Helllpppppp mmmmmeee!! Please my mom wont leave me alone to write another chapter!!! Case she wants me to look for a movie and she gives me too little info to work with so if you can help me find this movie I will update every 2 weeks !!

The movie is about some people going into a house where they stay the night and in this hose there are a lot of passage ways. One of the rooms is a mirror like ball room and it turns around on its own in the hose they find out that the people who use to live there killed the kids and the put them in the chimney the sprits of the kids come back go under the covers as a game of some sort they are not evil thought and that all I have to go on so if any of you know of any movie like that just tell me the title and I will update when I find the right one if not my mom will not leave me alone!!!! And wont let me write!!!

love ya all plaese help me am going crazy here!! (not that am wasnt before but ya you get it)