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Everything You Want


. Claire .

I smiled at the sight of my six year old twins bouncing around their newly refurnished bedroom. We redid it for their birthday present, and they seemed to love it.

I had been watching over them for an hour when Izzy crawled into my lap. "Mummy, could you paw-lease tell me the story of the girl and the wolf?" I smiled. My Izzy was asking me to tell her the story of how I was reunited with Quil.

By this time, Karlee came over too and was sitting next to me. I nodded, pulled them closer, and started to speak. "Well, it all started on a rainy night in Forks. Both of you know that Forks is always rainy, but this night it was horrible. Rain was coming down in buckets, and everyone was safe in their houses. Everyone that is, except for one family. There was a single car on the roads, but as they say, it takes one to dance, but two to tango."


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