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"Yea..." I murmured, lowering my face closer to hers.

She started blushing madly and stuttered out jumbled words that didn't quite make sense. My smirk grew wider and I simply stared in those confused, shocked and shy eyes, our faces now about 10 cm away. I chuckled as her blush deepened. It just made her look so damn cute.

I cupped her face gently, and stared in her eyes almost monotonously, but I knew she saw the hint of pure care in my eyes.

"Sakura... The girl I like has bright green eyes that I lose myself into every time I simply glance at them; I have known her almost all my life. She is always there supporting me and never gave up on me even though I broke her heart and betrayed the village." I said dully. She blushed and her eyes sparkled so brightly with such joy it almost made me smile. "She is probably the most caring person I have ever met, she cares more about others then she cares about herself. She is very thoughtful and is unbelievably smart. She is in my opinion the strongest kunoichi I have ever met." I whispered knowingly, leaning closer to her face.. "She cared about me a way no one else ever did." I mumbled, taking a lock of her hair in my hands. "Her hair is the color of a cherry blossom and her smile is always so lively and beautiful." I was looking at the pink lock of hair in my hand as I spoke. I went back to look at her eyes who were now sparkling joyously.

"So the girl you like is..." She swallowed the lump in her throat. "Me?" She squeaked, pointing at herself timidly.

Hesitantly, I shook my head and her face dropped down low. Her eyes suddenly became very watery and it pained me to look at her this way so I cupped her cheek again, bringing her face up to look at me.

"Sakura, you're not the girl I like." I said plainly.

Her eyes dropped to look at the ground.

"The feelings I have for you are stronger then that" I whispered as I closed the gap between the both of us and pressed my lips against hers.

Taken aback she stumbled backwards but I wrapped my arms around her and brought her close to me again. Her emerald green eyes stared directly into mine and they widen in shock, I felt a fear and a rather large uneasy-ness growing into her but it disappeared within seconds as her eyes suddenly became soft and loving. She fluttered her eyes shut and returned the kiss; a tear rolled down her cheek and I felt the liquid touch my own cheek; I gently wiped it away. The kiss was a little clumsy at first, for it was our first kiss for the both of us, contrarily to what many people would've thought. But soon confidence washed over us and I felt her arms sneak around my neck, her body leaning onto mine and her fingers intertwining itself with the locks of raven hair at the bottom of my neck. The kiss was purely innocent and sweet.

We parted for a brief moment and our eyes met affectionately before her fingers grabbed the base of my neck gently and pulled me down to her face again. Our eyes closed simultaneously and our lips met again in a gentle way, out second kiss ever. She sighed, purely content, as my arms pulled her against my body. I parted for a split second only to brush my lips against hers for the third time tonight.

We both parted after what seemed like an eternity and I looked as a warm smile was placed on her lips, while her eyes were still closed. Her eyelids opened to reveal those emerald orbs of hers that captivated me and dug deep into my soul. She looked down and bit her lip, trying not to smile. Her hands slid from my neck, down to my shoulders, and then down to my chest, finally resting there.

"Sasuke-kun..." She looked up at me tenderly; I stared down at her with a serene expression, eyes filled with care no doubt.

"Hm?" I asked almost inaudibly.

"I'm sorry if I made you jealous..." She said, smiling apologetically, but her eyes smiling with certain slyness.

"I wasn't jealous" I protested darkly.

She laughed heartedly.

I scowled. "I said I wasn't jealous!"

She crossed her arms and smirked. "Prove it"

I growled and closed the space between our lips, connecting them in a hearty kiss. She smiled against my lips and wrapped her arms around my neck, returning the kiss.

When we parted she shook her head and smiled. "Admit it Sasuke-kun..." She leaned down to my ear. "You were jealous" She whispered, grinning.

I didn't respond but simply locked our lips again.

And this all started with jealousy...



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