Chapter 8: Of Spanish and Rings

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I had a lovely evening except for that whole Mike thing. I was surprised by how torn up it made me feel. Everything I had forced myself to forget came rushing back in a frantic burn. I felt myself losing control as I changed in Jasper's large bathroom. I could still feel Mike's icy uncaring hands feel over my every cell. His harsh words hissed in my ears. His disturbing hard body crushed painfully against mine. The way he grunted as he got what he wanted. The way he had uncaringly taken from me. I didn't even notice the tears down my face or the fact that I had collapsed into silent sobs until I felt the warm drops hit the bare skin of my neck. I heard Jasper's call as he entered his room. I tried to shake my feelings off as he knocked gently on the door. Damn! I had forgotten to lock the blasted thing! I heard it slide open and his desperate face come before mine in a flash. I felt distantly embarrassed by the state I was in. Sobbing and half naked, my torso bare except for the bra that adorned my chest. He either didn't care or respectfully avoided it as he pulled my shaking body into his warm, strong, protective embrace.

"Bella, honey, darling, I promise you that it will all be okay. He'll never be able to touch you again! I will defend you with my very life if the situation comes!" he soothed in an extremely caring voice. I could still hear the undertones of his aggression towards Mike.

"Jasper. He took everything from me! My body, my innocence, what little happiness I could clutch onto! He took all I had!" I stuttered lowly through my sobs. I didn't know what made me crack tonight. I had seen Mike all day in school. I guess the fact that he wasn't completely held away from me at all times did it. Maybe it was the fact that Alice and Edward knew something was up and he wasn't making it easy for me to hide it.

"He did but rest assure he'll never do it again my angel" Jasper fought to keep me near him. He knew I was fading him away, I was fighting to keep strong and I couldn't do it in his arms. I gave a sudden lurch as I thought about the first time Mike ever touched me. All the times he hurt me flashed freshly into my mind and I lunged towards the toilet and wretched all the contents of my stomach into the basin. I felt Jasper's caring hands smooth my hair back from my face and rub soothing circles on my shoulders. I don't deserve anyone near as good as him. Yes I do! He loves me just as much as I love him!

"Bella I love you more than life itself! Don't ever doubt that!" he chided as I sat up and he saw the conflict in my eyes.

"I love you too and I know" I responded as I stood shakily and took a facecloth and ran it over my face after I placed under the sinks cool water. I heard the toilet flush and Jasper come over towards me, handing me one of his shirts to wear to bed.

"You're too good to me" I whispered as I slid the garment over my head and down my sides where after it reached my thighs.

"I know!" he gushed as he smirked playfully. I just laughed and smacked his shoulder. He leaned down and captured my lips in a sweet kiss and led me back to his room.

"Now I'm frigging beat! Let's go to bed!" he chuckled and stripped himself down to his boxers. Which were really cute! They had little rubber duckies on them with lily pads. I giggled into my hand and slipped into the large king sized bed and let my hair fan out onto the simple white pillows. He smiled and hopped onto the bed making the whole thing bounce and me giggle.

"You silly duck!" I giggled again as he rubbed his nose into the crook of his neck.

"Me? No, I think you're sorely mistaken" he laughed and gave me an Eskimo kiss.

"Of course!" I laughed and rested my head on his chest as he clapped turning out the lights. I fell into a sleep filled with love, hope, danger, care and trust. Nothing but the reassuring arms of my guardian angel protecting me and keeping the night terrors at bay.

JASPERPOV(in the morning):

My angel awoke just as the alarm went off, sending the digital clock into a frenzy of loud, harsh beeps.

"Ugh! Why don't you set it to the radio" Bella grunted as she buried herself deeper into my naked chest. I slapped my arm over the alarm, nearly smashing to pieces. It wouldn't have been the first time. Mom had to keep extra alarm clocks for both me and Emmett. Can you blame us for not wanting to get up? I think not.

"5 more minutes!" Bella mumbled and flipped completely so she was facing the bathroom. I laughed softly and pulled her into my arms as she squealed.

"No missy! You have to get up now!" I ordered playfully and she laughed when I tossed her into the bed. I walked to the bathroom and shed my boxers before I climbed into the hot shower.

I was out and in a white towel within 5 minutes, I opened up the door letting some of the smoldering steam into my cool room. I saw Bella's jaw literally drop as I walked towards her. I bit back a laugh and plopped beside her stunned form on my, our, bed. Her face flashed from her pale lightly dusted flesh to a crimson red flood in the matter of seconds. I decided to toy with her a little bit. I leaned in close to her, so that my body was flush against her from behind and lowered my lips to her ear.

"Your turn" I whispered, summoning the most seductive voice I could muster. I let my tongue dart out and trace the shell of her ear before he jumped and ran into the bathroom, stumbling every step. I chuckled once I was sure she was safely out of hearing as the shower turned on. I rose and pulled on the first clean things that came into my view. A pair of dark skinny jeans and a black and white Stars and Stripes shirt. I slid on my trademark skate shoes and walked over to the mirror by my bureau. I ran my fingers through my hair and was satisfied by the way it hung in my eyes. I shook it and walked away to put my towel in the laundry hamper.

My Bella resurfaced from the bathroom just as I was reaching out to place the towel in bin. My hand released the towel as I caught site of her dripping wet body wrapped in nothing but a white towel. She smirked at me and walked over, pushing her flush against my front.

"Um, B-bella?" I stuttered. Damn it!

"What's wrong?" she pouted, her bottom lip jutting out so it brushed mine.

"Um, uh, you- you're n-naked" I stated obviously.

"No silly! I've got a towel on!" she chirped and then pulled my head down so her lips were on my ear. "Unless you'd rather me be naked" she whispered. She pulled away and laughed seeing the look on my face.

"That was sooo funny!" she cried as she squirmed with laughter.

"No it wasn't! I was like sweating!" I exclaimed as anger filled me. I had no idea why, I had done the same thing to her…I couldn't stop the bile that rose in my throat as I saw her pale and flinch away from my shaking form.

"Bella, I didn't mean to scare you!" I cried desperately as she fled back into the bathroom with a bag of clothes in her hand. Man it must've been hard. Being that close to me and naked after what had happened to her. And I just made a jackass out of myself.

She came out of the bathroom a scowl on her face without so much as a word to m she left walked down the stairs. When she hit the 5th stair she fell and I rushed and wrapped my arms around her. Suddenly she ripped my arms away and strutted down the stairs, her icy glare still in place.

"Good morning Bella!" Esme's voice chirped happily as she danced around Carlisle while simultaneously flipping a pancake in a pan.

"Good morning Esme" Bella said serenely, picking up the offered plate of eggs and bacon with a pancake.

"Good morning Jasper! Bella! Mum, Dad!" Emmett cried happily as he strolled into the dining area. "Whoa! We get to have breakfast today!" he added as he took his plate. I just plopped down next to him and drank my glass of juice without a word. What an ass I am! I would make her forgive me! I had to!

"So what do we have to do today?" Emmett asked turning to me.

"We have a Spanish test which as everything we've studied thus far" I smirked as I saw his panicked look.

"Ha! You're gonna fail!" Bella giggled as she saw the same look.

"Crap! We gotta go now!" Emmett cried and dragged me and Bella out of the house.

After we got to the school Bella was attacked by a small flying figure. Alice.

"Hello Bella!" she cried and threw her arms around My Bella.

"Hey Alice" Bella smiled, she was still really shaken from what I had done, sadly Alice noticed.

"I gotta pee, Bella you wanna come, I don't remember where it is" Alice asked turning towards Bella. Bella let out a sigh and nodded and led the little pixie away. Damn.


Shit! I was gonna have to tell Alice about everything! Shit!

"So Bella what happened between you and Mike Newton?" she asked bluntly and I shivered.

"Look you can tell Edward and Rosalie but no one else or I swear to god, that I will murder you!" I threatened, even though she wasn't scared she nodded solemnly. "OK, well um, Mike, before you came here,he tried to, um, you know?" I shuddered just trying to get the word from my lips.

"OH BELLA!" she cried and hugged me closely to her, now still, body. I pulled away with a grimace instead of the smile I aimed for.

"It's okay now, I'm fine and I'm happy and more than safe with Jasper" I grinned as I said his name. it always made me happy to think about my Jasper.

"Oh, okay" she smiled at me and made her exit from the bathroom. I followed closely behind her, smiling too as I saw Jasper come running to me and wrap his arms around me, spinning me. I giggled and he whispered in my ear.

"Te amo Senora Hale" he whispered into my ear and I gasped. That meant 'I love you Mrs. Hale'.

"Oh Jasper, I love you too. It's my honor to be Mrs. Hale" I whispered back as he placed me on the ground. He grinned and slipped a necklace around my neck, a beautiful Diamond and Emerald ring resting delicately over my clavicles. Oh my.

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