Remus took a sip of tea, silence filled the dungeon. He didn't really know why he was here anymore, why had he come to Severus Snape of all people in the first place. Severus answered his question a moment later.

"I know how it feels to lose someone you loved," Severus put his hand on the other man's shoulder.

Remus looked up into Severus' dark black eyes something was odd about them the emotion they portrayed was, peculiar. Remus stood up panicking, Severus took a step back still staring at him with that unusual glance his mouth turned up into a smirk. Remus was about to say something but Severus cut him off, but not with words, his own lips. Remus was horrified he quickly pulled away looking into the other man's eyes, his smirk. He then did something he'd never thought he'd do in his life he pulled him back. Their lips connected hands immediately going everywhere. Severus' sick hands snaking around his waist. Each man felt the disgust of the other yet couldn't keep from the touch.

Remus let Severus' revolting tongue enter his mouth in the heat of the moment. Remus was pushed against the wall his hands combing through Severus' greasy hair. He could feel Severus hard against him. Severus began to pull at his belt. With the fumbling of hands he undid it and started at his buttons. Remus noticed this and again began to panic. Severus massaged the front of his pants finding Remus' cock willing for play. Remus put his hands against the wall trying to find his voice to protest. Severus sensed his apprehension and rubbed against him again causing Remus to moan. Remus was frozen against the wall as Severus exposed him. Remus hadn't wanted to go this far he hadn't wanted or known this would happen, he never knew Severus fancied blokes.

But Remus couldn't resist the feeling of Severus' tongue against his cock, it felt so good. He groaned throwing his head back against the wall catching Severus off guard as he grabbed the back of his head pushing him deeper and faster. Finally he exploded into Severus' mouth, which Snape reluctantly swallowed. Severus looked up at Remus from the floor a smirk on his face. Remus' own eyes were wide guilt, fear, disgust, not just with himself but with Severus. How could he do that, why He wanted to leave he needed to go. He zipped up his pants and fixed his belt. Without a word he ran out of Severus' office.

Severus crossed his arms over his chest, he'd be back.


This is from a different story with a whole other plot line (giggles) I just liked this bit enough to show you all.

I could possibly do more with this.

It depends on whether or not anyone wants me to.

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