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Love Pools.

Merlin how I hate study duty.

All I do is pace and prowl, pace and prowl. I get s a bit monotonous really.

I watch the tables, ignoring the Slytherins As per usual, and paying only slightly more attention to the Ravenclaws. I pay mediocre attention to the Hufflepuffs, and watch the Gryffindors with the eyes of the vulture, waiting to takes points off for the slightest mishap.

My prime targets are none other than the so called, "golden trio". Merlin, how I despise that name that I hear muttered through the corridors. Though, I do hear it notably less once I took up the habit of taking off points from those who dared to utter it. I believe it was a Weasley creation, of the clone genus. It sickens me.

As I watch, it would appear that Weasley was attempting to ask Granger to the ball. Finally. It was one of those thing that is painfully obvious to all but those involved, and Potter, but he was just naturally thick. We have had a running pool going on in the staff room for two years now. Oh, I was so going to win.

Well, as much as I hate to get in the way of progress, it is just too much fun. I grin to myself as I prowl down the hall towards Weasley. I'm getting closer; my right hand is tingling in anticipation.



Hmmm. Potter is laughing at his friend's pain. How very slytherin of him. Oh, well. Must keep up appearances.



Oh, I am SO going to win that pool with Minerva. Which is good, because I still owe her from that whole Weasley/Clearwater thing, because really, who saw that coming?

But apparently she still owes Albus from their Lily/Potter pool…

Go Figure.

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