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6 more moth went by with out the Headmaster or Kaname knowing that Yuki was in the same town. Yuki and her friends all got jobs at The Club. they would sing and sever the people there. Yuki was the best of all the singers. The club was usually full when it was her turn to sing. Yuki had die her hair back along with the rest of her friend but they would wear wigs with the color of their chose . Yuki's was blue. she still had the necklace kanaem gave her she just don't have the hart of giving it back to him. she fell that if she gave it back it would mean that it was truly over between them which was but she don't want to face it not now at less, she had broken up with Akito for trying to contour her and her actions and not they were just friend even thought Akito don't see her as that. he truly lover her but had to got the fact that Yuki could never love him or any other guy beside Kaname.

today was a Saturday for them and it was Yuki turn to sing sing. She known what songs she was going to sing she just need to practices beforehand. Everything seem to be going will they had turn at less 50 leaver E's to humans and their new school was not bad at all, they all know that Yuki and the others were in a gang and some of the students were with them. They were boom around town and get in to fight Yuki would fight guys 5 times her size just to take some anger out. She had found out by Yoir that Kaname and that Slut (you know who am talk about Ruka) were some what going out. It made her made at him but more at her for what she had said. she need a output and Biting people to a plum seem to be the best why but what she was really looking for was for someone to hit her half to death instill she could feel.. Amara had been trying to get thought to Yuki but she wouldn't listen to her nor her brother Kyo or anyone in that matter, all she did was do her work, sing her hart out, kick other guys ass. It was the only think that kept her mine off Kanameā€¦

-Night dorm-

Kaname was in the lying room with the others there was no class a full others were there as will.

"HEY why don't we go out tonight?" asked Ichijo

"Where is it that you have in mine?" Kaname asked

"The club I hear that there is this hot singer there and that she is the best I want to go see for myself" He answered as everyone looked at him.

"Find that seem find i just hope there not too many people." Kaname had not gone out much since he lead that Yuki was off to New York never to return with those people what ever they were. he could not find anything that could be worth doing, it was snowing out as he looked at the window when he remember what today was...Yuki birthday she would be 17 today . He wish that she was there with him like all her other birthdays but no she want there she was god knows were at this time maybe sleeping or getting really for school. Or she was with her boyfriend doing god knows what. He was so fuming at the Headmaster he could not believe the Headmaster would sing the papers to Unadopted her. Now she was on her own to do what she wish too. Nothing was stopping he nothingā€¦

-With Yuki-

Yuki was just finishing up her song for tonight. she know what day it was it was her birthday and her friends have been so kind her as always she got a new black hoodly with happy bunny on it from Ana who said now Yuki don't have to take hers all the time. Kyo get her a new wooden sword for her to fight with in the gang fights. Akito get her a new shacking book for all of her 'evil' plans. Kim and Alyssa gave made the food and they gave her a new outfit that she was going to wear tonight. DJ, AJ, BJ gave her first off a headrace and then a mix CD with her favorite songs in it and a new MP3 witch she just loved. After she was done there was only 2 hours left before opening time. Amara and Michiru were going to come and watch her after ward there would be hanging out for her birthday. Witch she was looking forward to. Her gang was going to come alone as will. Yuki got up and want to get dress. She doesn't know why but she had a bad feeling about tonight...