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Chapter 3

I stifled a whimper as I pulled Lawrence's heavy build over my shoulders. His head lopped around like a doll's and settled against the side of my face. The exposed flesh of his temple pressed against my cheek, slick warm blood shading my skin. My heart raced faster with worry as if his gashes were my own. I felt goose bumps pricking along my skin. Up my arms, along my legs, and bristling at the nape of my neck. The balmy liquid draining from him was steadily dripping down my own sides. This was going to be no easy task. His quickening breath in my ear was a constant reminder that his life was in my hands. I eyed the rim of the pit hastily. With a sharp breath I pounced at the lip, heaving my stomach forward and inched my way further.


My legs scrambled behind me flinging dirt in all directions. It felt like I was going nowhere. Digging my heels in I managed to move forward with Lawrence in tow. I forced myself to roll letting him tumble onto the ground outside his grave and found myself sliding back down. Filth clung to my ankles and dug into my toenails.

"Damnation..." many more curses bubbled up but I had more pressing matters at the time. The scent of fresh earth surrounded me as the walls appeared to close in on me. I jerked my head upwards for a moment regarding the long cedars and pines towering above. Did our attackers drag Lawrence in here to die? Or did he crawl here himself? I discovered that I could not think of an answer to my question. I slipped out of the hole nimbly and hovered over Lawrence who was making a series of faces. His features twitched and churned with the rhythmic throbbing of his wounds. A low moan escaped him.

"Horo..." he wheezed.

The shaky sound of his voice was painful to my ears.

"Quiet." I said stiffly. His good eye struggled to focus on me.

"You're hurt badly. Let me fix you up."

I stood up and with much vulgarity ripped the bottom of my slip clean off, shredding the fine little laces and floral decor that had been there. I was on my knees again cupping Lawrence's head with my hands. I cleared the hair away from his left eye. It was still there but it was swollen and purple. Dirt and grass were wedged stuck onto the mass of blood surrounding his eye but, yes, it was there. Small streams of yellow pus trickled down through his hair and over his cheek. I bit my lip chewing it with my fang until I punctured it.

Lawrence was my comrade. He was supposed to be the one who showed me how things were done. He was supposed to be the one telling me to be quiet...the one to tell me when I was right or wrong.

So why was I here? Cradling his head on my thighs running my hands through his hair like a fretting mother?

Lawrence had seemed so...immoveable. Strong. Inflexible.

I shook my head angry with myself. I peered down locking eyes with Lawrence. How could I have become so entangled with such human charms? Humans were extremely fragile creatures. Yet...I'd forgotten that completely. My eyes clouded over with confusion. Fantastic. Great time to start sobbing, Horo. Frustrated I assembled my senses trying to establish which one was most important. Why was I being so difficult? A lump formed in my throat teasing the tears webbing my eyes.

"Horo." Lawrence brought me back from inner battles.


My ears shuddered at the sound of Lawrence. I looked at him. I probably looked ghastly. Blood and grime smeared across my face...a meshed up knot of hair and twigs adorning my head. My mouth hung open and my eyes were large and listless. A tiny bead of blood blew up on my lip. He stared at me with a wide frightened eye.

"Horo, say something!" he almost shouted but his voice was smothered with distress.

I'd been doing nothing but stare at him for about half a minute now holding the slip in my hand. Tears rolled down my cheeks but I wiped them away disgustedly and began, rather violently, to wrap Lawrence's head with the piece of slip.

"Agh! Ow! Ow! Ow! Horo, Horo! Calm down!" Lawrence flinched and grabbed at my arms with his one able hand. I dodged his hand and pulled the cloth into a tight bow. His head secured, I finally let him snatch my bony wrist in his large hand.

"I'm fine. Just wait a sec..." he brought my hand down slowly enclosing it with his. He breathed heavily for a few moments. I sniffed, scarcely daring to do so much as breathe. My chest quaked as I tried to appear calm.

"The wagon..." Lawrence started suddenly.

"Burnt." I replied flatly.

"My horse..."


A long sigh drifted from Lawrence.

"We're fine."

I peered down at him my mouth ajar.

"You've lost everything, you aren't fine." I ground my teeth as I hissed this. I was growing angry. I knew I shouldn't. He wasn't thinking straight and this thought alone should've been enough to calm me but it didn't.

Lawrence considered my words his eyes lighting up with an all too familiar calculate. He sat up using his good arm as a stake.

"Horo, I said we were fine." he examined his arm his mouth twitching a tad. His shoulder sagged like a dead weight, the arm loose from its socket.

My ears flattened against my head as I re-ran the whole event in my head. This wasn't logical. It wasn't smart. This whole situation reeked of failure to me. I let out a shaky breath.

"Lawrence..." I couldn't bring myself to speak further. I planned on reprimanding him but dismissed the idea inertly. I got up my tail gently lifting behind me.

"I'll find something to splint your arm with." The sound of the words was steely if a bit cold.

"Alright..." Lawrence lowered his gaze away from mine. He was ashamed. Not of me but of himself. He couldn't even say 'thank you' without feeling so utterly inept. I could sympathize. He had offered me salvation only a few nights before and now he was broken, stockless, and without transportation. The irony of it all was enough to make me wretch.

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