Everything You Want

Everything You Want

Chapter Two:

. Claire POV .

(two years later)

"Aliiii!" I screeched from my futon. I was perfectly aware that even if I whispered she'd come or in Edward's case, thought it, she'd hear me perfectly but I wasn't in the mood to be nice. There was something fishy going on, and I want to know what.

I know I should be grateful to even be alive, but right now, I'm just tired. Ali saved me from death after she saw the crash in a vision. She later told me that after the crash happened it went blank, and she didn't want to see me dead, so she just saved me.

Alice is amazing. She is the one who sympathized the most with my problem, since she was impaired with visions at a young age. No, she doesn't know what happened, but from the reports she … acquired … from the asylum in her past states that she had visions and was tortured with shock treatment to get over them. Everyone in my family knows about that though, so I guess I'll drone on about myself. Joy.

After the crash, aside from slight abrasions and lacerations, the only thing physically wrong with me is the nerve damage inflicted in my lower spinal chord. While it isn't so severe that I can't walk, its enough to make the normal person have to rely on crutches ((shudders)) but lucky for me, I have a house full of abnormal vampires ((take that Edward)) who have many special talents, most commonly strength.

The only thing that sucks ass royally for me is that I have to use the crutches in school, which starts in less than three weeks. We recently moved from Denali ((it was too cold for 'the human', as Emmett calls me)) to Seattle, where I get to start school as a sophomore.

My parents, Carlisle and Esme, are forcing my less than volunteering siblings to attend with me. After a good guilt trip session ((okay, so I may have helped Carlisle and Esme, so sue me)) all of them pouted, but agreed to go any way. Their wonderful excuse is that I need the extra eyes to watch over me, but they just don't want to admit a legal sixteen year old, with the help of her 400 year old dad, goaded them to going for about the hundredth time in their existence.

This time around, Jazzy, Rose and Emmy are looking to be juniors, Ali, Izzy, Edward and I are the lucky four attending as sophomores. They all love me to bits, and lets just say the last asshole to comment me in a less than desired way about my issues hasn't been seen since everyone heard him…SIKE! No, this said person was just released from the psych ward at the hospital in Denali.

Carlisle is going to work at Seattle Grace, and Esme is going to stay at home. Once I joined the family and was brought up to speed with their … situation, I had my name changed from Clairabell Young to Clairabell Cullen. My wonderful newfound family adopted me as Esme's 'niece' whose parents died in a car crash, the same one that gave me my disability.

"Zee, what's up?" She chirped. I resisted the urge to sigh at her tenacious happiness.

"What's up with everyone Ali? Everyone has been acting strange, stranger than the annual Christmas strange, and Christmas is over three months away!"

She laughed. "Zee, chillax. Everyone's spacey because the siblings are panning a secret get away trip for Carlisle and Esme!" She breathed in my ear.

I nodded, smiling, but not totally believing her. "That's cool Ali. Where's Izzy and Rose?" Izzy is the quietest of all the girls. She used to go by anything related to Bella, Bells, or Bellzie; until she got word that her best friend went a-wall three days before her wedding to Edward. Edward didn't tell her he even invited him, but she found out anyway when his dad, Billy, called her and asked if she'd seen him lately.

After she got off the phone, she refused to answer to anything Bella related, and only grew receptive to Isa, or Izzy. No one really liked the name Isa for her, so they stick to Izzy. Now, on to my nickname; it's common knowledge that every soul in my family has a nickname. The catch being is only said person's husband or wife could call them that. I obviously have special privileges. I was called Bells or Bellzie since I considered Claire to be verboten, but then everyone ((a.k.a. Izzy and me)) were confused. I made everything simple; call me Zee, which is the last half of Bellzie; simple, no?

"Zee, I brought you something," Alice said, eerily excited. I'd bet my never-going-to-run-dry bank account that it had to do with shopping.

"What?" I asked, feigning curiosity.

She grinned like a cat that just disposed of an annoying canary. "You're going to argue, but I got it anyway." The next thing I saw was a nice plaited mini skirt in my face.

I found myself shaking my head. "Mary Alice, you KNOW that I refuse to wear skirts because some bozo finds it funny to flick it up." She glared.

"Zee, you know that we always got your back, for the love of Carlisle just take it," She pouted.

I grunted. "Fine." She flashed a brilliant smile before she disappeared. I sighed for good measure.

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