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Bella's P.O.V

Again I was glad Jake wasn't here. I honestly don't care if I died right now, but I couldn't live knowing that the world would never light up by his smile. At the thought of his smile I felt my lips move upwards.

"Why the hell are you smiling?" Laurent sounded mad. "Do you not remember what I am?" as if I could ever forget. I couldn't say anything. What do you say to someone who wants to (and will successfully) kill you?!

He was in front of me before I could even blink. I took a few steps back, forgetting I'm a klutz, and falling to the ground on my back. Before I could even think about touching the ground, I was in Laurent's arms. His mouth was pressed to my neck. I felt his teeth on my skin. I didn't feel any pain (yet), but I black out at the smell of blood, my blood. I saw only darkness, but I heard a musical voice Am I dreaming??

"Alice?" I tried to say. I couldn't hear my voice. If this was a dream, my pillow was probably over my head.

"Alice, you can back." Again, I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't help but smile. My best friend came back. But I couldn't help but wonder… why?? Are the rest of the ……Cullens with her? I was about to call her again when I felt the pain shot through my whole body. This isn't a dream…. This is more like a nightmare….I wonder when Edward comes to tell me he doesn't love me.

"Alice, don't let him leave me again, please". I don't know if she heard, but I didn't matter anymore. Nothing mattered anymore. I was dead. (Or so I thought)