Chapter 4

Moving Away

Claudius enjoyed his part of the Ceremony of Achievement. He was advanced to the Orange Order. After the ceremony, Claudius and his family all celebrated in their home. There was a small party and everyone was tired by the end of the evening.

The next day, Claudius heard the most shocking and depressing news of his life. He would have to move to a new place in the Orange Tower and leave his family. So, with a saddened heart, Claudius said good-bye to all of his family and left for good to the Orange Tower. He arrived in the Orange Tower wondering where he could stay. He didn't know any relatives who lived in the Orange Order.

He wandered around the corridors and halls. Even Dabbu didn't know what to do. As he wandered, Claudius happened to bump into a Chosen. The Chosen he bumped into was the girl who did the best at the Achievement of Music. From the expression of wonder on Claudius's face, Marr guessed he probably didn't know anything or anyone in the Orange Order. So she invited him over with her family for the night.

Claudius felt right at home with Marr's aunt and uncle. They were very friendly and didn't care too much about Claudius's position; they only cared that Claudius was in trouble and he would need help. So Claudius slept soundly that night, glad that he had a bed to sleep in.

Chapter 5

A Friend Indeed

Claudius stayed with Marr and her guardians while in the Orange Tower. During that time he became good friends with Marr. They always walked together to the Lectorium and played games like Colors and Beastmaker together.

One day in the Lectorium, Claudius was called out of the chamber and was introduced to a man named Lector Orek. Lector Orek was a tall man, young probably only about twenty-six years old. He was told that this man was going to be a private tutor for him. Claudius looked at the Lector's face for any indication of expression. It gave none.

Claudius explained the strange man to Marr after the end of lessons. Marr was curious about the stranger so Claudius kept talking to her about the stranger. They played four rounds of Beastmaker before being called to the dining room to eat dinner.

So Claudius was glad that he had finally found a friend. A human friend to be specific, but a friend nonetheless.

Chapter 6

Playing The Fools

Claudius was up the next morning and on his way to the Lectorium when he saw something that he had to stop for. He saw three Chosen children(Orange Order) ganged up against a small Chosen boy(Red Order). Claudius knew how it was when he had been bullied like this. So he took a detour from his route and headed straight toward trouble.

The three Orange children didn't notice Claudius until he smacked the head of the tallest boy with his fist. The other two turned around and glared at him.

"Hey, what's your problem?" the boy with the spectacles asked.

"Yeah, what is your problem?" chanted the girl with the dark brown hair.

Claudius thought that it would be nice if these bullies would quit if he told them bullying was wrong but he knew better. So he simply replied:

"You shouldn't fight three on one. It kinda makes you three look like cowards."

The two were really irritated when Claudius called them cowards. Claudius could tell because he could see them blowing hot air out of their nostrils. They charged at him headfirst. The first attacker, the boy in the spectacles, missed Claudius and ran straight into the wall. The second one was less fortunate. She tried to use a Red Ray of Destruction but was hit by Claudius's Blinding Ray of White Light before she could even begin to focus.

The third child was up and now looked around. Claudius had to prepare quickly while his enemy was still down. He swiftly got into position for the one-man ambush. As the large boy turned the corner, Claudius hit him square in the chest with and Orange Blaze.

Then he left the scene quietly and headed to the Lectorium.