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The New Girl

It was early in the morning of a Tuesday. I was lying on my couch relaxing as well as I could with the thoughts of my family members swirling around me. My music was playing softly in the background. I was organizing my mind in an unfocused manner. It sounds like a paradox, I know, but it's true. Esme and Carlisle were talking quietly on the ground floor, while the other pairs were happily in their rooms. I shut them out as best I could. There was nothing excessively interesting to focus on. I just waited patiently for it to be time to go to school.

Without doing so much as knocking on their doors on the way down, the five of us pretending to be children were crammed into my Volvo and off to school. I heard a snippet of Jasper's thoughts from the backseat.

we should've gone hunting. I hate all this "pretending to be human"…

Through the rear view mirror, I glanced back at Alice. She nodded and put her small hand gently on Jasper's knee next to her. As I refocused on the road, I saw a brief glance of my eyes in the mirror. They were the color of hunger: black.

We made it to school with little conversation to entice any of us. I suffered through my first few classes in a zoned out manner that I usually enjoyed. I took to wandering around the heads of my classmates to see if anything interesting was hanging around in the air. There were a couple kids in my class with the same thing flying around their heads. Isabella Swan. I had no idea who she was when the first kid thought it, but I paid more attention. Apparently, she was a new girl here in Forks, the daughter of Chief Swan. I shrugged it off and turned to the packet of busy work. I hated substitute teachers…

Lunch came as fast as it probably could move. Sometimes time would be fast for me and sometimes it was slow. I found my normal table at the cafeteria. Emmett and Alice were already there. I nodded to them, and they nodded back.

Edward. Alice's voice was strong and clear, like she was talking directly into my ear. I'm worried about Jasper. He's been in a bad mood all day.

"He's thirsty," I replied, quickly and quietly. "He'll be all right."

She smiled. I can see that. I just don't like him like this. Can you help me try to get him to feel better?

I lowered my head a few millimeters, just for her to see it and process it. Jasper and Rosalie appeared at the table, and we all began the façade. Every once and a while, one of us would make a comment. Alice was telling Jasper that he didn't need to worry. I didn't like it when Jasper was unhappy, either. His thoughts were so morbid and it affected Alice. Nothing was scarier than a macabre Alice. She sent me a quick note that she was going to get some air, so she took her tray and left. The four of us sat at our table without much interest.

who's Bella talking about? Oh, the Cullens… probably Edward…

I looked up almost involuntarily to recognize the voice. It was Jessica, a junior like me who had a habit of sticking her nose into other people's business. She was sitting halfway across the cafeteria in her normal posse. In a split second, I realized that there was a person next to her who was peering at me. I tried to look into her head and then it hit me like a rock. I turned my head back to the table. For someone reason, I couldn't pick up on her thought-stream. I tuned my ears into the conversation between the two girls for more information. Jessica gave a brief introduction of us.

"They are… very nice-looking." The speaker was the new girl. I knew what she sounded like now, and so I tried to find her thoughts. Again, I was thwarted by a tap inside my head, like a warning signal not to go any further. The conversation continued with the normal ambiance. Jessica brought up the fact that there were pairs within the family and that we Cullens were adopted. That's true for the most part. There was no need to go into too much detail.

"I think that Mrs. Cullens can't have any kids, though." Jessica was so frustrating. Her thoughts immediately thought ill of Esme and I was very close to going over to her and punching her. I knew it was a bad idea and that I wouldn't do it, but attacking Esme was low. Esme had been nothing but sweet to anyone and everyone. The spoken conversation paused, but Jessica's brain continued.

yeah, yeah, they moved from Alaska. I wonder if she notices how unsettling it is to have them look so perfect. They make the rest of us feel so normal. If only she knew what some of us would do to be normal again…Honestly, sometimes I think they should go away. I guess it's good that they stay here. They are sights for sore eyes. Especially Edward… oh-ho! Is Bella checking him out?

My head snapped upward and I caught the gaze of the new student. Her eyes were brown; I could see that now. She looked startled and darted her head down to the table. I tried yet again to weave my way into her head and yet again I was met without success. It didn't hurt my head like the first time, but it was still wildly frustrating.

"Which one is the boy with the reddish brown hair?" I continued to watch Bella as she asked about me. She peeked at me from the corner of her eye and looked away when she noticed me looking back. Jessica gave her a typical response.

Oh, so now she sees something she likes… "That's Edward. He's gorgeous, of course, but don't waste your time. He doesn't date. Apparently, none of the girls here are good-looking enough for him." She sounded annoyed at the memory. I wanted to laugh so hard as I remembered the advance Jessica had made to me once. My reasoning for turning her down was not because she was unattractive (granted, she isn't that pretty, but she's not Quasimodo), but because she held no interest for me. Her mind was shallow and not intriguing. This new girl, however, was peaking my interest.

So, instead of breaking into a vile fit of laughter, I smiled slightly. I was sure that Bella was entertained, too. She bit her lip gently. I turned to look at my hands on the table and began listening to people talk about the new girl. Gossip wasn't really my thing, but it helped me get through the day.

look at her; she's like a heart-faced angel…

Bella's a pretty name…

Damn! I want to tap that!...

oh, man, I am so lucky to be in her class!...

"Oy! Earth to Edward!" Emmett's hand was flying in front of my face. "Snap out of reverie mode. You have to stop thinking." I made the thoughts fade away and looked at him. "It's time for next period, stupid."

I rolled my eyes. We stood up to head to our next classes. I separated from them and found my seat in Biology class. It was nice not having a seatmate. I wouldn't worry about making them feel awkward. I could relax and listen to Mr. Banner talk about all the science stuff I already new. Being alive for eighty plus years sure came in handy.

sweet! Bella's in my bio class! Man, oh, man, I can't wait!...

I usually didn't listen to Mike, but this gave me cause to. Bella was in my Biology class? That would mean she would have to sit next to me. I sighed but began clearing her side. I was going to turn to greet her but then it hit me.

Have you ever broken your nose or had your skull collapse on your brain?

I can imagine what it feels like.

As I was beginning to turn, Bella walked past me. Her hair hit a current coming in from an open window and her scent reached my nostrils. It was intoxicating, almost floral. I could feel the venom seeping between my teeth.

She smelled delicious.

And she tripped. Her hand gripped onto the side of the table and she looked up at me slowly. Horror was evident on her face as she regained her balance. I could feel my face freeze. I tightened my hands into fists to try and regain control.

My inner demon leapt out in my head. I could see her, small and innocent, unaffected and childish, shuddering under my gaze. She walked to the front of the room and was sent to her seat with me.

Perfect… Demon Edward purred. Images flickered through my mind.

Edward! Alice's voice ripped through me. Edward, I see it. Just stay calm. You'll be all right. Don't do it. Of course she had seen it while she was in class

Ignore her… Look at Bella… Look at her throat… Why would she be made not for your consumption? The demon made me watch her, taking in her every step. She sat next to me and put her things on the table. I leaned my chair as far away from her as possible.

Calm down, I reminded myself. Just don't breathe. Just ignore it. But I couldn't. I could still taste her on my tongue, still smell her in my head. I tried to think of how to get her. I couldn't just kill her in front of everyone. I would have to kill the other children in the room.

Ah, children. They thought they had reached maturity. They thought they had seen all that life could throw at them. They thought they could own the world if they tried. They had no idea how easy it would be for me to slaughter them all with my eyes closed. Quite literally.

EDWARD!! Alice's voice reminded me. I dragged myself away from my demon and locked him away. I couldn't do this. I looked down at her, fury in my eyes.

And at that moment, she looked up.

And only two words circled through my mind at that instant, only two words to describe her, spoken by the Demonic Edward shut up in the back of my mind: That bitch.

She looked like a deer in headlights, an innocent deer with Bambi's eyes. I couldn't take it. She was a child, just like the rest of them. Our gazes locked and my demon tried to jump out of the closet again. Her giant brown orbs were staring at me with terror.

If it hadn't been for the bell, I would've dispatched of her. I gathered my belongings and sped out the door, trying not to seem too inhumanly fast. I heard a few whoas from children, but it didn't matter. I needed to get out of there, and fast. I barely survived my last period class. I knew there was only one thing I could do before I exploded. As soon as the bell for school to be over rang, I rushed to the office. I walked straight up to the receptionist, Ms. Gyper. She looked up at me through her glasses and the breath caught in her throat.

Oh, lordy, lordy, it's one of the Cullens. Edward, I think. My, he's attractive. Those powerful muscular arms… Oh, wake up!

"How can I help you, Mr. Cullen?" she asked.

"I need to have a schedule fix," I began, using my enticing voice when I wanted my way. "I would rather a higher level Biology." It was a lie, but half-decent, and in my voice, I would get what I wanted. She began fumbling through some papers, singing some old songs in her head to keep from thinking about my "hot body."

"Well, I don't know," she finally said. "You're pretty much stuck with it. Besides, sixth-hour Biology isn't that bad, is it?" She smiled at me and I narrowed my eyes at her. She was taunting me. I knew it.

"Ms. Gyper, I—" I was interrupted by Laura Wais who placed a sheet of paper in one of the many wire-baskets. Then it hit me. Again.

That smell. A warm meadow in summer. I could practically feel the sunshine. But my demon wanted the sunshine. It wanted all of it. My brain started fuming like mad. I felt my body stiffen automatically as I turned to see a petrified Bella Swan standing at the opposite wall. She was back…

Ah! Now you can get her without the hassle of all those children. Just her and Ms. Gyper. Oh, yes, Edward, do try! My demon was trying to lure me in. I needed air.

"Never mind, then," I said quickly. "I can see that it's impossible. Thank you so much for your help." I tried not to make the sarcasm in my voice too obvious in the last sentence, but from her throats she was just stunned by me in general. And Bella was a brick wall.

I needed somewhere to escape her. Home wasn't far enough. I was thinking… north. Alaska! I would go visit the coven in Denali.

I hurried out the door and into the cool, crisp air. I made my way to my car and slipped my keys into Rosalie's hand.

"Where are you going?" she asked me, pretending to be joking. Then I let her see my face. Her joking stopped.

"Edward…" Alice was looking at me with sympathy. "Be home soon."

She had seen my plan. Of course. I nodded to her and was off. For this trip, I would need Carlisle's car. I didn't want to stop until I could collapse into the snowy dunes that held me so long ago. I ran into Forks, away from the school and that damned girl who just screwed my life up.

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