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I don't get this world.

I killed my brother finally after all these years, yet I don't even feel the slightest bit happy. I feel relieved yes... And victorious... but I didn't feel happy.

"Killing your brother won't make anyone happy... not you... nor me..."

Her words echoed through my mind. I gritted my teeth and tried pushing her words out of my mind, but it was no use.. It kept bothering me.

"Kuso..." I cursed mentally.

"Teme you're being awfully quiet" My ex-team-mate stated, fixing his arm around my waist, to support me better.

I glanced at him coldly.

"Still not uttering a word to me I see" He said as he sighed loudly.

I said nothing but continued to walk, limping slightly. The truth was though that I had no chakra left in my body, the dobe had defeated me easily as he found me resting near the area my brother's dead body was laying in a pool of blood. I was taken off guard as I saw him standing there but couldn't do anything as he took me and started dragging me towards my home village. Not that I minded that much anyway.

Itachi was dead. I had accomplished my number one goal in life: avenging my clan. Orochimaru had been killed years ago too... Now I didn't really care what I'd do. Start a new life, I guess. Plus, I still have one goal to accomplish... and that is the resurrection of my clan.

"I see the gates!" Naruto said cheerily, picking up the pace.

I groaned in pain and he stopped turning his head towards me, smiling apologetically.

"Gomen... I forgot you were weak right now..."

I glared at him coldly for calling me weak and let out the almost inaudible "Hn".

"Naruto?" A female voice questioned.

I sharply straightened my head to look at who had spoken and hissed as a wave of pain hit my neck.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto exclaimed.

The next thing I knew was that I was on the ground, struggling to get up, but failing miserably. I managed to sit up against a nearby tree and look up to Naruto and Sakura, my ex-team-mates. Sakura was squeezing the life out of Naruto who appeared to be shocked.

"Oh my god Naruto! You're here! I was so worried!" She exclaimed, burying her head in his shoulder.

It took a while for Naruto to wrap his arms around her and return her hug, smiling softly. I don't know why but looking at them like this did not make me happy at all.

"Sakura-chan..." Naruto whispered. "He's back... I brought him back just like you wanted... Just like I promised..." he finished, smiling warmly at her. She smiled back, glancing at me and her smile grew wider.

Thinking she was going to release Naruto and attack me this time, hugging me tightly, I closed my eyes and mumbled an inaudible "Annoying..." But I heard no squeal nor did I hear footsteps running towards me. I looked up and stared blankly at what was ahead of me.

"...What?" I thought as I stared at the scene with slightly wide eyes.

There was a strange feeling inside of me that boiled and made me feel unhappy as I watched her arms wrapped tightly around the dobe's neck, his hands around her waist and their lips clasped together in a soft kiss. When they finally separated I felt angry and rejected, and my chest wouldn't stop tightening. Judging from the look of shock on Naruto's face, she had kissed him suddenly and he had not expected it.

Expecting them to be all clingy on me because I was badly injured I sighed and unclenched my fists and relaxed my stiff shoulders. Suddenly I realised I had not remembered clenching my fists and had not remembered becoming very stiff either...

Then I noticed they were still not paying attention to me but were rather staring lovingly in each other's eyes. I felt annoyed and felt something I couldn't quite figure out too. I cleared my throat loudly, wincing as I accidentally hit a large gash on my hip with my hand. They immediately separated as if they had forgotten I was there before and Sakura started blushing madly, seemingly very interested in her feet now...

Naruto glanced at Sakura softly before taking her hand and leading her to where I was sitting. I looked up to them both who were now hovering above me and stared blankly at them, with no emotion whatsoever.

"Still haven't changed, ne Sasuke-san?" Sakura said, smiling cheekily.

I stared blankly and looked away from her muttering my usual "Hn". There was this odd feeling pooling around in my stomach and I didn't like it. I felt very annoyed of it. I could see them still wrapped up together, lips collided.

Damnit it

Damn it all to hell.

She was affecting me somehow. My brows furrowed and I closed my eyes as I tried to figure out what this odd feeling was. The image of them embracing each other had awoken something furious inside of me, which I hadn't felt in a long time.

"Sasuke-san?" She questioned, putting a hand on my forehead to check if I had a fever.

"I'm fine" I snapped.

She took her hand back, taken aback. "...okay..."

Naruto glared at me coldly. "Teme! Sakura-chan onl-" He started.

"It's fine, Naruto-kun" Sakura interrupted as she glared at me. "I'm used to it." She said softly as she turned to look at him once again. He wrapped his arm around her and stared at her with pure care. "Thank you for bringing him back for me. But I don't love him anymore Naruto-kun..." She paused and glanced at me.

I saw a sparkle of sadness deep within them for a second, but it disappeared quickly. She glanced back at Naruto. "I guess you can consider this as a favour you did to the village..."

Naruto smiled warmly. Sakura turned to me and smile a different smile. One I had never really seen before. Almost like a forced smile but with some truth in there. "Are you going to be alright on your own, Sasuke-san?"

The mixed up emotions kept swirling around in my stomach and I suddenly felt like I was going to be sick, it kept on swirling even faster as I glanced down at their hands to see their fingers intertwined.

I painfully pulled myself up and stood up in front of her; she stood up too and stared at me with pure concern.

"Sasuke-san?" She asked softly, her hand touched my shoulder.

I slapped her hand away, my heart started thumping loudly, my chest tightened.

"I'll be fine now leave" I snapped as I put a hand over my aching chest.

"Sasuke-san you don't look-" she started, reaching her hand out to me.

"Leave!" I shouted.

She stepped back and she hesitantly stared at me, as if wondering if she should go or not. Then she shook her head sadly and began walking away with Naruto.

It was then that I realised what I had lost and to who I had lost. I had lost Sakura to Naruto. I stumbled back against the tree and panted as my heart kept racing and that my chest hurt even more. My chest was hurting because my heart was breaking. And why? Because I was in love with Haruno Sakura... but hadn't realised it before I lost her. I had her waiting for too long thinking she would forever wait for me... But it looks like her patience had a limit and that she gave up on me.

Thinking about it made my heart ache even more.

This feeling...

This feeling I have right now... thinking she's in the arms of Naruto...

It was the feeling that they all called Jealousy


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