The Dark Mage Naruto

Incalu's Pov

Hello, my name is Incalu. I am, or should I say I was, a vampire god. I gave up trying to create a utopia for after the first world I created became corrupt I created a new world in hopes that this one would stay pure. I was foolish to think human life would stay pure. This world, unlike the last one, did however have some great improvements from the last. This world had technology that started out poor and gradually improved far more then I expected. I was saddened though especially when the race I named humans started to wage wars out of greed. These wars had guns, large metal vehicles they called tanks, and large explosive devices that could level entire cities. This time I planed ahead when I created this world, I created 9 demons to help maintain the natural balance of life.

Ten-thousand years of life went by while I watched. Then a few of the humans started to get to be too powerful and try to control the world. That is when I stepped in and eliminated the humans, leaving only a handful of humans left in each Body of land the humans called countries, in the hopes that when I have finished my fusion into my new body that the humans would rite their wrongs. Although, it started as enhanced senses at first, a few of the humans began to develop strange powers. I named these enhanced humans ninjas. In the land the humans called Japan is where I saw the greatest Improvements after one-thousand years. After another one-thousand years of lying dormant in Japan I awoke to the news that one of these ninjas, named Orochimaru, was attempting to achieve something a human should never attempt to become. Orochimaru was attempting to become immortal. After hearing this I sent my most prized demon, Kyuubi, to dispose of the man named Orochimaru.

Before Kyuubi left I told her one thing "If you are ever to be captured you are to protect your captor, teach them, and treat them as family". Soon after sending Kyuubi to dispose of Orochimaru, I soon learned that she was sealed inside of a young boy that was left without a family after the fight.

Inside Konoha 5 years later

An angry mob could be heard shouting things like "KILL THE DEMON" or "GET THE DEMON SPAWN AND TEACH HIM THE MEANING OF PAIN" while a frightened child by the name of Uzumaki Naruto was running for his life not understanding why everybody hated him so much and called him a demon. As far as he knew he was a human just like everyone else, the only difference was he didn't have a family or friends. Suddenly a man appeared in front of Naruto and punched him in the stomach knocking the wind out of him. Naruto's last conscious thought was 'I don't want to die' and fell into the black oblivion of unconsciousness.

Inside Naruto's mindscape

"Where am I" said a confused Naruto. "YOU ARE INSIDE OF YOUR MIND KIT" said a feminine voice. "My mind? Then how are you here? And who are you? And how did i get here? And and and..." Naruto was cut of by the same feminine voice. "'sigh' IN ORDER, I WAS SEALED INSIDE OF YOU 5 YEARS AGO AND THIS IS MY PRISON. I AM KNOWN AS KYUUBI NO KITSUNE AND..." Kyuubi was cut off by Naruto. "Y-y-y-y-your th-th-th-the KYUUBI!?" stuttered a scared Naruto. "YES, I AM THE KYUUBI. NOW LET ME FINISH!" shouted Kyuubi. "AS I WAS ABOUT TO SAY BEFOR YOU CUT ME OFF, IVE TAKEN A LIKING TO YOU KIT AND WAS THINKING THAT IT WOPULD NICE TO BE A MOTHER FIGURE TO YOU. SO IF YOU WANT YOU MAY CALL ME MOM OR IF YOU CHOOSE JUST CALL ME YOUKO. NOW, YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE I BROUGHT YOU HERE. YOU SHOULD PROBABLY WAKE UP NOW. YOU ARE IN THE HOSPITLE AND SARUTOBI IS WATCHING OVER YOU" spoke Kyuubi in a loving tone. "Alright then mom I'll wake up then, but first, how do I leave here?" asked Naruto. "DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THAT I WILL SEND YOU BACK TO YOUR BODY. NOW WAKE UP KIT." And with that Kyuubi sent Naruto off to wake up.

In the hospital

Naruto woke up and saw Sarutobi "Ohayo Ojii-san how is it going, I had the strangest dream just now" said Naruto. Suddenly Naruto hears a voice in his head.

'It wasn't a dream kit. First thing, don't tell anyone that you even know about me yet, let alone that you talk to me, for people will think that I am gaining control of you're mind and body. Second I will train you to become a great ninja. Finally when you have matured I will fuse with your body, making you even stronger, at that time you will become a hanyou by that time you should be at least as strong, if not stronger, then that old man Sarutobi.

'Can you hear me if I talk like this? cuz I don't want people thinking I'm crazy too' thought Naruto.

'Yes kit I can hear you fine'

"Naruto? NARUTO! Naruto are you alright?" Asked a worried Sarutobi.

"Huh? What? Oh sorry gramps I kinda dozed off for a bit there." Replied Naruto.

"Thank Kami. I thought I was going to have to call a doctor for a bit" said Sarutobi. "Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you Naruto, I had to get a new home for you because it seems that your old home was burnt down again. I hope you like it, although it's not the best but it is quite an upgrade from the old apartment"

"Oh ok well just to let you know... I well umm... Well I had a few scrolls in there" said Naruto.

"Oh? What type of scrolls?" asked Sarutobi.

"Just a few weapon scrolls." answered Naruto.

'Sigh' "How many" asked Sarutobi.

Naruto takes a step back "Um well how do i say this. Umm well... Fifteen?"

"WHAT!?!?" yelled Sarutobi

"Well I had to learn how to protect myself" explained Naruto.

"Ok then. Where did you get them from" asked Sarutobi.

"Well I found this old raggedy library that looked like nobody had used it in years so I thought it would be ok" said Naruto.

"Alright then as long as you don't see anybody else inside there then you may use it all you want" said Sarutobi.


'Ohhhhhhhh why can't I just get my self to go and talk to Naruto-kun' thought Hinata. 'ACK where did he go I cant believe I got distracted and lost sight of him'.

"HAY HINATA" yelled a hyper Naruto.

"EEEP" and with that Hinata fainted.

"Oh no what did I do?" 'Mom what did I do? What should I do? Oh no everyone is going to think that I attacked her' thought the desperate boy.

'Sigh' 'Well first kit you should bring her somewhere safe and wait for her to wake up. When she wakes up how about you talk to her? You know, she does watch you often' said Kyuubi.

'Ok mom I will do that' thought Naruto.

About 15 minutes later Hinata wakes up and her and Naruto talk for a while. At first Hinata doesn't talk very much because she is shy but after a while she loosens up and starts to talk more and stutter less often.

"Hay Hinata-chan?"

"Yes Naruto-kun?"

"I was just wondering. You wanna train with me?" asked the blond.

"I would love that Naruto-kun" replied Hinata "Ano how are we going to train none of the adults like you"

"Can you promise not to tell anyone something?"

"Of course Naruto-kun"

"Well I don't know how else to put I but I have the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed inside of me"

And with that Hinata feinted.



"KUSO ok Hinata-chan I'm ready now" said Naruto "Hay Hinata-chan lets ride this time"

"Ok that sounds fun lets ride the gobi kitsune" said Hinata



"Sorry Iruka-sensei I was practicing a new jutsu" said Naruto.

"Ok fine just make sure this doesn't happen if you become a shinobi, alright Naruto."

"Ok sounds good to me Iruka-sensei" replied Naruto 'I cant wait until you and I are chuunin so we can leave this damnable village Hinata-chan'

Eep 'Naruto-kun you scared me. I forgot about the gift of telepathy that Kyuubi gave us' (Yah yah their Telepathic now)

'Yah sorry bout that Hinata-chan. I still can't wait till we get to try out our new blood line limits that Kyuubi gave us too'


"Police girl I think we are lost" said a tall man dressed in an all crimson top hat, straight jacket, pants, trench coat, and yellow glasses.

"You think? I still can't believe how you managed to protect us form those weird creatures all those years ago master." said a girl with orange hair and crimson eyes wearing an English police suit with a rather large gun that looked like a cannon.

"HA HA HA we are lucky to still have our guns at least police girl. And why do you still call me master anyways" said big red.

Giggle "Because master. I like you being my master. Besides, why do you still call me police girl?" asked the police girl.

"I like to mess with you of course." said big red

"Halt. State your names and business with Konoha" said the guard.

"Hmmm looks like we have company police girl." stated big red. (oh yah...vampires don't have language barriers in my story)

"Yes it appears so master." the police girl sweat drops. "Well anyways my name is Seras Victoria." said Seras.

"And my name is Alucard" says Alucard as he drops his glasses down so the guard can see his eye. "Where again did you say we were?" asked Alucard.

"Konoha" stated the guard.

"Ok then we seek a home here in this land called Konoha." said Alucard.

The guard sweat drops "Do you mean you've never heard of Konoha?" asked the guard.

Alucard bends over so that he can look the guard in the eye. "Nope"

"Shall I arrange for someone to take you to see the hokage then?" asked the guard.

"The what?" asked Seras while scratching the back of her head.

"You know the hokage. The leader of the village?" Alucard and Seras shook their heads. "All right then I'll have someone show you to him" the guard waves Gai over "Gai would you show these two to the hokage's office?"

"Hai I was just headed there anyways" Gai looks to Seras and Alucard "Please follow me"

"OK come on master we shouldn't make him wait" Seras turns to the guard "Thank you sir"

"Don't bother it's my job" replied the guard.

"Police girl didn't you just say we shouldn't make The Hulk over here wait?" asked Alucard.

"The Hulk? Who or what is that?" asked Guy.

"Of course you wouldn't know it was after all a movie from a very long time before anyone that is alive right was even born." said Seras.

"Your but a child. How would you know? Oh and red, my name is Gai. You will do good to remember that." stated Guy.

"HA HA HA HA HA DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH. As if you or anyone else here could even touch me" shouted Alucard.

"What do you think I am? I am Konoha's Beautiful Green Beast and taijutsu specialist. I doubt you could keep up with me in your dreams!" shouted Guy.

Just then Alucard and Seras appeared on each side of Guy and said in perfect unison "are you so certain of that Gai?"

"WHAT wait how did you two do that I didn't even see you move?" asked Guy.

Again in unison the two said "Simple were not human."