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Ah, quit it! Anyways *addresses readers*, welcome to the 3rd chapter of "A Midschool Year's Nightmare"! I started this story over 4 years ago, but now, I'm finally going to try to finish it! If any of my readers from 4 years ago are here (though I doubt it), hi and sorry for the long wait! Also, I edited the 1st two chapters, so give them a read again if you haven't already. Also here are the Japanese words with their translation that I'm using for this chapter:

domo arigatou gozaimasu – thank you very much

Tono – lord

ano – ummm

daijoubu? – are you okay?

gomen – sorry

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After classes and extracurricular activities had ended, Ouran Academy became mostly deserted. Nearly all students and teachers had returned to their respective homes, having no other reason to continue their presence at school. But two students saw this as the perfect opportunity to have alone time. Therefore, it's no surprise that third-year couple Kagami and Jiro were currently walking down the second floor hall of Ouran Academy in the late afternoon, their arms linked and each eating a banana with their free hand.

"Oh, Jiro!" Kagami exclaimed passionately, her long curly black hair flipping as she turned her head to look at Jiro, her black eyes shimmering. "You are simply the most wonderful man in this entire world! I have no idea what I would ever do without you!"

"And you are the most beautiful and spectacular girl I have ever laid eyes on!" Jiro said devotedly. He turned to gaze into her eyes with his own shimmering, dark brown eyes. "You are far superior to any other female! I'm the luckiest to have you, Kagami!"

"Oh, I definitely have to agree with you on that, dear Jiro!" Kagami responded knowingly. "I am much more superior to any other girl, as you are much more superior to any other man. We are truly the greatest couple there ever was and is!"

"Oh, true, true," Jiro agreed nodding his head, his short dark brown hair slightly bobbing with him. "I almost feel sorry for all those who aren't us. But then again, why I would feel sorry for those who are beneath us?"

The couple took a moment to stop and give a short laugh, and then they continued to strut down the halls, munching on their bananas. Soon enough, they finished their fruit, leaving themselves with only the inedible peels. The couple looked at each other, gave a smirk, and tossed their peels behind them. Cleaning up garbage should be the jobs of peasants, not fabulous people like Kagami and Jiro!

They continued on, now turning around a corner in the hall. When they reached the other side, the couple noticed a certain blonde-haired teenager facing and leaning against the wall, darkness surrounding him as he appeared grim.

Kagami's face turned sour, and she gave out a shriek of disgust. "How terrible! An inferior student is still here and has disturbed our special walk! And how ghastly he appears! Horrible! Horrible!"

Jiro took his girlfriend's hand in his, gently rubbing it. Looking at her with gentle eyes, he soothingly said, "My dear Kagami, please do not look so sad. It pains me ever so much to see you in despair. Please, pay no heed to that sorry sap. He is probably drowning in sorrow because he's not us, dearest. After all, who would be happy if they could never be as superior as we are?"

"Ah, I suppose you're right, my wonderful Jiro," Kagami agreed, her mood lightening up. She glanced back at the depressed student and leaned in to take a closer look. "Hmmm… Jiro? Isn't that Tamaki Suoh, a second-year student?

"Hmmm," Jiro took a closer look himself. "I think you're right. What a genius you are, Kagami!"

"Yes, I know! I am!" Kagami gave a short chuckle, relishing in her intelligence. Afterwards, she quickly composed herself and turned back to Jiro. "Now, isn't he the fool who made that ridiculous host club?"

"You mean that club with men who have too much time on their hands who entertain women with too much time on their hands?" Jiro threw his head back and gave a few light laughs. "How pathetic! How can they possibly make women happy if they're not me?"

"True, true," Kagami nodded, look back towards Tamaki. She brought a finger up to her chin and said, "Still, one has to admire Tamaki for his pathetic attempt."

Though still in darkness, Tamaki slowly picked his head up and turned it to the couple. 'Admire… me?'

"I suppose," Jiro agreed, giving a sigh. "All the time and effort spent into planning and running the club… He could be using that time to better prepare himself to take over his father's company. But no. He just wastes it to try to make girls happy. Such foolish determination."

The darkness began to fade around Tamaki, as his eyes grew wider. 'Determination… make girls happy…'

"And I guess many of the girls here do find Tamaki very attractive," Kagami added, shrugging. "I mean, he's nothing compared to you, dear Jiro, but I suppose he does have his own charms. He's fairly handsome… for a half-Japanese."

"Attractive! Charms! Handsome! Of course!" The darkness around Tamaki had now completely disappeared, and he stood up straight in a strong pose with a fiery passion in his eyes. "How could I have forgotten? My purpose, my duty in life! My beauty is a gift from God himself, and I have a mission to complete! I must make all the girls happy!"

Walking forward to address Kagami and Jiro, he continued, "You must be angels sent from God himself to remind me of my mission. For that, domo arigatou gozaimasu! I shall never forget your kind words and actions. But now, I must bid you adieu."

The third year couple watched in slight confusion as Tamaki ran around the corner and took off down the hall, calling out, "Hikaru! Kaoru! Your beloved king is returning!"

However, Tamaki was apparently too excited to notice the discarded banana peels. Upon his foot landing on one, he was sent slipping quickly down the hall, screaming and flailing as he had lost control of his body. Kagami and Jiro watched him until he went out of their sight. Then, they turned back to each other and shook their heads.

"French people," Kagami scoffed. "They think they're so great, but they're really just fools."

"I concur. Not to mention that they act like they're so much better than everyone else…"

"But they're not. Because they'll never be us. Regardless, let's be on our way, dearest Jiro!"

With that, Kagami and Jiro linked arms again and continued on their walk, happy to be rid of the 'lesser' person.


After slipping out of control for the past several seconds, the Host Club King was finally stopped by an open door of the Second Music Room. Upon crashing into the door, Tamaki fell flat onto his back on the ground, dazed and slightly twitching. But after a few moments, he sat back up, shook it off, and regained his determination. 'Can't let obstacles stop me from my destiny! But I better close these doors so no one suffers the same misfortune as me.'

Tamaki got up and moved in front of the Second Music Room. As he was about to close the doors, he happened to look inside and notice the passed out bodies of a certain pair of unscrupulous twins.

'Hikaru? Kaoru?' Tamaki thought, a bit surprised. 'Why are those two here and why are they taking a nap? Well, no matter. Now, I can inform them of my triumphant return even sooner!'

The prince type strutted over to the sleeping twins, calling out in his usual dramatic voice, "Hikaru-kun! Kaoru-kun! Up now! Your beloved Host Club King has returned!"

There was no response whatsoever from the twins.

"Come now, twins! My soul has been restored! This is a time for celebration!"

Still no response.

Growing a bit impatient, Tamaki reached down and shook Kaoru's shoulder gently in attempt to wake him. "Kaoru-kun! Come on! Get up! Your King demands it!"

At Tamaki's shaking and insistence, the younger Hitachiin twin stirred. "Tono…?" he said a bit drearily, still a bit tired with his eyes closed, as he slowly began to lift himself into a upright sitting position.

"Good! You have awakened!" Tamaki exclaimed, beginning to move over to Hikaru. "Come on, Hikaru-kun! I have returned!"

As Tamaki gently nudged Hikaru's shoulder, Kaoru rubbed his eyes and tried to make sense of everything. 'What's going on? We went here to meet Mizuki-sempai and then passed out? And now Tono's here? I don't understand…'

"Ano, Tono? What is…," Kaoru had begun to ask Tamaki, as he removed his hands from his eyes and turned to look at the second year blonde student. But once his eyes reached the sight of Tamaki's face, Kaoru had forgotten all his concerns.

At that moment, time seemed to stop for Kaoru. As he stared at Tamaki, he wondered why he had never noticed how handsome the prince type was. He had seen Tamaki many times before, but now, there was so much more attractiveness surrounding him, so much more beauty. Kaoru was transfixed by the older student; he took in Tamaki's tall and slender body, shining blond hair, sparkling sapphire eyes, soft lustrous lips…

"Kaoru-kun? What is it?" Tamaki asked, turning back to Kaoru and taking a break from his nudging of Hikaru. Hikaru proved to be a little more difficult to wake up than his younger twin, and now Tamaki was a bit concerned as to why Kaoru hadn't finished his question.

Kaoru was exploding with joy internally after Tamaki had turned to face him. Now, he could see all of Tamaki's perfect face and marvel in its beauty. And he heard Tamaki's strong, sexy voice speak to him and say his name! Kaoru felt like he was in heaven, to be recognized by such an amazing man.

Meanwhile, Tamaki was getting a bit freaked out by Kaoru. The younger Hitachiin twin was staring at him rather oddly. That look seemed familiar to Tamaki, but he couldn't place where he had seen it before. But he pushed that concern aside and asked again, "Kaoru-kun?"

Finally, Kaoru, still ogling at Tamaki, licked his lips and said, "M'lord, has anyone ever told you that you're dripping with good looks?"

At that comment, Tamaki seemed to forget about his concern and reverted back to his narcissistic self. He stood right up and said in his dramatic tone, "Well, obviously. I'm told that all the time! But who would be surprised? After all, God's greatest crime was creating someone as beautiful as me!"

"You could say that again, m'lord…" Kaoru responded, now slowly standing up. "Tono, you're absolutely stunning and perfect."

The Host Club King became concerned again. Did Kaoru just speak with a bit of sultry in his voice? And those eyes… where had Tamaki seen that look before? Kaoru was now walking slowly over to Tamaki, a grin growing wider and wider on his face. Tamaki began to sweat a bit, "Kaoru-kun… Daijoubu?"

"Oh, I'm just fine," Kaoru replied, now about an arm's length away from Tamaki, looking up at the older student. He leaned in a bit closer and whispered in a soft, sexy voice, "Now that you're here, my wonderful, lovely, handsome Tono…"

Tamaki's eyes got incredibly wide as he instantly paled. He had just remembered where he had seen that look before. He received it many times from his clients, girls who wanted his love. But this couldn't be, right? Surely, Kaoru didn't truly see him that way, right? Somewhat frozen with shock, Tamaki managed to choke out, "K-kaoru..k-kun?"

Kaoru suddenly wrapped his arms around Tamaki's neck and reached up to whisper in Tamaki's ear. "Please, just call me Kaoru, Tamaki." Kaoru then licked Tamaki's ear.

That just about did it for Tamaki. He pushed Kaoru away and ran out of the room, screaming the whole time. He didn't care if he looked ridiculously, screaming and running wildly down the halls. All he cared about was getting refuge in the Third Music Room.

Meanwhile, Kaoru, having fallen down from Tamaki's shove, quickly got himself back up. Slight sorrow in his eyes, Kaoru made his way out the Second Music Room and called out, "Wait, Tamaki! Don't leave me! I love you!"

Tamaki breathed a heavy sigh of relief after making it to the Third Music Room and slamming the doors behind him. Leaning back against the doors, he slid down to the ground and began to catch his breath. He sat there, completely baffled at what had happened. 'Why was Kaoru acting like that? Is this some kind of new prank from those unscrupulous twins? But if so, why was only Kaoru involved?'

The seventeen-year-old concentrated on his thoughts so deeply that he failed to notice his ruckus caused a certain loli-shota to awaken from his nap.


Tamaki jumped up, surprised at the sound his name. He looked ahead of him to notice Honey staring back at him. Freaking out a bit, he quickly spurted out, "Ah! Honey-sempai! Gomen! I didn't mean to wake you from your nap! You're not grumpy, are you!?"

Honey shook his head, and Tamaki breathed another sigh of relief. However, his troubles weren't nearly over, for Honey said, "Why would I feel grumping after seeing you, Tama-chan~"

Tamaki's heart stopped at the sound of Honey's voice. It sounded like Honey's normal, cute tone, but it had just the slightest ounce of lust in it. Then, Tamaki noticed the look Honey was giving him; it was the same ogling that Kaoru had given him. Tamaki instantly paled.

Meanwhile, as Honey stared at Tamaki, he wondered why he never realized how handsome the prince type was. He had seen Tamaki many times before, but this time was different. There was so much more attractiveness surrounding Tamaki, so much more beauty. Honey was transfixed by Tamaki; he looked as beautiful and perfect as any carefully decorated treat, the ones that look just as sweet as they taste. And Honey couldn't wait to try out that treat for himself.

"Tama-chan," Honey continued, now inching closer to Tamaki, "has anyone ever told you that you look like a delicious cake? I just want to lick off all your icing…"

Tamaki was too freaked to move. Honey may think of Tamaki as a scrumptious dessert., but Tamaki didn't want Honey to try his flavor.

"Why… Honey-sempai…" Tamaki managed to choke out, trying to ask Honey of this change of heart.

"Yes, yes I am," Honey replied, now within an arm's reach of Tamaki. "I am Honey. Your Honey. Don't you want to try?"

Tamaki was sweating bullets now. His brain desperately tried to send signals to his legs to get the hell out of there, but they didn't obey. He stood frozen, gaping helplessly at the loli-shota with the amorous stare.

Then, Honey jumped onto Tamaki, holding onto his torso like a koala bear. "Don't you want to? Ta-ma-ki~" the shorter boy whispered into Tamaki's ear, emphasizing each syllable.

And at that moment, the doors to the Third Music Room opened from behind Tamaki and Honey. Kaoru came running in shortly afterwards, looking frantic and a bit out of breath. He looked ahead, gazeing happily to see Tamaki but then quickly glaring when he noticed Honey.

"Honey-sempai!" Kaoru called out angrily, staring the third year student down. "How dare you! What are you doing to my man!?"

"Your man!?" Honey retorted back, jumping down from Tamaki and looking Kaoru straight in the eye. "No! Tamaki belongs to me!"

Clenching his fists, Kaoru screamed, "No way! Tamaki is mine! I professed to him first!"

"Kao-chan, you are baka baka!" the short blonde pointed accusingly at the younger Hitachiin twin. "You're too young for Tamaki! Tamaki needs an older man, like me!"

"Please! If he needs an older man, why don't you actually act your age? You spend all your time eating treats, like a child!"

"Doesn't matter! I'm still older! And I know Tamaki loves me the way I am! Right, Tamaki?"

But when Honey looked back, Tamaki had mysteriously vanished. Kaoru and Honey looked quickly around the room, but there was no sign of the prince type.

"This is all your fault, Honey-sempai! You scared him away!"

"Me!? You're the own who barged in here and interrupted my alone type with Tamaki!"

Tamaki raced out of Ouran Academy and continued to down the road to his home. He had never actually gotten back home from school on foot before, but that was the least of his troubles. The way Kaoru and Honey were acting was too much, and it didn't make sense. But Tamaki quickly tried to rationalize it.

'Kaoru's just playing a prank on me! Or maybe he was still tired from passing out! Yeah! That's it! And Honey was probably still groggy from his nap! It was all a misunderstanding! I'll just wait until tomorrow, and everything will be back to normal! It will have to be!'

But as Tamaki raced home, he couldn't let go of the feeling of awful dread.

'Ugh, what happened?'

In the Second Music Room, Hikaru had begun to stir from his sleep. Pushing down on the floor with his hands, he slowly lifted himself into a seated position on the floor. Still a bit dazed, he tried to put the pieces together on what had passed.

"So weird. We come here to meet Mizuki-sempai and then randomly pass out? What was this all about? What do you make of it, Kaoru?"

But as Hikaru turned next to him, he noticed that his twin was missing. Slight panic began to grow in him. "Kaoru!? Kaoru!"

The older Hitachiin twin quickly got up and glanced around the room. Seeing that Kaoru wasn't anywhere in the Music Room to be found, Hikaru bolted out of the door and raced down the hall. As he ran, he frantically looked left and right, shouting out his younger twin's name. He eventually made it to the stairs and was about to go up to the Third Music Room, when he looked left and suddenly stopped.

There, to his left, was the most beautiful sight he had ever beheld. Sure, he may have seen the sight before him many times, but it was different now. There was so much more attractiveness now, so much more beauty. Hikaru became transfixed on the spectacular sight and couldn't help but walk closer to it. With each nearing step, Hikaru marveled more and more, his captivation growing larger. Finally, after what seemed like eternity for him, Hikaru reached the sight.

Entranced, Hikaru reached out and touched the mirror before him. After stroking his reflection for a few moments, he moved his hand away from the mirror and to his face. He admired his reflection as he stroked his actual face.

'I'm… so… beautiful…'


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