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Previous: I looked around, looking for the owner of that voice. My eyes landed on the face of the last person I would have ever expected.

Bella's POV

I walked away from Edward and started walking towards Aro. Why is he still trying to lie? This isn't his fault, it's mine. I sighed, defeated. That's just Edward; Damning himself for his past mistakes. I walked closer to Aro, trying not to look back at Edward or my "family". He doesn't love me, I told myself, He never did. Don't do this to yourself; they just feel bad for you. I closed my eyes and took a deep, unnecessary breath. You can do this. You have to do this. I opened my eyes and kept walking to Aro.

I was almost there when I heard Edward, "Marcus?" His voice was filled with so much disbelief that I stopped walking and looked at the brother that Edward had voiced.

Marcus didn't meet his eyes; instead he turned to Aro and stuck his hand out. What the hell…? I was utterly confused. I wasn't the only one. I could see confusion under Caius anger-filled eyes.

A short while later, Aro let go of Marcus' hand and smiled, thoughtfully. "Well," he said finally breaking the unbearable silence, "I don't know what to say." He answered surprised. I was surprised as well; I didn't take Aro for one not to know what to say.

I took a chance and turned around to look at Edward. Maybe he can explain what is going on. If he hasn't already run to his beautiful, vampire girlfriend, I thought enviously.

I saw Jasper crack a smile. So not funny, Jasper, I grimaced. He only smiled wider. (A/N I love Jasper)

I turned around fully and saw Edward staring there… smiling. Why is he smiling? I looked at him, questioning his smile; he looked at me and his smile grew. Oh crap, what the hell is happening? I lowered my head and turned back to face Aro. Just kill me now, I thought. Then I laughed, inwardly, at my own thoughts.

The Volturi brothers were having a conversation, to low for even my hearing to pick up. "You've got to be kidding me!" Caius screamed. I stepped back involuntarily and bumped into something hard – Edward. What the…

"Brother, please" Aro said excitedly. "Marcus has a point. We are not that cruel." I wonder what they were discussing.

"So we came here for nothing?" Caius screamed. I looked at the Cullens with utter confusion printed on my face. The emotions I felt reflected on all their faces… except Alice's. She was literally bouncing of the walls, of Jasper's arms. I thought, comically.

I turned and saw that Edward was smiling from ear to ear. Will someone tell me what's going on? I demanded. Aro must have seen my confusion because he went on with his explanation. "… and Marcus has never been the same" he said matter-of-factly.

"I know that! But, how is that relevant now?" Caius roared, about to blow his lid.

"It's the same situation, my brother. Isabella and Edward –" I stiffened at the mention of our names together. It sounded so right. Don't go there, Bella I thought. While I was having my own little conversation, Aro kept talking. "Yes, yes… I know Marcus' wife was killed but imagine your wife not being by your side. Imagine… why image the Cullens taking her away." Aro said gleefully.

"Which we never would, Caius; I assure you." Carlisle stepped in. I guess he knew Caius better than anyone.

Aro continued as if Carlisle never spoke, "what would you do?" Aro asked Caius with a knowing tone.

"I would kill them," Caius growled. "Every last one of them" He finished and then glared at the Cullens. Wow, he's taking it seriously. I almost laughed at his seriousness.

"Well, yes but, what else? How would you feel without her?" Aro asked more intently now. Caius grumbled a response that was incoherent to me but, apparently, it was comical because Aro laughed… along with Marcus.

"My dear Isabella," Aro said walking towards me. I shivered – involuntarily – as he said my name, "We made a decision. My brother's and I don't see it to separate a… family, such as yours" he said in an "awing" tone. "But, if you choose, you may come join us in Volterra. It would be an honor to have you on my team," he replied with a smile.

"Well…" I started. I didn't know how to answer to that. What if it's a trick? I thought with fear, Aro promised if I didn't leave with them, they would fight and kill the Cullens. I can't let that happen! Ugh. Aro must have sensed my "battle" because he stated, "What I promised is not a factored anymore, Isabella. No need to worry, I assure you" he smiled.

I don't want to leave. They are my family, I thought happily. But they don't want me. That's why they left in the first place. I was so confused, then why were they fighting for me to stay? My internal battle continued; they feel bad for you, Bella. Or… they knew they would lose. The latter was unlikely: They had Alice.

I mad my decision. I wouldn't torture the people I love, even if they don't love me back. "I'll go," I answered sternly. Seven vampires gasped at my answer. I looked at them with shock and confusion; why are they so surprised? I thought they would be happy, I thought dismissively.

"Bella…" Jasper breathed. Alice was bouncing up and down again. "Come with me," Jasper said. I looked at Aro for permission. He nodded in encouragement.

Jasper and I walked a little into the woods behind the clearing. I couldn't hear the others but that might be because they weren't talking.

"Bella," Jasper started. "Please don't do this." I cocked my head and looked at him, confused. I guess he felt it because he continued, "I know how you're feeling. I feel love and betrayal, confusion and sadness, anger and acceptance. I just don't understand any of it" he voiced honestly.

"Jasper…I-" I didn't know what to tell him. I still love Edward. I miss my family but I know they don't feel the same. I couldn't tell him that; they would feel obliged to take me with them. I didn't want that.

"Ugh, stop" Jasper whined. I looked at him and felt my cheeks head up. AHHH; stupid, stupid… stupid. Vampires don't blush. I cried in my head, angrily – ""You don't understand what it's been like since we've left," he said desperately. Great, rub it in my face. No, I'm happy they're happy; I sighed desperately. "We've all been in this mournful-depression state. We all love you; not just Edward. We-"

I cut him off. I could already feel tears brimming. "You don't have to lie, Jasper; honestly, I don't blame you." I whispered with a weak smile. Jasper seemed to be angered with my response because his eyes became darker; only by a little though.

"Bella, please" Jasper pleaded desperately, "why don't you believe us. You can't even imagine the state Alice was in when we left." He grimaced at his own words. "Is it because of me?" He asked, sadly. "I am so sorry. It was just… I mean your scent, it was just so… I am so sorry, Bella" He said dejectedly. (A/N I love Jasper)

"What? No, Jasper. I understand completely why you did it! I don't blame you at all I was never mad." I said, desperately trying to prove to him that I was telling the truth. "Jasper, you know I love you; all of you," I looked sternly into his eyes, "you probably know more than anyone else but…" I didn't know how to finish that sentence; how to tell him. Maybe Edward didn't tell them. "I love you, Jasper" I whispered finally. "I can't be by him and know he doesn't feel the same. It hurts too much." I explained in a pathetic voice trying not to cry.

"Bella," Jasper sighed in… relief? "He does love you. That's why we left" he smiled at his words, thinking it would make everything clear. I was, now, utterly confused. He left me because he loved me? And then it clicked, like I left my mom… because I loved her and I wanted her to be happy.

"Ugh," I stated in desperation. "He wanted me safe, didn't he?" I looked up at jasper, who was nodding enthusiastically. "Great. He wanted me safe and I go looking for our meadow and get eaten." Jasper laughed at my choice of words; I smiled in return.

We walked back to the clearing: Jasper's arm around my shoulders. We got to the clearing, everyone starring at us; I instantly blushed and all the Cullens burst out into laughter.

"Interesting," Aro mused. "Very interesting"

"Aro," I exclaimed walking up to him. "I've changed my mind" I said with a small smile. My family… I get then back.

"My child," Aro said with a secretive smile. He looked at Marcus, then back at me. "I have no other option but to oblige."

I turned around to walk to my family, I will never get used to that, When Aro spoke again. "… but if you do change your mind, there will always be a spot opened for you." Aro stated with excitement. Edward growled at that remark while I just politely declined.

"Let's go home" Jasper said, looking at me and winking. (A/N I know, I know... I just couldn't help it)

I don't know what got into him but one minute I was walking with the others, the next I am in Edward's arms; his lips pressing onto mine. Not that I mind. I smiled into the kiss until I heard Emmett laughing. I blushed and pushed away. I jumped out of his arms wrapping my arms around his waist and smiling up at him.

"I love you" I told him; all of my emotion spilling through my lips. It was like déjà vu except now, danger wasn't threatening us.

"I love you too. I really do." He said, desperate for me to believe him. I stood on my toes and expected a quick kiss. What I got was much better.

"Let's go, love bugs" Emmett called over his laughter. We walked towards our family, our fingers entwined.

This is where I belong; with my family, with Edward. I thought happily as we ram home. Home, now this is heaven.

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