Alright, my first Ouran High School Host Club fanfic! This story is going to be based somewhat around the concept of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Also, since I haven't really read the manga, this fic is going to be based in the anime universe. However, I may borrow some things from the manga from time to time. I'm also using some Japanese words, so here they are with their translation:

Konnichi wa – Good afternoon

Ano – ummm

Neesan – big sister

Okaasan – mother

Otoosan – father

I will now turn it over to my muse who will give the disclamer.

Alfador: SquiggleSmurf does not own any part of Ouran High School Host Club. She is merely a fan of the anime and is writing this story for fun. She does however own the three original characters who appear in this fic: Naoki, Usagi, and Mizuki. Enjoy!

'Ah, I'm out. Finally,' Haruhi Fujioka quickly slipped out of the doors of Ouran Academy. Classes had ended about two hours ago, but Host Club activities kept her late. As much as she loved the Host Club, things could get pretty hectic, with Tamaki being his usual dramatic self, Hunny eating all those cakes, Hikaru and Kaoru acting mischievous, and all those screaming girls. But Friday had come at last, and now Haruhi could take a break from the activities for the weekend.

'I just hope they don't make a surprise visit,' Haruhi thought, making her way out of the gates of the school. 'I have to study for that English test on Monday.'

As she turned to walk down the sidewalk, she saw a limousine and a male student sitting on the sidewalk, working on a Sudoku puzzle book.

Haruhi looked in confusion. 'Why is that student sitting there instead of getting on his limo and going home? Isn't his limo driver getting annoyed?'

Looking closer, Haruhi recognized the student. He was Naoki Kozu, a somewhat short boy with short, dark brown hair styled neatly and hazel eyes. Though he was only fifteen years old, he was in the same class as Haruhi, as he had started school a year early. Curious as to why he was waiting outside by himself, Haruhi approached him. "Naoki-kun?"

The fifteen-year-old brunette looked up from his puzzle and turned towards Haruhi. Upon seeing his classmate, Naoki smiled and replied, "Konnichi wa, Haruhi-kun!" He pushed up his round glasses, put his puzzle book back in his school bag, and got up to face Haruhi.

Haruhi gave a small wave. "Konnichi wa. Ano, Naoki-kun, what are you doing here so late?"

"Oh, I'm waiting for my Neesan," he explained, a little annoyed. "You didn't happen to see Mizuki at the Host Club, did you?"

"Hmmm, Mizuki-sempai…" Haruhi tried to remember if she saw the black-haired second year. "No, I don't think I remember seeing her. She's one of Tamaki-sempai's clients, right?"

"Yeah, and she's also a fan of twinest," Naoki sighed. "Where could she be? She's never this late…"

Haruhi glanced at the limousine. "That's yours, right? Has your limo driver been waiting all this time?"

Naoki nodded. "Usagi-san is always scheduled to pick me and Neesan up after school."

"He must be really annoyed, having to wait all this time…"

"No, it's okay. He's paid to wait for us. That's his job! Right, Usagi-san?"

Usagi gave a nod from inside the limousine. Naoki grinned, and Haruhi gave a weak smile. 'Rich bastards.'

Looking back towards Naoki, Haruhi asked, a bit concerned, "Do you have any idea of why she might be late?"

"Hmmmm," Naoki thought deeply. "Well, we did have a little fight two days ago, but I don't think-"

Just then, a seventeen-year old girl with long black hair in a ponytail came running out of the gate. Frantically, she ran to Naoki (knocking down Haruhi in the process), grabbed him, shoved him into the limousine before jumping in herself, and screamed, "DRIVE USAGI-SAN! DRIVE NOW! DRIVE LIKE YOU NEVER DRIVEN BEFORE!"

With that, the limo took off, leaving Haruhi lying face down on the sidewalk. She got up, twitching slightly. 'Rich bastards…'

"Neesan! Why did you do that?" Naoki scolded his sister, looking out the back window of the limo. "I think you hurt Haruhi-kun!"

"Forget Haruhi-kun! I have something much more important than any cute boy!" Mizuki whipped out a small black glass bottle from her purse, eyeing it admirably with her dark brown eyes.

Naoki gulped. "Neesan, what exactly is that?" he asked carefully.

Mizuki smirked. "This, little brother, is the answer to certain doubts I've been having recently."

"Which ones?"

Mizuki glared annoyingly at the brunette. "Show some respect for your Neesan! This is partly your fault anyway!"


"Don't act like you've forgotten that horrible thing you said two days ago!"

"… you're still thinking about that?" Naoki sighed.

"Naoki, why can't you understand how deeply you hurt me with that language!?"

"I didn't say anything bad!" Naoki raised his voice, getting mad.

"What do you mean you didn't say anything bad!? You said things worse than any curse the Dark Magic Club could conjure up! You are obviously a heartless beast with no remorse!"

"I was just telling the truth!"

"The truth!? THE TRUTH!? Let me tell you something: Hikaru and Kaoru are so deeply in love! IT IS NOT AN ACT LIKE YOU ACCUSE IT OF BEING!"

Naoki groaned. "The Host Club only wants to bring joy to woman. They only act incestuous to-"


There was an uneasy silence in the limo for the next several minutes. Mizuki, her knees to her chest, stroked the bottle while Naoki stared out the window, dumbfounded.

'Why does my sister have to be so crazy?' he thought hopelessly. 'How is twincest so hot anyway?'

Naoki decided to break the silence. "Neesan, how exactly is that bottle supposed to help you?"

Mizuki smirked, straightened herself out, and looked at her brother. "Although I refuse to believe any word you say, creature, you made me doubt the Hitachiin twins' relationship. But this little bottle will straightened everything out."

Naoki prepared himself for the worst. "So what is it?"

Mizuki took a deep breath and held up the bottle. "This, is a love potion."

Naoki stared at his sister. And stared. And gaped. But mostly stared.

"Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking," Mizuki said, rolling her eyes. "'Love potions don't work.' But I know this one is real!"

"And how do you know that?" Naoki asked, afraid of the answer.

Mizuki beamed. "I got it from Nekozawa-san!"

The younger teen narrowed his hazel eyes. "Nekozawa-san gave you a love potion."

"Well, not exactly," Mizuki admitted. "I had to sneak into his dark magic room."

"You WHAT!?"

"Well, what did you expect me to do!?" Mizuki huffed. "Ask Nekozawa himself and risk getting cursed or just forget about the whole thing?"

"Actually, the latter doesn't sound like a bad-"

"Shut up Naoki!" Mizuki shouted. She quickly lowered her voice and went back to her explanation. "Now, like I was saying, I had to sneak into his room. And I'll tell you: it wasn't easy. Do you know how hard it is to wait for a door that may or may not appear? And then I had to look through that room. Now that was creepy. There were all those candles and magic circles. Seriously, one wrong turn and I could have been turned into a toad or something! But I finally found this little bottle: Love Potion #69."

"Love Potion #69?" Naoki sweat dropped.

His older sister shrugged. "That's what the bottle said."

"Well, I suppose no harm's been done as long as you didn't get caught."

Mizuki glanced around nervously.

"Neesan?" Naoki started to get very serious. "No one saw you, right?"

"Ummm…. not exactly," Mizuki admitted, sheepishly. "I mean, I think he may have seen me, but it's taken care of."

Naoki moaned. "Neesan, I don't want our family name to be ruined because you had to steal for a stupid reason."

Mizuki twitched at the word 'stupid' but attempted to comfort her brother. "No Naoki, listen to me. You see, I was almost to the door when Nekzsawa-san came in."

The boy moaned louder.

"No, Naoki! It's okay! Listen! I kind of panicked when I saw him. So, I saw a container on a nearby shelf. Since I didn't know what else to do, I took it and opened it. It contained this dust-like substance. With no other better plan, I took some of the dust and blew it at him."

Naoki moaned something about assault charges.

"No, I didn't hurt him! It just put him to sleep. See? It's sleep dust," Mizuki pulled the container out of her bag.

Her younger brother looked up at her and moaned again. "You stole that too?"

"Hey, it might be useful," Mizuki shrugged.

The brunette hung his head and groaned, "Just tell me you didn't take anything else."

"Well, there was one other thing…"

Naoki shot up. "Neesan! What else!?"

The black-haired teen bit her lip and pulled out…

"Beelzenef!? You stole Nekozawa's Beelzenef!?"

"Look, just in case Nekozawa-san saw me, I need some leverage against him. Plus, he can't curse me without his little puppet here."

Naoki covered his face with his hands. "Okaasan and Otoosan are going to kill us!"

Mizuki rolled her eyes. "It really isn't going to matter. After he fell asleep, I put some of the love potion on Nekozawa-san. When he wakes up, he will probably be too busy being in love to even think about his lost puppet."

"Neesan, why don't you understand? That love potion isn't going to work!"

"Silence!" Mizuki commanded. "I've had enough of you and your idiotic logic! This love potion is real and it is going to work!"

"Has anyone told you that you're insane?"

"Oh sure, make fun of me now but you'll see," Mizuki once again eyed and stroked the bottle in awe. "Come Monday afternoon, Hikaru and Kaoru will be bound forever by an irresistible love!"

Naoki's right eyebrow began to itch.

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