Split apart. Torn away. Turned against. Forgotten, lost, replaced. Such is the life of one who was made by magic of something else. It's so hard to find a place, for someone who wasn't even real. Someone who isn't real. There's no acceptance, no friendship. For someone who doesn't have a place in the pattern of the world, there isn't anyone else. Someone like that is alone. They're all they've got.

But you learn to cope with it. Because, really, does anyone really look out for anyone but themselves? When people help each other, isn't it more for their own good than their companion's? Who really cares about anyone else?

I never saw the point in having friends. If you can't look out for yourself, you can't expect others to look out for you. That was always what I thought. And I didn't see any point in ever changing my mind.

Sure, sometimes it was lonely. Sometimes I wanted someone to talk to. But mostly I was bored. There's just nothing to do when no one wants you to do anything. Anything, that is, other than guard a temple that no one comes to in the first place. That's what I was doing while I thought about this. For a while, I'd been okay doing nothing. Now I was bored out of my skull.

I sighed, perched in the branches of a tree, and drummed my feet against the trunk. I looked all around. No one in sight. I knew who I was looking for: Link, a kid in Kokiri clothes. I sighed again and then said, more to myself than anything, "Link, are you ever going to come?"

Of course, there wasn't an answer. I tipped my head back to stare at the stormy sky. If he was coming—which I was beginning to doubt—then he wouldn't be coming today.

I might have sat there for hours. The clouds hid the sun, so I had no measure of passing time.

But after a while of staring at the sky, I came to a decision. "I am not sitting here in this tree," I said loudly. "This is ridiculous. No one is coming. Not Link. Not anyone. I am not sitting here guarding a temple that no one is trying to get into. I'm leaving." I jumped down, landing in the dirt. It was really mud, but then, I was in a swamp.

"I'm leaving," I repeated, and walked into the swamp. The mud tugged at my boots, but I ignored it.

Mist twined through the branches of the twisted, leafless trees. Crows fluttered about overhead. A group of crows was called a murder, I recalled as I heard one caw, and I shivered. The sky was definitely growing darker now, and the marshes seemed to grow colder rapidly. Fireflies darted, tiny little lights flashing between the trees. I looked around, trying to see a path. There was none.

There was a shriek from a crow and a wild flurry of flapping wings. I jumped and began to run as I heard a wail behind me. I didn't know what it was that made my breath catch and my heart race, but I didn't like it. I stumbled, tripping over a tree root, and went sprawling. My hand touched water. I stared at it, and color began to dart below its surface. I was shaking, but I saw a boy. In green, like a Kokiri. My eyes grew wide as I looked at him, running across a field, with a little blue something flying behind him...a fairy. Then I heard that awful wail again, and struggled to my feet. I looked around, desperate for a way out.

There! A light! I could see fine in the dark, but who else could? And a light like that, a blue light, meant a person. It was too big and too bright to be a firefly. It looked like...a fairy. Link!

I stumbled towards the light, knowing that whoever it was could lead me out of the swamp. It was really night now, and right away the marshes were less dangerous. Night was my kingdom. The misty air before me was tinted slightly red now. My senses spiked. My eyes pierced the darkness, though not the mist. I could hear every tiny noise. Now nothing was my equal, and everything was under my control. Still, I didn't know how to get out. So I went towards the light. There was a chill creeping through me, but I ignored it.

The light was moving. I could see that now. Moving away. I ran faster, slipping in the water, my feet catching in plants and on stones. But I had to reach the light. I had to get out of here.

Suddenly, as I was almost there, several things happened at once. The first was that I realized nothing was anywhere near the light. It moved all on its own. The second was that the mud, covered with an inch of water, became both much less stable and much stickier. I was sucked downwards. I struggled, and kept being pulled below the much deeper water. If my arms hadn't already been half-trapped, I would have slapped myself. It was a marshlight! I'd been tricked by a marshlight.

"Help! Help!" I knew no one would ever hear me, but I couldn't keep myself quiet. "A marshlight tricked me and I'm—NHK!" My cry for help was silenced as the water filled my mouth. I began panicking. I couldn't breathe! Then my whole head was submerged, and I was being pulled under the mud. I managed to work on hand free, and through the murky water I could see it, clawing the air as though I could pull myself out with the wind. Then darkness rushed in from the edges of my vision, and I was gone.