have… well you know" I whispered and handed Emmett's jacket back to him and slowly walked towards the exit.

I heard someone say my name faintly, but to quiet for me to know if I didn't imagine it. "Isabella?" The voice asked again from right behind me. "Yes?" I answered worried it might be Mike. "Well, Emmett and I just wanted to know if you were any real pain… Physically of course" Jasper asked from behind me. "Nothing that I can't deal with" I whispered turning my head to the side but not looking at him. "Are you sure, he grabbed you pretty hard" Jasper said back unconvinced. "No I'm fine" I lied. Just as I started walking away, he grabbed my arm where Mike did. Not hard but enough to make me fall back with pain. "Come on, we'll bring to our house and let Dad check you out" Jasper stated. "No, I'm fine, my dad's probably worried already" I whispered indicating to the dark sky. "I'll have Carlisle call him and tell him where you are"

I wanted nothing more than to say: "Alright Jasper, take me away to home where you can love me and take care of me in your arms forever!" but I didn't. "No honestly Hale I'm alright, I've done worse to myself" I mumbled trying to break his hold he had on me. "Well then let me see" He whispered in my ear. I shivered but decided it was the cold, and pulled my sleeves (or what was left of them) up so he could see the deep gashes and purple bruises forming. They were in the shape of handprints. His handprints I thought disgusted. "How will you tell your father?" He asked his jaw clenched. I could feel the tension rolling off him. "I'll tell him that I was falling down the stairs and someone grabbed my arms trying to catch me and they bruised me" I answered surprising myself as I tore my eyes away from his. "Have you had to do this before?" He asked. I couldn't answer him or stop the tears that were rolling down my cheeks, against my pleads and orders to stop. "Oh god, he's done this to you before" Jasper whispered as he stepped closer and took me into his arms. I just nodded against his chest. "Oh Isabella" He whispered and rubbed my hair like he had before. "You can ride with me and Emmett tonight alright?" He asked, not really expecting an answer so he just started to steer us to his car where Emmett was waiting patiently, watching. "What's wrong?" He asked as we reached the car. I couldn't tell what Jasper said s though he whispered it so quietly, I couldn't hear. The next thing I heard was Emmett gasp, and pull his jacket back onto my shoulders.

The ride in his car was silent, no one knowing what to say. I shivered, making Emmett turn up the heat. "This isn't my road" I whispered knowing they would hear me. "I know" Jasper said back, looking at me through the rear view mirror. "Look Hale, Cullen, you didn't your good deed for the day! You saved little Bella Swan from the big bad Mike! You can go back to ignoring me now!" I exclaimed agitated from the back seat. "Bella, is that what you think? That we hate you because you're not in out social circle?" Emmett asked as he opened the door for me as we stopped in front of a huge white mansion. "Yes, now tell me which direction can I get home in" I ordered in what I hoped was a strong voice, but I couldn't tell anymore. Jasper smiled at me and I felt my knees go weak but I caught myself at the last second. Emmett smirked as though he could tell what happened and pointed his long, pale finger in a direction to the left. It was a dark layer of trees, and then on the other side I could faintly see the yellow paint dividing the road. As I turned to stalk away I felt really dizzy and fell backwards towards the ground. I waited for the impact, but it never came. I opened my eyes and found myself staring into the blue eyes of Jasper Hale. "Maybe your dad should check me out" I mumbled as he set me back on my feet and helped me towards his house, with Emmett behind us the whole way laughing.

"Dad! We need your help!" Emmett called as he shut the door. I could barely stand on my own feet; almost all of my weight was leaning on Jasper. Before I could even finish a thought Carlisle was there. "What is it?" He asked as his eyes flickered to me. "Bella's hurt and needs to be mended" Emmett said covering Jasper's spluttering. "Bella? As in Isabella Swan? Charlie Swan's daughter?" Carlisle's eyebrows rose as he asked. I nodded and he stepped forward to lead me into what I could only imagine was the kitchen. "Where are you hurt?" He asked. "My arms" I answered in a whisper. "May I?" he asked politely as he gently rolled up my sleeves. His brow furrowed as he examined my bruises and gashes closely. "Isabella, may I ask you what really happened tonight?" He asked with a knowing look. I shook my head as the tears started again. "I went to meet my friend Jessica outside the boys' locker room after school and it wasn't Jessica who met me. It was Mike Newton and he tried to, to rape me… again" I whispered with my eyes downcast. As if Jasper could sense my discomfort from the other room, he walked in and wrapped an arm around me. Carlisle stared at me for a moment with his mouth open, but quickly realized this and shut it looking back to my arms. "Do they hurt?" He asked as he gently pressed around them. I nodded as I leaned in closer to Jasper. In response he tightened his hold slightly. When I looked back to my arms there was a big bandage on each of them after Carlisle rubbed a cold cream on them.

"That should do it, unless you need me to contact your father to tell him that you would like to stay here tonight" Carlisle smiled warmly at me, as if he could predict my answer. "I should get home he's probably already worried, and I don't think he would be too happy if I stayed over at a boys' house" I mumbled as I shrugged out of Jasper's grasp. "Oh nonsense I'll tell him you fell down and are unconscious here and I'll bring to school in the morning" Carlisle waved it of as dialed my number on his phone. "No really I have to go!" I exclaimed as I ran out the door as fast as I could, but as soon as I opened the door I managed to trip over the small step onto their patio. I fell to the icy ground with a hard "PLUNK". "Bella, do you want a ride?" A deep voice asked from behind me. I couldn't answer past a nod and the blush on my cheeks.

The ride home was even quieter than it was to the Cullen's. It was maddening! Before I could ask Jasper anything to break the silence we were there. "Well I guess I'll see you around school" He whispered without looking at me. "I only wish" I mumbled and got out of the car, walking to my front door and the punishment that was surely awaiting. Charlie's not a bad father, but he doesn't know when to stop and let it go! I thought bitterly. "Bye" I said quietly as I waved lazily, slightly annoyed to Jasper who had been staring at me the whole time.

This time it was different. Charlie was mad, too drunk to control himself. Normally I get a slap and told not to do it again. This time was the last, I couldn't stand it anymore. He was drunk and reeked of alcohol. "What took you so long to get home bitch?!" He slurred as he slapped me across the face, hard. "Sorry Charlie, I got hurt and Jasper and Emmett took me to their dad" I said in a hurry. He didn't seem to like this particular excuse, he punched and slapped and kicked until he was no longer sober enough to stand. "Dirty whore, you don't deserve to live" He spat and with one last kick to the ribs he stumbled up the stairs to his room. I tried to move but found that I couldn't. I laid there on the floor with my old ripped shirt, thanks to Mike, broken and sobbing. I didn't have to worry about Charlie because by this time he was already passed out asleep on his bed.

I dragged myself off the floor and towards the door. I had to leave, had to get away from him, from Mike from everyone. "Bella?" A distant voice asked from beside me. I could barely register anything as my dark eyes faded blurry, then finally everything turned black. "Sorry" Was the last thing I said as I slipped into the dark comfort of unconsciousness.

The last thing I remembered was hearing the softest voice utter my name and then I was down for the count. GREAT! I had no clue where I was, what happened or who said my name. One way to find out. I thought as I peeled open my eyes only to find that I couldn't see anything. I panicked and jumped up, instantly regretting it. "Easy there" a voice whispered from the darkness in front of me.

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